This Is The Role Of The @uloggers Account In The Ecosystem. It Will Be An Un_Dis_Talented Oracle And It Will Accrue A Grey/Gray-List; "Not Black/White!"

4년 전

You may have heard of the word "oracle" more frequently, especially more recently here on steemit, in relation to Smart Media Tokens. In general, some blockchain may have effected the coding term "oracle" etc in their model. 

I don't know much about the details but the @uloggers account, will serve as some form of oracle for the ecosystem.

It will be an Un_dis_talented oracle.

Anything having to do with @ulogs and the ecosystem indicates "freshness". Basically, we are applying the more testimonial harder route in every case and all our methods will be very much "down-to-earth" (real-life-paradigm) as opposed to "outerspace-like". 

We are coming back down-to-earth.

Our kind of geek is with legit illiteracy and in the state of Mama Earth, answers (INTEL) now lie in the hands of the "illiterates". 

When we say illiterate, we refer to the legit illiterates. Yes, there is legit illiterate!

Well, the @uloggers account will serve as an un_dis_talented oracle. It will listen to the voice of many things. 

In general, it will display #ulogacies as well as certified and verified @uloggers. These ones would have gone through an entire curriculum to be stamped "certified and verified". 

The curriculum is open to "everyone"; flaws allowed.

Certified and verified @uloggers will likely have their #ulogacies featured on the @uloggers account but not "everyone" as some may simply be followed. Overall, "the followed" by the @uloggers account will indicate the already "certified and verified @uloggers". The list will grow over the course of time!

Currently, the recommended "interesting uloggers" on, displays "the followed" by the @uloggers account. The code to automate and refresh the list hasn't been implemented just yet, so it is possible that your steem account has been followed by the @uloggers account yet your username isn't recommended under "interesting uloggers" on
The followed (by the @uloggers account) is key in the general algorithm shaping

In general, certified and verified @uloggers will have certain privileges, tools, merchandise, even entire spaces on the website etc. Besides, when it comes to referencing @uloggers for opportunities etc, certified and verified @uloggers will be given priority. There will be other perks as well, which continue to unfold on 

Note that this particular oracle is un_dis_talented; thus, it beautifully disrupts popular demand and seeks to sift good from even the not-so-good or find more use for good in the presence of the not-so-good. It isn't aren't after morals as there are bigger things than good or bad. We seek untapped virtues, which the art of #ulogging per #uloggers will shine forth. 

The oracle won't be very automated as it will involves humans; "mere dust" and mere dust is flawed. The process of choosing certified and verified @uloggers, will be duly-paced, ongoing and as with the reputation score on steem, "time may have to fly by" as history can translate into "deeply-rootedness".

The oracle will eventually have a team that is open to "everyone". Like was mentioned above, this particular oracle will listen to the voices of many things. In cases where it errs, we will be forgiven it a hundred times.

In general, one beauty of this un_dis_talented oracle is in its creating more use and value for the steem blockchain also as a tool to apply, in exercising virtues like self-control, peace, loving-kindness, long-suffering, forgiveness, patience, joy etc 

Man cannot rule man

Blockchain is beautiful but only mostly if we can see and use this beauty. It isn't exactly a tool to create ease. It is more profoundly effective as a tool, when applied in "exerting exertion". 

Yes, dig, dig, dig equals diggist. Dirt is good; "ask the soap master". Flaws allowed; relegate reservations etc

Blockchain will be renowner as a tool to create "beautiful disruptions"; not "disruptions.

The @uloggers account will play a key role in the overall ecosystem. In the steem ecosystem overall, @uloggers will also play a giant role. It will contain #ulogacies, adding prominently to the general reputation model of steemit. It will be one steemit account that can be used solely to promote steemit/steem, announcing to the world, the existence of an online social space that provides "true celebrity-hood" for "everyone", once and for all.

Note also that when SMT arrives and thus, @teardrops SMT (which is still currently in its imaginary state and in use), "the followed" by the @uloggers account could be a decider in how we distribute tokens. 

In general, we will look to create value for "certified and verified @uloggers", so much so that you will relish telling the world and adding to your resume(s) the words; "i am a ULOGGER."

"The followed" by @uloggers isn't a black/white-list; "it is a grey/gray-list".

Our un_dis_talented oracle will keep forming itself on-the-go and will eventually involve "everyone". 

We seek a time when "EVERYONE" is a ULOGGER and @uloggers is a core part of accomplishing this. #ulogacies will touch lives organically and bring light right inside the tunnel. Those in the tunnel will no longer need to get to the end. Once they can see the light and the light that they see is "light inside the tunnel", they will have become @uloggers too.

If we can tend to the masses in tunnels with light, we will have attain historical history; "beautiful disruption". 
Then, the steem blockchain itself will start to glow as a result of our own shine; then, we will see the "beauty of the steem blockchain" in the full extent of its spanlessness.

Stay tune for more updates!!!

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very wonderful idea sir @surpassinggoogle, i noticed that every platform you made contains a heart and the beautiful idea you will give an unending support, my words might just for show but the truth is, i speak through my heart. i want to make like how you made, always value a man's effort. thank you very much sir, take care always.

The future for #uloggers is beautiful... let's all be one with ulog and spread awesomeness in its raw version..

Impressive act @ulogs. Thank you for supporting us here. Good to develop personality here.

This is really awesome and great initiatives coming from the table of @uloggers.
as we patiently await SMT. Keep the fire burning.

Thankyou information

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nice post same everbody only one god

The future for #uloggers is beautiful... let's all be one with ulog and spread awesomeness in its raw version..

You have given very helpful information in this post. We thank you, and wish you good luck.

Very awesome project and great idea..thank you for updating us..

Very interesting👍😁

We are waiting for that. Thanks for always updating and for all of your projects. You are really awesome :)

you really never stop doing things for the betterness of steem community, thank you Bro. Terry :-)

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Interesting :D

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#ulog has really a nice future here in steemit. Just hang on and support every project of it. You can count me it!

Thanks for good news.

Can't wait for this to happen...

Note also that when SMT arrives and thus, @teardrops SMT (which is still currently in its imaginary state and in use), "the followed" by the @uloggers account could be a decider in how we distribute tokens.

I will do my best to contribute with all your projects Sir Terry.

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