ULOGGERS: Today's Certified and Verified ULOGGER (True Celebrity) is "@kneelyrac". Join In As Her "True Fans". We Will Fix Many Worries!!!

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"True celebrity-hood" once and for all, for "everyone"

@uloggers is beginning to unfold and it will carry excitement and tons of awesomeness. There will be beautiful testimonies. 

No more worries, for together we will fix many worries.
No worries, we are still on track because the entire curriculum has been "one" and the same.
@uloggers is simply a part of one entire curriculum!
Please digest this post and this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today. Become "true celebrities" and "true fans" of #ulog.

Each @uloggers legacy post, will birth a certified ULOGGER; "True Celebrity".

Each featured ULOGGER will be asked series of questions as part of a curriculum and required to answer these questions on-the-spot. 

The essence is to draw unadulterated INTEL from the elements of their very being and use this to dispense in return, "valuable INTEL" ("no books" involved/in the undertone of an illiterate) related to success both on "steemit" and "in life"
Moreso, the entire endeavor is a curriculum to celebrate them. 
We will also use each of these ULOGGER posts, to consciously and heartily fix many worries.

We implore you to spend today in specially celebrating "@kneelyrac" (a now fully certified and verified ULOGGER) with me. 

Kindly, make sure to follow her and become her "true fan" 

Sometimes, you could never really be found out without the rightly-posed questions. Many times you may have the right limitless notions, sit forever in your brain and mind because on your own, you can't process these thoughts out into reality, even in writing, without the right directional questions etc. 

We will jointly help matters in that regard. 

On @uloggers, of utmost pertinence is "community"; thus, we will use this activity as often as possible, to strengthen the community, amp its excitement and unveil even its underlying deep beauty.  

We will celebrate each ULOGGER, empowering them, by stamping them "whale inside"/"TRUE CELEBRITY" both on steemit and in "life".

We will strive to touch as many ULOGGERS as possible, empowering them and stamping in them, "never-ceasing burning fire". We will impact hundreds and gradually thousands of ULOGGERS and this is powerful. 

Now is the timely time and sometimes, it is "timeliness" that gives an event, act, movement or endeavor, its ginormous power/effect, more than anything else. 

@uloggers legacy posts, will involve a series of questions shaped to tap into our very elements"untalented-style"; we will put each ULOGGER "on the spot", getting unadulterated feedback from their "very person" and we will use this feedback, to give just the right kind of "breakthrough INTEL" in return

We will look to give each ULOGGER, advice related to "steemit" success and an all-encompassing "life" advice
There will be "no books" involved!
I will simply "break down" and dispense this INTEL and it will come out especially made for YOU, resulting from my truly intense love for you. 

Be kind as to value it, by trying to understand even its undertone and by giving it even an illusionary never-ceasing testimonial essence; testament to the fact, that on steemit and regardless of how "donkey-life", life is tending to be, "breakthrough opportunities" can come your way at any moment, not only because situation is better now than ever (with steem, steemit, decentralization, blockchain etc) but also because you are "a true celebrity" and at the very least, a "true celebrity" to me.  

I am your indubitable TRUE FAN.

Invite new friends too, to join steemit,to become ULOGGERS; "true celebrity". Be sure to share @uloggers with friends as it will be one steemit account holding a repository of "everyone" in fly/shine-mode.


Let them be ready to receive me as their ultimate "true fan", from day one because the only qualification is "human".

That simple!

Within each edition of an @uloggers legacy post, we will evolve in our substance and be made anew and all the more solid in our character; empowered! 

Here are the things to take note about, each time you come across any of our posts:  

  • Humanity is the brother next to you. 
  • Even within the atomic-like elements of my tiny lines (words), that i will dispense as celebratory advice are giantly "beautiful intentions". So when i say the words, "you are "true celebrity" to me" for instance, it is because "whale or minnow", you matter just as much!
  • I am not a writer. I am not a reader either. My empowering response to each ULOGGER aren't fancy words. There are simply "Terry".
  • Nations are just locations. We are the world!
  • I am your ultimate "true fan"!
  • You are my "true celebrity".
  • Let's surpass google together!
  • You are bigger things to me than money!
  • Be ready with a plastic bottle labelled "tears of joy".  For soon, we will cry these types of tears. (Whenever, i eventually do, i will like to save them, for they would have been my first!)
  • Even when i don't appear around (e.g in the DMs, posts etc), know this one thing: "I have done suffering like crazy; i do suffering like crazy but my entire-tired-being loves you still!"
  • If you are not featured just yet, know that i will reach out to you soon. However, know that my response message to each ULOGGER, is  "me talking to everyone", same as i would in the DMs; thus, by means of each ULOGGER legacy post; know that we have spoken.
  • Whatever you learn from each edition, may it keep on "an incessant testament" to the fact that "possibilities" are very possible.
  • Please look to support each ULOGGER with as a "true fan", leaving an empowering comment, perhaps, a voluntary donation and kindly strive to follow them.
  • You are a celebrity but to be "real-deal" celebrity, you must relish celebrating others too. So with each edition, heartily join me in celebrating others.
  • We will draw inspiration from each series to stay excited in steem activities.
  • We will draw inspiration from each series to bring new friends on steemit.
  • We will get to know each ULOGGER, for the human that they represent.
  • We will have an ever-growing repository of each beautiful ULOGGER.
  • The millions in breakthrough-money that you may seek so passionately, may be find-able underlyingly in each of these legacy posts because "i break down" to dispense them. Please look closely! Please don't doubt it! My love is kamkpe strong.
  • etc

Each edition of a @uloggers legacy post, will feature a ULOGGER and has a style-guide and an entire mentor-ship session (behind-the-scenes), designed to empower each of these ULOGGERS and fix many worries; stamping each featured ULOGGER, "true celebrity" in the world called "life" and "whale inside" on the best blockchain called "steem".

We want to create a vibe by means of the beauty steem offers, "shining "YOU" forth", so that new steemians joining organically true the search engines or after discovering @uloggers; join steemit and stay because of "YOU"; the shining "YOU".

Kindly look to sharing https://steemit.com/@uloggers online and offline, home and abroad as a means also to easily promote steem/steemit.

(ULOGGERS) whether "private figures" or "public figures" will be featured alike. 

Note that a ULOGGER can stay private while creating ULOGS. For the most part, if a steemit account is private, the ULOG it creates is likely to be private too.

Today's Certified and Verified ULOGGER is "@kneelyrac"

The curriculum involved style-guide that had a set of general, un-prying questions, answered by @kneelyrac on-the-spot. 

Based on her answers and an entire chat mentor-ship session, we picked the very elements of her constituent and we will cook her some timeless heartfelt advice as someone who truly loves her.

Basically, i will celebrate her, highlight her own strengths and i will sift even "weaknesses" to find strength therein. 
Together, we will celebrate and empower her today. She will become our celebrity and we her fans.

The set of questions below, simply formed a style guide, so that we, along with @kneelyrac, can build a legacy post together; we as her "true fans":  

1. Who Are You? 

(This should cover (all or some) things like, your very definition; your existing dreams; your forgotten dreams; your aspirations before steemit; life before steemit; life since steemit; what you would like to  accomplish on a limitless scale, if there were no odds and what odds there are or there have been; things you don't like about yourself; things that are unique to you; things people don't know about you etc. 
Anything at all that constitutes YOU!)   

2. How do you feel about yourself now? Is there an old-self, you would like to regain? Is there a new-self you would love to attain? 

3. Mention one virtue, you wish you could work on.

4. What do you write about the most on steemit and why?  

5. How did you find steemit and has it become your bus-stop and why did  it become your bus-stop?  

6. If you were to have a business, enterprise or company etc, what would you call it and what would it be about? 

7. Do you believe you can fly?  

8. Is there one person on steemit, that you can say, "as long as this  person stays on steemit and keeps on active, i will be also stay active  on steemit" and who is that person and why is it this person?  

9. If you had just one shot at "breakthrough" and it was your "very next  steemit post", what would you write about? 

10. Would you still read a mind, if you knew that this mind has loads of problems, that you aren't able to fix?  

Legacy Question: 

  • If generations yet unborn arrive and they had to read your legacy; what will they read? 
Tell me what "legacy" you will leave behind. Keep it as short as possible! 

@kneelyrac: spoke to me on-the-spot. She answered most of the questions above:

Hi sir terry, I'm Caryl and my steemit name is @kneelyrac. I'm a the eldest in the family and with that my dream is to give a my family a peaceful and debt-free life, where we can enjoy things that God has given to us. Since 2014, it's always been my dream and until now. I want to help my mother and father in a sense that they don't need to wake up early in the morning and stay late at night to earn money for us. 
If there is one thing that I don't like about myself, it's my lack of self-confidence. I have this inferiority complex that makes me anxious in the real world. I want to overcome it and start believing in myself. This complex started since first year college. Maybe because I was surrounded by brilliant future engineers. While they advanced to the next level, I was stucked up. I failed because of my overflowing confidence. 
One virtue? The desire to help my family and others. I want to help myself first so that I can fully help my family and then other people as well. 
I often write about myself. I write poems which conveys some of my emotions. I usually write when I feel some extremities, like I'm feeling lost, alone, sad. I even write a story in a poetry set-up, wherein it's somehow closer to what my family experienced before. I draw and post photos and put caption that it related to what I felt while doing or capturing it.
Steemit is a great help to me emotionally and socially. I am an introvert. I don't even know some of my neighbors. I'm a home buddy and I prefer being alone with my books. However this platform helps me gain new friends globally. I learn from them and earn from them. It's a joy that people will comment how they like my poem or art or photos. It slowly helps the confidence in me to rise again. 
I'm already in the world of business. My friends would always tell me that I've grown up already. I work day noon and night. I'm in the line of food and clothing. 
I always believe that I can soar up high and fly like an eagle. But before that, I need to fight and defeat the negativity in me. Caryl is Caryl's hardest and strongest opponent. It will surely take time but I know I can defeat me.  
I cannot rely on other people. I mean it's not that if that person quits then I will quit. If that person quits, I must not do the same. Instead, I will try to persuade him or her from quitting. I've recruited my friends and one thing that I always say to them, Never Quit. Maybe that's one of my asset, I never quit. Yes I cry the hardest but I never quit. I might be on the hiatus, but surely I will comeback.  
My life. I will write about the obstacles and struggles in life. I want to be an inspiration that no matter how poor you are or how chaotic your family is, it will never be the hindrance to your success. I will share how I fight the negative me. I will write also a poem about life. In times of difficulties, the brain and heart are the one that is vulnerable and it may lead to depression and suicide. As I've said I never quit. It's my strength and I want others to do the same. It's hard and painful but that is life, it gives you hardship to make you a strong warrior. 
I will. Even if I can't fix it, as long as that person knows that I'm always here for him/her no matter what, then it's enough. Since 2014, we've been through financial crisis, it's really hard. My friends would say that they can't help me but actually, there presence is a big help already. As long as I feel that I'm not alone in this world then I know I can fix this problem even if it will take some time 

@kneelyrac's Legacy

I want the new generations to know that I'm a fighter. Even though I hardly beat my opponent, which is myself, I still strive harder and harder each day to become the better version of my yesterday self. And since I'm a fighter, that means I never quit for the sake of my beloved ones. I'm also willing to sacrifice my wants for the needs of my family. Lastly, I want them to know that all these strengths and journey would not be possible if I didn't trust my God.   Just remember this, When your resources are down to nothing, believe that God is up to something. 

 My Life Advice To Her:  

You have special virtues and i tell you "rare" even, in the world as a whole. Your virtues are pretty "defined" and revolves around self-sacrifice and many things related to self-sacrifice and especially in a "painted world" thee virtues can already be said to be "rare", so let your knowledge of this incite in you, "a certain air of confidence". 

You have identified your role over time and your being has gone into "ready-mode" to take "responsibility" up and the "responsibility" you have chosen is a worthy and commendable one; "wanting to fix your household" and extending arm still to the world is no doubt commendable. 

This can easily become "pressure" etc but you do have the make-up for it as your very being "tends not to quit". 

Hahaha, you aren't quitting. You will fly on this one! but listen.....

Sometimes, it isn't exactly "totally about virtues" or possessing them, however "rare" or about "feelings" or possessing them, however "strong" as the main job is in evolving the very substance of these virtues or feelings, till these (together) can combulate greatness. 

We can have really strong feelings by our measure but we may never take this feelings to levels where "feelings" become actual "true power" and we never get to take ourselves to places, where we can control this "true power".

Feelings can thus, ever stay "feelings"


one can say/feel, "tomorrow will be better forever". But we can also start to seat down; push the next meal aside; tell the next 10 men "NO"; re-give the same cheek after the "first slap", then go; "tomorrow will be better now" or add some Mathematics into the English and go; "tomorrow = today". (Beautiful Disruption)

Much power is in the tiny un-obvious details.

Yes, your re-attaining "self-confidence" will help by a large measure and this we will fix in subsequent DM(s). 

However, not that taking your "self confidence" back is that hard. Hahaha....

You simply take it back!

Hahaha, forget much of "the books". There are "no books" involved in my every-word here. Looking at it, there are bigger factors when it come to you losing your self-confidence and yes, things beyond events in "your school days" and alot of these, have to do with "nations". 

So, you case is winnable! Simply make "nations"; "locations!" Then, make the entire globe your nation.

See "puti and all" are giantly tiny things.... "To me; your ultimate true fan; your boy Terry; "you are the finest".
You are the magandaest; the dopest; the divaest; the hottest. I so want your autograph.

And speaking of school and engineering and stuff etc; these days, it is no longer much about talents or prowess in the secular world. The power is returning into the hands of "real humans"; you and me; 

and you and me in our finest state is ginormous power.

In the real world; "in the jungle"; engineering means almost nothing. "Self-sacrificing", "you crying yet not quitting" etc is worth tons more.

Plus, if Bill Gates made Microsoft, we make @macrohard; "it is that simple!" 

Again, there are many aspects in your evolution where you will have to apply "nations are locations". Yes, you will simply need to shed off some of "the nation"; making "nations" as simple as locations as these will help you relegate "reservations", put you in a state of freedom, with regards to "tapping into your superstar"....

and "fly" is next.

As mentioned earlier, "the very substance" of those amazing virtues that you possess is what's key; "the character of it". 

Thus, you will need to evolve these virtues consciously and deeply-root them into your very cores; "solid!"

You have the make-up to accomplish just this. 

Use your times in isolation, to take charge of "tiny impulses" converting each tiny one into a powerfully-filled-pea. Then, grow more peas over time.


when you create your next poetry, put these new-found peas into each lines; let your lines grow wings. Put codes into your own lines, attaining levels of "marvel"; because you are beginning to have to decipher or decode your very own lines. 

Put "air" in those words, let them begin to hang "you" out there, everywhere in the skies".
Transition into "koems" where "k" is for @kneelyrac

Your genes are the "too-lazy-to-quit" breed/type and you are identifying it but this particular virtue of yours still has room for so much growth and this is where "greatness" lies; "you in flight-mode". 

Sometimes, it can be about quitting though!

Yes, quit and try things anew! 


You don't want to keep suffering? You can decide to quit from the notion, "tomorrow will better". Yes, generations before us have heard and have embraced this ring-tone etc but we can decide to quit and say; "we want tomorrow, now, now".

Well, it is simpler now, with the steem blockchain and all etc

All it takes is a little more actual weirdness; a little more leaps; a little more "valuable quits". Yes, go back to the first obviousest simplest solutions. Yes, quit all those ladder climbs, pre-posed for us and try stuff.....


want to know what is on bingo's mind? Before reading 10 books and going into outer-space; how about simply asking "bingo"; "HEY, Bingo, what's on its mind" and you may discover a "talking dog"; BINGO, Jackpot, your name in record books.

Whoever discovered gravity, must have quit "yummy-ing" on the fallen mango even once and gone; "starvation is sarap".

Well, many of these awesome facets (to you), will start to show face, when your self-confidence back. So, we will apply the basics; 

Here is your self-confidence; "take it!"

I so so so wanted your autograph. Thanking for giving me!

Note, i so wanted to go out to look for a printer to have it for keeps on paper but i will have to do that another day. 
I have a bad fone too, so to take this terrible-looking shot of mine, holding your autograph, took many deletes, many tries etc 
I so want you to know that "your boy terry" has no ounce of exaggeration to it because my entire tired being can't create exaggeration
Well, i want you to know that your are precious and i am your ultimate "true fan".

Too, henceforth and ever-ongoingly, you now have many "true fans". Always visit this testimonial post and ransack the comments too, to ever-ongoingly be reminded. 

Give this one steemit post (even if in your mind's eye) incessant testimonial essence as a "very special gift".

You are alot of beautiful things.

As for your loving intentions towards your family, while your dreams are in-the-making, state your loving intentions to them; make it known!!! 

Dreams are really dreams when they are span-less; limitless etc, so have no fears Carly; tell them of "impending trips to Paris". Trip them with your intentions. Resound it; resound it; resound it as even if you don't fulfill it, they will so know that "you were all about it" and i tell you, that carries them.

My mum died. I gave her nothing! But she knew within her cores, that if i had and she was here, i would give her skyscrapers.

May your very definition display your intentions; resound it with resolve. This will work wonders before your intentions come to fruition. Amazing superpowers will build up within you and power you up beyond measure.

e.g i would usually say; "pick a pen, rehearse your signature, hone it, for soon you will be signing autographs and thank you for doing just so. Now, you have signed us (your true fans) "autographs":

Thank you for signing autographs for us all! 
As true fans, consider having a copy when you want, either digitally or hard. You can take pictures with it, if you desire and show up in the comments, if you are a "public figure".

As for fixing matters in your household (as the eldest child), you so can! All it requires is more of what you already have but this time, you will need to apply more technicality; more leaps, more out-of-the-boxness as opposed to plain hard work or climbing ladders.

We are in a different generation

e.g the steem blockchain puts alot of power in your hands etc

Plus, we will go a little "illiterate" because many answers lie so there! 

So, have more use for the dining table. Push the meals aside at times and try starvation and make starvation sarap by combulating awesomeness, brainstorming the very next breakthrough idea. 

Forget the books, just a bit, "look in the streets".

We can create change. We can fix our households and others. We so can! It has begun. There is now light inside the tunnel.

Parents won't ask but if you took them Paris, they will pray for you, "special breed of prayers".

So be ready to fly, for you so can.

My Steemit Advice To Her:  

Steemit is your strong point but based on the making of your person, you need special kind of INTEL. Let's restart the journey and re-spark it right here within this entire post. 

Ransack and digest this post. Listen to its undertone. Play out the pictures in each line. Look for contexts. Look for principles. Look for exceptions to rules etc Use your mind's eye, not just your brain and heart.

Decode every line. Look more intently at how this one post was used; one "steemit post" but one post containing dreams, virtues, legacies, ups-and-downs, life, "you", power, codes, autographs, fly, shine, surpassing google, poems, true celebrities, true fans etc

See within your mind's eye what will happen if someone comes across this post in the search engines, for instance. Imagine, how many people are in the search engines "seeking a fixing". Imagine, a Terry lurking in the search engines looking for next standout person, to give the key to old Yacht to and coming across this one post.

One steemit post, even one, can keep your evee-incessantly in the limelight somewhere out there; but you will have had to be the limelight in this one post.

We will keep this one post out there, everywhere, you in the limelight as "True Celebrity"; a certified "ULOGGER".

For steemit, it all begins there! In these seemingly helpless-looking posts. So, play with your posts. Wake old dreams up using your posts. Define and re-define you, your dreams etc within each post. Play out your dreams (keep them alive in dream-bits) into fruition. Be stunty. Be technical. Attempt out-of-the-boxness. Use each post to impress yourself. Use each ULOG to shine and to be "true celebrity"; we your "true fans".

Brainstorm and store even your coded drafts on steem; you your audience. Draw unadulterated feedback from your "true fans" and evolve your dream, enterprise etc a bit closer to spanlessness each time. 

Yes, you can build your confidence too while on steemit as you have the entire globe on it; thus, expand your horizon; "nations are locations".

Bring your fashion on steemit. Shine it forth. Use your post, to draw in your exact type of audience. You can do this by coding your very definition in the undertone of your post. Leave the surface for everyone but draw in like-minds using those codes. 

When you start to spot closely-like-minds; build a community. Start with a tag. Push, push, push. Create a movement. Make the movement indispensable. Then, grow this community. If you have like-minds outside steemit, bring this community onto steemit. 

https://steemgigs.org will be ready soon. When your dream is tight, we can work on building this dream. 
SMT is coming; you will need a community; your community. (You can fund-raise with SMT etc)

There is a ton to rehearse now; experiment with; play around with. 

For you and your hefty responsibilities; i tell you; you will need to play. 

You will need to be bigger than money inside-out and money when it knows you are bigger, will seek you out.

I will pause here! Simply tie the life advice to the steemit advice and you will grasp.

Your are awesome!

Your boy Terry


Your ultimate true fan.


Every certified ULOGGER becomes stamped "true celebrity" in the real world and on steemit, in an entire session involving an entire curriculum. 

We all play a role. 

 True Celebrities = True Fans + O; where letter "O" equals loop 

  • Each ulogger is likely to have a space on the ULOG steem-based website, if there happens to be one.
  • We will also use each ULOGGER legacy post, to enhance general reputation for SteemGiggers on the steemgigs website.
  • On @uloggers, we will bring each ULOGGER to the limelight before the faces of hearty "true fans".  
  • We will use each post to fix worries.
  • Each ULOGGER experience and entire curriculum involving talks and methor-ship involving 
  • We one to keep on account on steemit, that holds a repository of ULOGGER legacies. Ever-ongoing evidence that we were here.
  • We want one steemit account, that each steemian can present to a mainstream audience in their efforts to promote steemit; one steemit account full of "shine"; one steemit account that is able to appeal to the soft-spot of every genre of "human", to levels where "new ones" begin to desire to flock onto steemit because of us, moreso than just the incentive to get rewards. 
  • We want to serve the search engines with our beauty.
  • Right here on steemit, we look into creating a really solid, visible community of ULOGGERS. (Though, we have a base-community building on behind-the-scenes on the discord, there is timely need for something visible; "in the limelight"; right here on steemit.)
  •  @uloggers will hold physical evidence of a growing list of "true celebrities" ever-ongoingly. Our shine will fill steemit and will provide incessant inspiration to on-lookers and ULOGGERS alike, to strive towards span-less levels of greatness.  
  •  We want to create a vibe right here on steemit, by means of a visible community of ULOGGERS, that stirs further community and amplifies steem & steemit's beauty inside-out, growing steem/steemit into further levels of mainstreamity. 
  •  At this timely moment in steemit's young life, we want to unveil the true depth in beauty of the steemit community, to tighten and strengthen our conviction in steem as technology but moreso, in steemit as medium upon which "humans" can shine regardless of status.  
  •  We want the world to join steemit, also for the sole reason of ULOGGING; becoming ULOGGERS. 
  • We want one steemit account, that you can simply show to friends, home and abroad, offline and online, promoting steem/steemit as a home and for "everyone"
  • We want to create a historical history.
  • etc
We can

Please read all the resources about  #ulog and @ulogs, so that you can grasp the grand underlying of what we will constitute. 

We Are True Fans

Today's ULOGGER ("True Celebrity") is public figure and she is @kneelyrac

How You Can Join In As Her "True Fans"

  • Leave her a solid comment displaying love for her.
  • Adopt her! (You may want to do so in the comments or seek her out in the community HERE!!!)
  • Voluntarily donate to @kneelyrac
  • Print her autographs and take selfies with it
  • Follow her
  • Always visit with her
  • Become a "true-type-curator" on #ulog, so you can spot her ULOGS.
  • etc

How To Become A Ulogger?

Please digest this post and this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today. Become "true celebrities" and "true fans" of #ulog.

You can start simply by getting your personalized ULOGGER header/footer from @phantum04 here!!!



You can also use these profile cover ULOGGER banners freely:

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I couldnt help but to cry while reading this sir terry. I've always wanted to have someone that could give me mind-blowing advices in life. I'm not alone but sometimes I feel like I'm alone in the crowd. Your words cut through to my heart. I will cherish this moment that I've become a celebrity and you've become my true fan and an advisor.
I like the analogy you've mentioned, tomorrow=today. I sometimes do that sir when I feel like Im about to burst. I eat, walk, write and then sleep. But I really do want to sleep more. I've been restless these past few weeks.
I hope that I'll be able to soar and fly high and I will surelyshare with you sir my journey and I will write it so that others may read it and hope they will be inspired to my stories.
I hope that by answering those questions you've heartily made, those steemians who have the same or closely the same situation to me will read this and read and re read your advices.
I will re read this sir. Your words really meant to me.
Thank you sir terry! Thank you for being an inspiration and a blessing to us. Just like what I wrote, I hope to see you one day sir and be able to thank you in person. And when that time comes, I hope that I've regain my self confidence back.

Love Caryl


You know even the greatest of advice makes no meaning to anyone who doesn't care to adhere. This words of Terry has really touched this and I must say, this is just the beginning. @ulog has come to stay. @kneelyrac

I remember the first time I was put on the spot and answered some of these questions on the spot too.

I remembered how Sir Terry broke down his ideas, INTEL to me in a very comprehension manner.

Girl, @kneelyrac, hold on tightly to these words of @surpassinggoogle and I tell you, you will fly.

Cherish these words as a mother cherishes her new born baby, read them over and again whenever you feel down and find hope in it therein.

You are a true celebrity, and we, your stars...
Shine on girl.
You will surely fulfil your dreams of helping your parents.
Don't worry, you wouldn't quit, no, not at all.
You are a fighter just like me.
And you know what fighters do?
They don't leave the battle field until they have defeated all
You will surely conquer all dear....
I'm right beside you, fighting with you and for you as a certified Ulogger.....
Don't ever forget this: You are a celebrity, so catwalk that walk and let them halt at your presence.
Following you now so we could do this together...
Cheers. ✌


I agree with you @julietisreal sheis already a celebrity just like me and you atleast ulog made sure of that. I can relate to this feelings. I had my dose this week and ended up posting some hours ago!


I will maam. I'm going to bookmark this. Every word that was written by sir terry went through to my heart. I. I sometimes think that it's kind of ironic that I have no confidence yet I was able to survive all the struggles in life. I sometimes have confidence when I'm with the people I love but when I'm not with them I always cry. When it comes to academic, I have zero confidence. I want to work it out so that I will be able to help my parents a hundred percent.

thank you for your kind and inspiring words maam. Hope to have a good chat with you soonest! Followed you too maam.

Hmmm....... I keep grasping, trying to lay hold on core. I am bound to say that ulog feels like 'royalty', letting you express yourself in diverse dimensions, in opulence. Being so much an introvert, I never thought I would ever open myself up to be read, to 'public viewing'. So I can conveniently say that ;

My confidence has received a tremendous boost.

Thank you #ulog.
And to @kneelyrac, your dreams, all, are achievable and with Terry's award winning counsel, you are good to go. So go for it girl.


I hope one day that I will be able to post and share it here with a title, I have my confidence back. Yes, sit Terry's counsel is a mind-blowing one. I was shy at first but he's very accommodating and explained it to me very well. I'm an introvert too and my boyfriend and close friends always tell me that I should try to mingle and try not to boost my self-preservation. I'm working it out slowly in real life.

Thank you maam for the cheer.

I love this ....
Answering questions on the spot without rehearsing brings out the real you
And this indeed what Ulog is about
This is really inspiring ...
It helps others fight their worries not just @kneelyrac
Because some other persons might going through same thing and just need little bit of motivation...
Just reading this , one is motivated to being better

We are not perfect as humans , we all are working towards perfection

@kneelyrac I believe in you because you have so much inside of you
You just need to gain your self-confidence
@surpassinggoogle has given a very good advise
If you keep reading through it daily and believe in it, you’d definitely fly....
You are gonna be so proud of yourself and your family will be proud of you too

Like @surpassinggoogle keep talking about your dreams to them
Resound resound and resound it
Walk them through just by you imagining it

I am also not quitter and I know a fighter when I see one and my dear you are ....
God will definitely crown all your effort with testimonies .

You are certified Ulogger and I am your fan
Following you now ✌️

Welcome you to the celebrity world because you are now a celebrity 💃🏼.


It made me read the questions twice honestly. If I were in a pageant maybe I'll stutter. And yes, sir Terry has given me good advise. I'll remember this and whenever I'm feeling blue, I will reread this one. Not just for me but other Steemians might relate to this and they can reread it to and you as well. Thank you for the love and support, for your kind and encouraging words. I will definitely do my very best to achieve the better me that can catwalk with the crowd. God bless you @oyinoza!


Amen 🙏🏽
I wish you the best dear

I'm a crybaby actually so this will going to be a long way to read other steemians advices.


This time it's tears of joy and self-confidence, please fill your bottle with them and every day take a dose of these teardrops, always. You are already as bright as a star, and you fly as high as the eagle.

Everyone who's mentioned on this post specially in the title must be very lucky! Congratulations to @kneelyrac!!!


I think the reason that I'm one of the lucky one sir is that I was able to have a conversation with Sir Terry and he imparted to me his wisdom. And everyone is lucky for they can read the advice that sir Terry gave since he posted it in Steemit.

@kneelyrac is a certified and verified ulogger with hurray

Thanks for this words @surpassingoogle

We will celebrate each ULOGGER, empowering them, by stamping them "whale inside"/"TRUE CELEBRITY" both on steemit and in "life".

Uloggers legacy post👯🏻‍♀👯🏻‍♀ each Ulogger would be on the spot.

In each edition I heartily want to follow you and the team to celebrate each ulogger
And reading through Carly's answers made me so happy but seriously the inferiority complex you're our Ulog Celebrity and I want you to work on this. I'm glad your mind is made up on overcoming this and it makes me happyU5dsNwkgFYD7qRVQ95bqo9f7y65ZmcP_1680x8400.jpg

Much love


Yes maam. When I was in High School, I really don't have this inferiority complex. I have lots of friends. My classmates in high school would always tell me that I will be able to survive anywhere even in the dessert or jungle. I know they were just exaggerating it for I can't compete with the lions and tiger. However the downfall of my first year college days really gave an impact. It was really hard to have it back but definitely will going to have it back. Maybe not today but surely sooner or later.


Sooner or later dearie I really love the positivity in you sis. You are a fighter and God is taking you to greater heights.
Keep believing
We love you
And how is Nana doing?
Tell her good morning for me


Great @kneelyrac has become a model with ulogging. @eunireal1, she is going places. Indeed, we've all got something to offer with ulogs, @uloggers has come to stay.

@surpassinggoogle, you won't stop baffling me with your simplicity. Youved simply turned steemit ulogging into a serious deal which won't be resisted anywhere humans are found.

Nations are just locations. We are the world!
I am your ultimate "true fan"!
You are my "true celebrity".
Let's surpass google together!

Those lines caused goosed bumps on me.

We are the world!

Very well written Article. This Article deserves lot of upvotes. Nice efforts @uloggers - Keep it up. Here I must appreciate the character and Role of all time nice personality and our beloved MENTOR @surpassinggoogle. All the credit goes to him. He is the man behind all these superb Projects only for HUMANITY. All the best and Always Stay Blessed!


I agree with you sir. Sir terry always drops bomb-like pieces of advice in life.


Yes @surpassinggoogle is the brain behind #ulogs and deserves the credit.

Wowwwww... What a conversation. Go girl! @kneelyrac You're definitely a great lady. Blessed are you for @surpassinggoogle to spot you out.
Wow as always @surpassinggoogle always blowing my mind. I love you dearly. Keep being awesome.


Yes maam. I'm blessed that Sir Terry and I had a conversation. His words are really sharp that cuts my heart, in a positive way. His advice is mind-blowing that inspires not just me but every Steemian.


Sure. @surpassinggoogle is a rare gem and touches every heart accordingly. God bless him.

What can I say, it seems @kneelyrac has done really well tackling those question and really answering them, pouring out the content of her heart, I'm really glad she's certified and proven, your advice to her was of course legendary, I watched a video of you Terry in that last post you made, and I got to learn the importance of embracing oneself's truest nature.

We're making microhards when the world offers us microsoft, we I'm ourselves matters personalizing and customizing ourselves to suit who we are, is the way to go


Thank you @josediccus! I feel like I was answering a Miss Universe question. It was impromptu questions and an impromptu answer. And all his advice are mind-blowing that went through to my heart as well.

maki07 best, make your own ulog now.

wow, very good information, this is very useful for all of us, especially for those who have just joined Steemit, and for those who are just acquainted with Steemit, hence can invite many people to support #ulog, a project that is done by @surpassinggoogle. I will always support his project, because I see he has a very high social life. Success always for #ulog. Thanks for sharing @uloggers


You should. Ulog is a one of the great ways to become the better yesterday you.

Congratulations dear. You are a real star and we are your fans


Thank you @apiprincz. As what sir Terry always said, we are all a real star.

hmmm... this is sounds good! That I can be a celebrity someday that my dream!


You can be. Since we are all the main lead to our very own story.

This is totally hard work. Tear drops.
I believe so much in #ulog.
Ulog has made us all a celebrity.
@kneelyrac you are a celebrity already.
We are your fan.


Thank you sir @mritsnobigdeal. I'm also a fan of yours now.


Thank so much.
Together we will fix many worries


Wow! It's really nice of you to reach and message me in messenger. Thank you sir for the kind words! Hope to have a good chit-chat with you soonest


Glad i found you.
Thanks so much for making me your friend.
I am here for you.

You are a star and I am a fan, fantastic post


Thank you sir. I'm one of your fans too.

I must confess this is the first time i had to read a post this long... I think i need to redigest this, too much sauce and excellent content.

Am going to start ulogging...smiles


Long but worth to read. I tend to reread it especially Sir Terry's post before I can fully digest what it really means.


Yea, same here,

So i've reread the story and i am moved, girl you're a fighter! Keep doing what you're doing, the sky is just your starting point.

Inspirational!!! Weldon @kneelyrac, @Ulogs you you are inspiration to many keep it up. Kudos on tho giant step. @surpassinggoogle you are more than a mentor.


Thank you sir! :)

This is all encompassing. You know, like @surpassinggoogle has said, it all starts with knowing yourself and believing in what you stand for.

@kneelyrac, No one has the right to insult, abuse, undermine you without your permission. Always go with heads high, realizing every time that you are a celebrity and we are your fans.


Wow! Your words gave a huge impact on me! Thank you for this @ambdavid. Sooner or later, I'll be able to catwalk confidently.

What if I said that Ulog is the best invention in this year? Ulogs are definitely the most interesting posts here on Steemit and capture the person in their true essence and that is what makes Ulog truly valuable.


True! It's like a fireplace that warms us during cold season.

Awwwwnnn... This is soo very sweet. @surpassinggoogle, you always always blow our minds with your amazing depth of love!

@kneelyrac, Go girl! You are indeed a star and we love you too!


Thank you Maam. I've been receiving lots of love these past few days and I thank you for that.

Love Caryl,

Im a certified Uloggers, Im a celebrity and i am your true fan. I love Ulogs.

Ulogs rocks!


Yes, Ulog rocks and I'm your fan too

Well that was an awesome feature and I can relate on her being hard on herself and lacking the self confidence. There are so many better people out there but only one of us.

We are unique and we are the best person to talk about ourself because we know our strengths and weaknesses, our flaws and talents, our dreams and hopes,

Thank you for this one Terry.


Hi, you hosted a contest before I forgot the name but it was a collage about what you want to achieve and to do in this year 2018. You even commented that I have lots to achieve on this year and one of it was self confidence. I want to thank you once again for that contest. You helped me without knowing it. Again, thank you @marverickinvitus ^_^

Being a certified ulogger thus show how you've really shared your feelings with community in a creative way. I celebratr you today and vibe you to krep ulogging😹


Thank you @donaldpete!

You are a celebrity! Much love @kneelyrac ! Hugs!


Thank you @bloghound! :) God bless you!



I am very happy reading this.....so interesting and so long 👱. This is very important for users to read because it is very interesting and will be useful for all.



Thank you sir for taking time to read. Sir Terry is really an inspiring one.

Nice job dear you are really attractive personality lokkimg star... May god success you in your life.i am your new user so engourage me please☺️


Thank you sir. May God bless you more.

As for you as a newbie, all I can say is be kind, be friendly and be consistent in your post. Just don't randomly post, but post with a meaning. That's what I did when I was a newbie and have no one to run to.

Am so happy to have read this post by this king... @surpassinggoogle @kneelyrac, have never read such in a while, .. @emekasegun thNks to u for sharing to me..


Thank you for taking time to read this one and even gone to the part, my answers to the Sir Terry's question. Have a good day

Congratulations for the feature and being a certified #ulogger @kneelyrac.

Anyway, I hope your grandmother is okay.


Thank you @iyanpol12. May God bless you always!

YAAAAY! Congratulations @kneelyrac. You are a certified and verified ulogger!!! :) I will always be your true fan even during the bitlanders days. :D Keep shining dai :) :) Regards ko sa imung Nana :)


Thanks daaai! You're very welcoming and friendly both in bit and steemit world. Thabk you for the love and support! God bless you dai! :)

This is extremely nice articles. I must say that @ulog has made all easier to express yourself and I loved all your write ups,it makes my heart geared in,writing something close to this. We all have one or more thing to say and express ourselves. #Ulog is always there to accept us and make us their celebrity. As #Ulog saying goes: You are a celebrity and we are your fans.

Nice article.


I agree. Ulog is kind of overwhelming but more of heartwarming.

Ken,you are now the celebrity and I am your avid fan...CERTIFIED ULOGGERS WOW IT IS REALLY GREAT KEN...


Thank you auntie!! And I'm one of your fans too auntie. Much love from keenkeen :)

To @kneelyrac congrats for being a certified #uloggers now. From a proud #steemitachievers here.

I admire you for having this strong inclinations to your family, your love to them will make you able to make your dreams for them be realized in God's perfect time.

More power and God bless!

@kneelyrac rocks!


Hi kuyaaa! Thank you for the support. Thank you for always being there. Even though I'm not always active unlike before but you still help me. God bless you and your family kuya!

Congrats @kneelyrac, nice work. And to @surpassinggoogle, he is a rare gem, his type is scarce, may God reward his effort to improve the life of humanity, we can also take a clue from that.


I agree sir. He's a rare gem, an inspiration and a blessing to everyone.

Way to go @kneelyrac! You are now a true celebrity.
Thank you for sharing about yourself.

Thank you Sir Terry for always giving us inspiration.


Thank you Maam! Have a good day!


You’re welcome, same here and God bless

wow. congratulations @kneelyrac as well as to @surpassinggoogle. I enjoyed reading. Truly, one's life can inspire others.

again, congrats for being a true "celebrity" now.

I am already your fan. keep it up! ❤


Thank youu Maam! I'm one of your fans too! Ulog is a must-follow account that posts mus-read and inspiring blogs.

I love this form of inspiration from my mentor @surpassinggoogle . just as bringing out the untalented style in you to become a ulogger.

Bringing out the true form of a true fan to becoming a true celebrity


Within each edition of an @uloggers legacy post, we will evolve in our substance and be made anew and all the more solid in our character; empowered!

Evidently, you have constantly evolved and improved in your strategies to better your presence on the platform...keep it up sir.

Oh dear, this is just pure beauty. This combines the steemsecrets with the StemHumans to give us the freshest of Intels.

We are your true fans @kneelyrac.
Go showcase your stardom to us and A-ha, we're waiting for the Koems buddy. Stay amazing always.
Yours truly Nexrules. 😊


I will challenge myself to make one sir and share it with you. These past few weeks made me lazy to write poems because I'm exhausted physically and emotionally, but recently, I've been receiving lots of love and it was a great joy to know that even if they didn't know me personally, they are willing to help.

Thank you also for the support.

Much Love,


Thanks for being awesome, you're truly inspirational. God bless you more and more.

I'm a fan! I want my autograph too @kneelyrac.
Keep shining sis because you're a star.
You are unique and a warrior!
Nothing is impossible, keep dreaming!
I was touched by one of your blogs about your Nana:)
It will all pass by, one day at a time.

@uloggers a very sincere and touching advice.
More power to you! MABUHAY #Uloggers!!


I will never forget your kindness sis! I will give you one and I'm going to make it tonight sis. Thank you again for your help and for your kind words.


Of a truth, nothing is impossible

Wow! and @surpassinggoogle spotted you. dear you are good to go. You are now a celebrity and we are your fan. Already followed you @kneelyrac


I'm a fan of yours and I'm already following you. Honestly, this is all overwhelming. But I find this one a challenge.

Ulog hasvtaken over steemitvand everyone is ulogging. The great thing about it is that you never exprrience writers block...lol. it has given steemit a whole new look. @kneelyrac congrats on being a certified ulogger


Thank you Maam :) It's like an open diary, maybe that's the reason why most of the Steemians, if not all, where you can express freely.

  ·  3년 전

We're so proud of you mate @kneelyrac., You are a real celebrity, you rock mate. God Bless You

Much thanks sir terry God Bless You too.


Thank you so much mate! Will never forget the day that you approached me to join Steemitachievers. May God bless you and your family even more mate :)

  ·  3년 전

You're much welcome mate.. God Bless you and your family as well.


Hey @kneelyrac, This is to display my love for you and to be stamped as a bonafide fan...hence my smile.
You are a star and a celebrity.
keep shining

Beautiful disruptions


Wow! You have a great smile. Thank you for the love and support! I'm one of your fans already. Bless you always!

Wow, this is just a very beautiful way of taking ULOG to an inestimable height and direction. I am happy to be associated with @uloggers, this is very inspiring. No longer will uloggers be saved from writers block but they become stamped and certified, verified and approved by @surpassinggoogle himself. Wow.
All that have been said about you are all correct . You touch people's life from a distance and what they feel is pleasurable.
Your style of dishing out the questions in this interview is something i should learn from and your questions are top notch. I learnt a lot already from the interview. I love to be a true fan of @kneelyrac, the lady of the moment, she is worth familiarizing with.
@uloggers, @surpassinggoogle, thank you so much. Your ideas are way out of this world. We marvelled at your creativity, carving out @ulog, now they are going to be blessed, celebrated and certified as true celebrity. Wow. Thanks for being you, thanks for lighting up a spark on steemit. With you, journeying to steemit is a blessing. Thanks again for making uloggers special. I resteemed this already
Am @adoore-eu


Hello @adoore-eu, thank you for the love and support. Sir Terry is really a kind man. His words are really deep and full of meaning. Every sentence from this post is really meaningful and inspiring.

Heart you much.. You are a trail blazers..keep the good work..

Always being there @surpassinggoogle. Thanks for the breakdown on how to make a certified ulogger post. It's been really helpful, especially to me. You'll keep being my celebrity.

To @kneelyrac, I'm happy you became a certified and verified ulogger. I really love the dreams you have for your family; it's nice to hear it. That should be everybody's dream. Keep steeming!! Keep Ulogging!!


Thank you @liltom. Thank you for your kind words. Have a good day!


You're welcome. Hope you enjoyed your day

Hello @kneelyrac ..., this is me, I'm very interested in reading about you. Maybe we will share here and become a celebrity inside #ulog. May blessings, happiness, pleasure, and good fortune love and love always accompany us all. I support #ulog 👍👏


Thanks Mr. Terry @surpassinggoogle


Woow! I like your shirt! Thank you for your kind words. May the Almightly One bless you even more sir.


Hehe, thank you very much, we designed the clothes specifically for use at #meetup and #promo-steem. I hope so too. Nice to meet you...

congrats @kneelyrac, such a very nice and inspiring story. As @surpassinggoogle, we became your fan. Keep it up.


Thank you @juwel :) I'm one of your fans too. :) Have a good day!

my. Shor message for sir. Terry But comes from my heart.

Thank. You. Very much sir Terry

A big wow...congratsss...everyone i'm your fan #ulog #ulogs,#uloggers.....😀 ,you are celebrity,,I'm celebrity,we are celebrity...cheeeers...😀😀


Thank you maam. Cheers!

Indeed a good one, thanks to @surpassinggoogle for this great project.

My entries are on my blog.

Wow...very awesome platform..I'm certified uloggers ...Great Job😀👍

excellent work.Congratulacion


Wow! @kneelyrac you shine today! Congratulations..I hope to get a fan sign from you 😍


I will going to give you one! Thank you again. :)


Congratulations @kneelyrac, you are indeed exceptional ulogger.


Thank you sir! ^_^

very good post @uloggers, this is very useful for us all, I am sure uloggers will be more successful for the future, because I see very many people who support this project. Since the owner of this project is @surpassinggoogle, and he has a very high social life, and always helps us who just joined in Steemit, I also hope that all his projects will be more successful for the future. Thanks for sharing...

Everybody here becomes to be an instant celebrity. Thanks to #ulogs and @surpassinggoogle innovative platforms. Bravo! Lets gaves them both a big hand of applause!

Bring your fashion on steemit. Shine it forth. Use your post, to draw in your exact type of audience. You can do this by coding your very definition in the undertone of your post. Leave the surface for everyone but draw in like-minds using those codes.


I'm speechless. I don't know how to respond but a simple thank you for your kind and lovely message.

Wow! Great work uloggers! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 7min with 243 votes.


It's really the hottest I must confess. Nice one @uloggers and thanks for putting smiles on steemians faces @surpassinggoogle. Your name is really surpassing Google Sha..... you deserve it.


Hi @uloggers i have to followed you

Congratulations @uloggers!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade for newcomers in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 1 with 118 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 7 with $ 81,09

I also upvoted your post to increase its reward
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Succes always @uloggers

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Terry how are you doing long time brther ..