The @uloggers Account Will Resuming Featuring Ulogacies, For Both Private & Public Figures.

3년 전
Please read this post to understand the role @uloggers will play on our website

In the grand scheme of things however, @uloggers will BE a home or one account, storing one #ulogacy at least per verified and certified Ulogger and we plan on having the entire globe join in as Uloggers, so you can imagine what this account will be like, when we have millions and billions of verified and certified Uloggers (True Celebrities) and imagine what will happen to the very internet and the re-shaping it will have gone through, when it becomes filled ever-constantly with fresh pieces of awesome you, you and you; "us".

Well, along with all the image-nation, alot of these things will play out. #ulog is an entire curriculum, an entire movement.

 So, a lot of fun and world-renown and even world-adjusting activities will  happen in the art of #ulogging and in the ever-ongoing course of the #ulog movement and the @uloggers account has a big role to play as the basis/foundation for our movement; "the community". 

#ulog isn't just a hashtag. It is an entire world-movement. 

Much can"t be said as much will be played out! We will soon resume filling up the @uloggers account with #ulogacies. This procedure has started already but has slowed down just a bit in recent times, due to some unforeseen occurrences but will resume in the course of the coming days as we have reformatted the model for these #ulogacy posts to attain better efficiency.

Below is a list of certified and verified uloggers, of whom we have documented their #ulogacies

In general, we want to make sure there is a curriculum to pass through to become certified and verified and there are many valuable reasons for this. Uloggers represent "True Celebrities", so, there has to be some "real reputation" involved, among others things. In general, certified and verified uloggers will play a core role in the entire #ulog movement and are likely to form a core part of

Becoming certified and verified Uloggers is for "everyone" but "everyone" will become certified and verified ulogger over the course of time.

In general, you can find an ever-growing list of certified and verified uloggers on our "followed list" as not every certified and verified ulogger will have had to appear in a #ulogacy post on our ULOG. Appearing on our @uloggers account in a featured #ulogacy post is very voluntary too, on the part of the Ulogger involved and doesn't stop him/her from becoming certified/verified Ulogger.

The @uloggers ULOG however, relishes endlessly holding the #ulogacies of as many certified and verified uloggers as possible but overall, the listing of these certified ones will be verifiable by looking the "the followed list" of the @uloggers account.

 The process of verification is a gradual process and will be ever-ongoing and open to "everyone". To host or feature your #ulogacy we may be proactive about contacting you or look to have you contact us. Whichever is the case, recall that "we are your true fans"; you are the "celebrity".

For the most part, the requirement is "human", however, we will like to have seen you in the art of #ulogging for sometime as well as make sure that you grasp the essence of #ulogging and the entire #ulog movement as we do want @uloggers to be reputable; "true celebrity". We don't seek morals though. We are un(dis)talented overall and sift even the notsogood to find good therein or at least "use for good".

For featured #ulogacies, we will now applying a video format to these posts. Normally, the #ulogacy posts that we feature are very lengthy and perhaps, time consuming and a bit strenuous to accomplish especially, when considering the numbers. For this other salient reasons;

We are deciding to apply a video format henceforth to the structure of the #ulogacy posts that we display on our ULOG. 

We want to cause a beautiful stir worldwide and videos is a great course to take as it more easily shows off our shine. Besides, we will be able to spread more efficiently as a movement as we can create shareable media more frequently and apply more easily the use of conventional & appealing ADs, when necessary. 

To get certified and verified, some of these uloggers especially the newer steemians, will undergo an entire curriculum and chat session as well as answer on-the-spot questions that leaves us with their very cookies. This will help us dispense just the right INTEL, that they can add to their shine, so as to shine forth some more.

We will now have UloggersTV on all fronts across social media platforms, by which means we can extend our movement across into all the spaces, besides spreading directional fun and entertainment. On UloggersTV, we will incite inventivity and innovation regularly, courtesy of Uloggers and series of activities involving the art of #ulogging

We will also upload our features #ulogacies on UloggersTV, in the case of public figures who are open to appearing as part of the #ulog movement. For private ULOGGERS as well as public Uloggers, who won't want their faces across the social spaces of the internet, we will either maintain a text version of their #ulogacy or they can appear in videos using avatars etc

Appearing as part of uloggersTV is certainly optional.

In this post, we simply reiterating that we will now resume the featured #ulogacies, that we once started and we will not stop. When the going is tough, we will simply look for ways to grow efficiency. Stay kindly tuned for further unveiling of more certified and verified Uloggers as the days proceed.

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Maybe someday I will be a featured certified "ulogger"

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I see #ulogacy and #ulogism as soon to be adopted curriculum beyond the internet shores to real time learning, motivation and communication. @ulogs is growing. Together we'll make it happen.

Okay, I started my ulog on

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👍 Please join the discord and telegram also.

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Regars @wakkylyon

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I really love the #ulogacies initiative and I hope I can be part of tha certified & verified #ulogger in the future. It’s taking over the internet. More power #ulog and...


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sure thing. the process is faster now. check the latest post on @uloggers

It's great that @uloggers will start featuring #ulogacies. I am eager to see more certified and verified #uloggers.

I see #ulogs taking over and reshaping the internet.

not be long sir the ulog will now be a way of existing humanity, the people will understand each other through because in this platform the emotions of all will be express, in ulog i can see only positivity and i thank you for this sir, spreading love one another. god bless sir

In general, we want to make sure there is a curriculum to pass through to become certified and verified and there are many valuable reasons for this.


And what will the curriculum be like???


read the existing ones


Okay. I'll do just that

This is beautiful I see @enjineer and @jejes, beautiful certified uloggers that's been so exceptional for me, I hope we can resume the certified uloger series again


I agree with you. And maybe you will be the next C&V ulogger! :)

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Hahahaha you bet

Can't wait my turn to be a certified celebrity and ulogger...😂

Thank you @surpassinggoogle!


are you ready?

  ·  3년 전

I always post my ulog on In fact i downloaded ulog app in my mobile. Whereever i am, i can post anytime.


you mean like you added the icon? cos there is no app yet but you can add like a shortcut. to access, you can do so in browser and always make sure you see steemconnect or v2.steemconnect in the base domain

  ·  3년 전

Yes i added the icon so that i can post easily. I'm only using mobile when I'm Ulogging and Steeming.

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@surpassinggoogle is the name of inspiration..he is always help us and support new comer.

Saludos para todos los @uloggers presentes en Steemit, en especial para nuestro gran amigo @surpassinggoogle

What steps must be taken to become a true uloggers?


for especially newer steemians there is some form of verification, you will see it soon. stay tuned

Been wondering who will be next ulogger to be featured as certified ulogger,hehe😊

In fact I downloaded the ulog app

#ulog all the way
#my 5th ulog out soon

Ulog is the great opportunity for all steemians