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Initially with "Posture", I mostly only considered my body. I didn't really think about me the "Being" within my Body...and my Mind too. Yes I know we are all connected within our body, being and mind.

For whatever reason, I've been excluding the regard for how my posture also exists within and as my Mind and Being Here. Ooops!

How am I Posturing in Mind?

How am I posturing myself in Being?

How am I posturing myself in Body?

It's been a miss take in regarding myself as the Being in-between Body and Mind. Like my Body and Mind have been at odds so to speak and me the Being has mostly just been trying to accommodate and it's been a mostly let loose unkempt affair of sorts. I mean serious when need be and there's an order and control...butttt......there's been disconnect.

I have taken my body mostly for granted for most of my life. Yes I've liked having a body...but I haven't really lived my best honor, appreciation and gratitude for my body. I realize this too in my mind relationship...where it's like I haven't made a point of using my mind to best support my body. My body has been this point of neutrality.

In the vlog below I talk about how walking has supported me in opening up increased awareness for my posturing all together in body, being and mind. It's interesting because it's now so much more I am way more acutely sensitive to my suppressions - meaning, if I am slouching and just remaining in a slouch like compromising position...I notice the quality of my thinking changes and correlates with my body positioning!

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time to keep up the chin and run ;)


Niiiice Pro Tip!

  • running is the next level upgrade for me forrrr surrrre!
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I believe that to be focused and achieve our definition of personal success, we must have aligned body, mind and self-existence, that is, towards what or in which we align our thoughts, actions and own life. I like your reflective post, because I feel that we perceive in a similar way this reality that surrounds us and this existence that all beings take together. Brother if you like realism in drawing I invite you to come to my blog. A great greeting!

Oh yea, posture is huge and definitely not just physical. I find the way I experience changes when my posture is better, like I take in more of the world.

I like to think of digestion in this way too, like how we digest emotions or thoughts and how we can have indigestion, like emotions we bury or thoughts that seem to never go away.


thank you for sharing @jackeybrown

I really like the comparison to digestion! Super cool.

This post is like tongue twister. Lol very complicated to understand.

Body , mind and spirit these are connected and influence our life