☎ How I got invited as a crypto expert to a financial advisor office [Part 1]

2년 전

On a rainy day in Berlin, typing on my mobile phone in the metro, a woman sat down next to me. I did not care because I was focused. Focused on reading news on bitcoin.com. While I was opening a new online article, the woman poked me.

“21,000 New Locations Across Canada, Europe, Australia to Purchase Bitcoin Cash” she said.
I was wondering what is going on until I realized she was reading the articles title.
“Cryptocurrencies are spreading like a virus.” she added.

Unexpected words from a 50-year-old-looking woman.
“Yes, it definitely is” I replied.
I was still confused, as a 20-year-old would be if he’s not the only one reading his screen.
“Are you interested in crypto?” she asked. I had to admit: „Yes I am. I have been studying this topic for years now.”

The woman introduced herself as Diana, a financial advisor. As every good advisor would, she has to monitor new markets. New Markets like Bitcoin & Altcoins.
After a few words exchanged, I realized that she has no idea of blockchain, mining and smart contracts. I have been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2015 now and I told her that I bought my first Bitcoin for about 200$ and sold it 1 year later for 600$.

“Peter, you are a real crypto expert.” she said. “I wouldn’t call me a crypto expert, I’d rather say I have just tried to familiarize myself with a very complex topic.” I replied.

She mentioned that customers ask her more often about possibilities of making profit with cryptocurrencies. Diana would also love to talk to me again because she wants to advise her customers as best as possible.

“We both can benefit from this. Just call me if you are interested.” she gave me her business card and left the metro.

Diana Bronk
Business Administrator
Potsdamer Platz xx
10785 Berlin
+49 xxxxx

[to be continued]


☞ This is based on a true story. Names are replaced ☜

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