#ulography #3: Smell of Christmas In Our Home

3년 전

When BER months come, our home is filled with the spirit of Christmas because of our little girl. She asked us to buy some stuff and let her arrange them according to her wants.

Shun Leanne designing our cute Chrirstmas Tree

We did not buy new Christmas Tree since the old one is still looking okay. It just needs a good design that will highlight its beauty. Since our little girl decided to do it then we let it so enhance her creativity but I am on her side to assist her if she needed some help. We bought decorative balls and other needed for the Christmas Tree a day before she decorated it. She is so excited that she woke me up so early to prepare the Christmas tree. While she is decorating, I put the lantern in the specified area that my Mama told me too.

We know that it is so early to do it but if this will make our home to be in a positive vibe, why not. How about you?

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I don't feel the Xmas spirit in my home yet but I hope soon.