UMKA The Best Job Market Solution 2018

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UMKA is a huge job management and integration space based on blockchain technology mainly named  (labor market)  for team and projects building through cooperation between employers , freelancers , educational institutions to easily find the suitable team for building any project based on the required skills and the desired budget , it offers all varieties of freelancing services through its database of experts , also the platform offers online educational materials required for any projects from the leaders in the education industry.


Digital passport

which is the huge database of freelancers collect their skills, experiences , qualifications, completed courses , to be easy for any employer to find the suitable freelancer or expert

The Payment system

based on the secure contracts using advanced system called(Agile 

smart contracts)

Dispute System

using arbitration system to easily and securely solve the dispute problems

Project Groups or Team

Making groups of freelancers for certain projects

Chat system 

using the advanced system to achieve easy communication between members all over the world

Online Courses 

from different universities to leverage the skills level of freelancer and add more qualifications

Expert communities

users will participate in the process of disputes and evaluating the best freelancers 

Services introuced by UMKA

-Wide range of freelancers for employers to choose from

-Huge selection of projects for freelancers to work on 

-Training programs and courses from the leaders and the best educational resources

-The smart system of UMKA help employers to quickly get the desired 

freelancers precisely and in the best effient way

-The educational services leveraging the level of the freelancers also helping them to follow the recent trends in the job market

Why to use UMKA

1.Give freedom and security to users through preventing the control of one entity in the all activities of the users and make unwanted or unpredictable decisions , in UMKA all the data are manged smartly and automatically through the blockchain system.

2,Smart control of payment processes and work performance preventing problems of payment delayed or low quality work because the process of finding the suitable freelancer performed in a smart way highly and  precisely defined.

3.Extremely low commission fees  nearly 20 times as low as the other freelancing platforms, the commission of UMKS is planned to be  %1

4. Advanced system regulate the disputed situations without needing third party

5.High speed and cheaper transactions, it handle the transaction nearly 3000 times faster  in comparison to the other decentralized platforms.

6-UMKA Fills the gap of comunication in the job market through achieving the strong smart communication between employers, freelancers, educational institutions , this leads to the best 

integration of all parties , the freelancer find the latest trends  in skills and jobs , the educational institutions provides the required resources based on the real market demand , finally the 

employer find what he want and get it in the best way

6.Achieve communication between freelancers to share experiences , this leveraging the skill level

7.offers project team opportunities 


ICO Goal :

To Support development of the UMKA project

 The ICO will issue the ERC20 UMK token on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors can purchase the UMK tokens, which will guarantee participation during the distribution of the platform’s revenue. A token holder’s balance will be displayed in their user wallet. Token holders will receive rewards based on the amount of tokens they have.

PreICO: 1 MAY 2018 TO 31 MAY 2018 ($0.1 = 1.0 UMK)

PUBLIC SALE: 1 JUL 2018 - AUG 2018 1 (0.1 USD = 1.0 UMK)

PreICO Price 1 UMK = 0.10 USD

Price 1 UMK = 0.10 USD

Platform Ethereum

Accepting the ETH, BTC

Soft cap 1,000,000 USD

Hard cap 10,000,000 USD

Token Details

Token Symbol: UMK

Price 1 UMK = 0.10 USD

Token Sale Starts: 1 June 2018

Total Supply: 180 million

Token Standard: ERC20



More info





Ethereum Address : 0x2Da1b5Cc751Bf78a97DC8965Fe47648A7f3f2a95

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