@Life is all About Risk and Striving for Excellence.

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Life is never a bed of roses neither a Plata of gold. Most of the times, want we wish to achieve proves difficult to come through. Not that it the dream itself that you have that is unwilling to come through, but the truth behind it is the poor mindset of the individual involve in performing the task. There must always be Dark-times before the Dawn. If you must do exploit in life, you must learn to see beyond your environment. Think of big things, dream of acquiring the best things, and always believe that the best is for you.

At times I see people when they come to a gathering full of exquisite chairs meant for everyone to come and sit, they will relegate themselves to the back sits to sit down. That is a mindset that is poor; such people don’t believe that the best also belongs to them. Even the bible confirmed it that “right from the day of John the Baptist, the Kingdom of God suffered violence and the most violent men took it by force”. The violent men are those with the lion heart who believe on having the bigger share, who are not scared of any animal in the animal kingdom. The lion comes out of its cage at will to hunt and hunt for the best that will satisfy him.

Don’t narrow your mind to little things that will still not give you satisfaction even when you have them. But go for the bigger one that will give you comfort and satisfaction. That is the excellence I am taking about. You remain were you are right now simply because of your mindset. If you are opportuned to strike a rebellious enemy how would you strike? I believe you will strike such an enemy very hard such that you gain your victory. That is how life should be handled with proper risk and striving for excellence.

Small mind discuss people, Average mind discuss event, and Great Mind discuss Ideas. Don’t sit back and fold your hands without the willingness to take a risk which must be accompanied with a bold step. If you really wished to make or get the best out of life, you must have your mind prepared always for any opportunity to come. And when such an opportunity comes, you must open your eyes and your senses to be at alert with your environment.

Never rely on what someone has promised you, or what you intend to achieve from somebody freely. You should have it in mind that life itself is not a free giver. Life doesn’t favour those who only have opportunity but fails to dare and attack it, but life favours those when opportunity meets with adequate preparation with the willingness to explore it.

Risk taking is all that matters in life; and in whatever risk you are taking, strive to get excellent result from it. When you fail to invest our money, ideas and skills into life and expect life to multiply them for you, you are heading for direct doom. No matter what you do be it dirty or nice, do it with enthusiasm and encourage yourself. Do you remember the adage of the Lizard? “I will praise myself if nobody praise me when I fall from a height”.

It doesn’t matter if you fail a thousand times in life, but you only end up as a failure and a loser the day you get bored and affirmed that you are tried! The fear to take a risk will never allow us to grow. And the inability to produce excellence in all that we do reduce from our individual qualities.

As humans, we have thousands of potentials buried in us right from creation. But because of FEAR and what other people would think about us makes us not to want to do the extra thing. The clear difference between the ordinary-person and the extraordinary-person is the “extra”. The person with extraordinary ability is able to manifest that because of the willingness to take a risk reasonably. In life, when you fail in anything, don’t allow your emotions to be buried in the shame that you are in, but you have to always be awakening to the challenges because life without challenges and risk taking can never make you a celebrant of anything tangible.

You may be slow in whatever you do, but it doesn’t really matter since “slow and steady wins the race”. You must invest in yourself at all time and never back out to any obstacle. “The greater the obstacle the bigger your victory”. If Thomas Edison the inventor of the White halogen-bulb took the risk and failed 9,999 (Nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine time) and failed, and finally got to the apex of his dreams in achieving that goal, how many times have you tried to take a risk in all ramification of your life and fail that would want you to give up?

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