My blog of the day : story in the village interior

4년 전

this is the entry about #ulog with @surpassinggoogle ..


Today I woke up a bit too noon at 10:00, as usual I try to find a little activity for activities today, I chose to go to a village in the interior, swamp area, there in my opinion very appropriate to be a land for a fishing hobby like me. not too far from where I live, an area that can be reached on foot which takes about 30 minutes, up in the swampland, I found an interesting and worthy scenery to share, seen some adults and children who so enthusiastic about catching crabs, they still use the traditional way, quite the results they get, I was so interested to observe their activities and start forgetting my first goal to go fishing ...

they are happy with what they tekuni, and true it turns out the happiness lies within ourselves to be grateful for what we get.

The ''U'' in ''Ulogs'' repesents ''YOU''


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