ULOG: Day73:go to home friend

3년 전

Good morning to all uloggers in the world.

This post day 73#ulogs inititiative @surpassinggoogle @teardrops and #steemgigs to witness.


Good morning, all the power and friends went to Bireun from Lhokseumawe to attend the house of my friend who was once again the death of his sister in Bireun.


I and my friends went to Bireun by car with five of my friends for three hours from where we left. All with the same purpose. I was very compact always going together if there was a friend or misfortune.


During the trip, I stopped at Cot Batee Gulungku in Bireun District to take a break while drinking sugar cane here. All the cars stopped for a while to rest here there were prayers who also rested while releasing fatigue.





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