ULOG: Day 68:Tank vespa to spain

3년 전

Hi uloggers.
The day 68 in #ulogs initiative @surpassinggoogle @teardrops and #steemgigs to witness.

A welding workshop owner in Kediri drew the attention of the world community. Teenagers who graduated from junior high school made a tank-shaped Vespa which became a collection of Spanish museums.


From a small workshop in the Jegles Neighborhood, Blabak Village, Pesantren Subdistrict, Kediri City, Yogi Hermawan Saifullah produces the modified Vespa. This Vespa shaped tank combat vehicle has become a scooter icon of Kediri and has penetrated the world market.


He is very talented in modifying various types of motorbikes in the place where he lives in central Java, Indonesia. All people like to repair their motorbikes. Thank you.


Thanks to his hard work, he has been successful in selling vespa tanks to Spain .ok guys please follow like him. Please. create like him who knows there are opportunities like him.

Thankyou to mr @surpassinggoogle @teardrops and steemgigs and steem untalented.






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