ULOG#2 : Celebrating Xyrel's 8th Birthday

3년 전

Today is Xyrel's birthday, my best friend's son. It's his 8th birthday celebration and I got invited by my best friend to celebrate with them. 🎉🎂


Around 11:30 A.M (Philippine time), I got a call from my best friend. She's inviting me for lunch. I know it's her son's birthday because he's also my Godchild so I bought a gift on my way to their house.

It was already 12 P.M as I arrived in their house. Perfect timing for lunch. I was able to get their early because our house is just 1 ride away to their house. As I got there, I helped to prepare and set the foods in the table. All seems perfectly ready.

Birthday set up

Before our lunch, we took a picture of the celebrant together with the prepared birthday set up. He seems to be happy as his family gathered all together to celebrate his birthday.


After that, we prayed to God and then we started our lunch. I took a picture of Cebu's Lechon Baboy as it looks really yummy 😊. We ate until our stomachs became full.

Lechon Baboy

It was a happy day today as we celebrated Xyrel's birthday. Me and his family are very thankful to God as he gave him another year.

That's all for today. Thank you for passing by and for reading my blog. I really appreciate it. ☺️

Your co-Steemian,


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Wonderful surprise from friends ,, the pleasure you experience can you share to the friend #ulog.

Wowwwww Lechon!!!! 😮😍😍😍

That looks delicious. I'm hungry now 😂