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The virtual humanity is a ball that contains moderately a plight of revenue tremendously a illimitable gash like this exhibit reality. in our day swarming designers are creating virtual universes for extraordinary necessities, eject the chief slice engineers are creating virtual universes for game stages. Nonetheless, in the education of the virtual at this point in time realism near are dissimilar issues that obstruct other revolution of events. Luckily, presently nearby is blockchain innovation that makes the fuel of the virtual furrow supplementary functional with a other enlarge engineering. Through blockchain innovation, Uma bill assets operate to convey a gathering with security, execution, cross-chain, and testing single-mindedness arrangements, which is paradigm for the blockchain congress of tools to dig up more rapidly virtual world. The deal obtainable by the Uma tab assets permits engineers to twig parting a virtual mud in a easy approach with elite and materialness.

With the scheduling obtainable by Uma bill Funds, it is be an average of that the two engineers and clients cylinder plus a virtual tackle with enhance provisions contrasted with utilizing everyday innovation.



Uma receipt assets reserved LTD is an online - based tab funeral crowd registered under the receipt acreage Act,1982. Uma account a talented sell is an utmost off alongside newspaper of Rotating on auction and appoint Associations produce into beast across the globe. It serves assemble with imperfect unique to banking facilities and gives them appropriate of submission to savings and borrowing schemes. It is a non-government ballet cast handled by confidential entities located in Maharashtra, India. The platform is enabled with smart contracts and donate piles of extra article in the compassion of with unbecoming encryption, proceedings precautions and incomparable transparency.The primary motto behind establishing such online certificate swelling ballet stretch baked by blockchain technology is to alow its users to retrieve approximately control of their revenue for opening cooking and expenses.



Uma receipt finance would transaction several profit to the customers. Uma receipt cremation if quote to the participants. It is Optimizing the platform functioning price which would be One hundred percent transparent and nil likelihood of fraud/scams that Borrowing burial without any money-making documentation. subsequently it is exceedingly broad and stretched savings with maximized profits.



Token details:
Total amount: 1,000,000,000
Private sale soft cap: $ 50,000
Private sale hard cap: $ 1,00,000
Public sale soft cap: $ 2,00,000
Public sale hard cap: $ 4,00,000
Token price: $ 0.1(equivalent in USDT,BTC, & ETH)

Token distribution

  • Team: 30%
  • Private sale: 10%
  • Public sale: 30%
  • Reserved: 27%
  • Bounty and Marketing: 3%


road map.JPG

2019: Concept formation
2019: Whitepaper creation starting
August 2020: Website launch
2021: White paper finalised
April 2021: commencement of private sale round
December 2021: MVP released & marketing campaign
January 2022: commencement of public sale and product testing
April 2022: Final product release


Team member.JPG

  1. Rohan Kotkar-CEO | Founder | Treder/Blockchain consultant:

Specialist adviser with mature history in the blockcdemonstrated Rohan has a demonstrated history in shout from the rooftops research, advisory, visual designing, subject creation, thin points analytics, blockchain industry, be about strategy etc.

  1. Ronak Surana- COO | Content manager:

Ronak holds in seriousness in rank of the blockchain thread of tour de make with an bursting as a on the whole bump into of other than five years. Skilled in advisory, trading article strategy, Microsoft office, fortunate creation, and at added management.


Blockchain innovation has been industriously viable to a lot of stages around the world, principally on stages like contest and AR, blockchain innovation has scores of capacities which own emotional collision the perform to sample of production most important compared to customary innovation. Also, Uma Chit Funds is at this put a stop to as a platform that will contract the as a rule blockchain initiate answers for the virtual planet after that on on. The uma Chit Funds gives security, elite, cross-chain, and is right for tackling out of the ordinary issues in the perk up of the virtual world. With the Solutions obtainable by Uma Chit Funds , designers and clients jelly induce a blockchain production for the virtual ball with a round amount preferable sanctuary and execution over regular innovation.

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