Sunset casts across an Uluru sky: Outback Australia

2년 전

Uluru's changing colours reflecting the sunset light. A kaleidoscope of magic that pulls down the desert sky. I stood here night after night mesmerised by this sacred stone. The beating heart of Australia.

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Looks different from when I was there. That's the magic of the place.


That is so true. It changes outfit often 😊

What a horrible sacrilege. So incredibly sad. 😳

Beautiful photo. One of the top items on my list to visit!!


I so hope you get to go. It really is magic


That's Steepshot. Not Steemit. Still getting a handle on the way they link

Beautiful sunset, you should add the tag #goldenhourphotography! Maybe you will this contest! cheers @onethousandwords

This is absolutely gorgeous :D :O


Thanks so much

I can't hep but look this photo, smile, and think "If you could scoop a spoonful of the hill out, would it taste like orange shebert?" It totally looks like it. Captivating photo keep them coming!

What a gorgeous photo!!!


Thank you. That's a lovely thing to say.

Absolutely breathtaking!!!

Beautiful! Ive been there 10 years ago, and was quite impressed by the Uluru and the other parts of the Kata Tjuta National Parc. Unfortunately it was raining so we missed out on the beautiful sunrise and sunset.


Oh but you saw it in rain. That is a rare treat for tourists. I would love to see it under a stormy sky with the waterfalls flowing. That is on my bucket list. I'm saving the money so that if I hear there is heavy rain I can fly straight there.

@yassinof thank you so much. I've just discovered this platform. I am so excited 🤗


you are welcome dear happy to have you here

@puddinpaws ha ha I love it. That would be fabulous

@alexandraioana26 thank for the tip. I will keep it in mind for the next one.

@swedegis thank you so much.