ULOG: Day72:Tour ToAcehjayaBeach to

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Ha llo uloggers all. Mm
Good morning to all uloggers

This post day 72 #ulogs initisative @surpassinggoogle @teardrops #steemgis to witness.


on this day to fill the holiday we left for this beach as far as 12 kilometers to the tourist sites of Aceh jaya beach in the district of Aceh jaya in calang. Calang is the highest district in the province of Aceh because the location above the mountain. the weather is very cold especially now It's a rain. Very happy today we can vacation here. Who hasn't left please visit. Thank you for your support today.


Beautiful beach isn't it? Please come if there is time to spare now. Very happy if you have gone to this beach. Now don't forget to invite friends or family to eat together here.


Thankyou to suport me @surpassinggoogle





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Beautiful photography

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Thankyou @offgridlife

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