ULOG#3 : Gardening in front of our House

3년 전

A pleasant day to everyone ☺️.

Today, since I've got nothing to do in our house and I got bored, I decided to do a little gardening in front of our house. I asked my friend if their plants is for sale since they have a lot in their house. But, she told me that it's for free since we're friends. I'm so lucky to have a good friend.

So I asked my son to get the plants that my friend gave me. After that, I immediately started to plant them in front of our house.


I already asked my son yesterday to pile some stones as a fence for the plants. All I need is to pour the soil and start.


Since I already bought some pots and I ordered already some soil, I finished it quickly. I bought soil because we're living in a village and we don't have any here in our house.


For about 30 minutes, I finished planting all of the plants. The result was beautiful.


This is my way of easing my boredom. I'm trying to get myself busy so that I will not be bored anymore. And I think it worked. 😁

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for passing by. This is it for today guys. Once again, a pleasant day to everyone


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Sincerely yours,

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