The Sat Gumbad Mosque-Unesco world heritage site

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w63903nw7g.jpgThe Mosque City of Bagerhat, situated in the suburbs of Bagerhat city, is in the southwest of Dhaka. What is remarkable about this historic city is that it was once a lost city, and was discovered after many centuries. Boasting of more than 50 monuments, all following the Indo-Islamic architecture, this region was beyond the sight of men for quite some time. It was only after removing the vegetation that this city came into the fore and also grabbed the attention worldwide, further getting the tag of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While the city is an ideal model of architectural ensemble, the Sixty Dome Mosque has grabbed a lot of attention. The mosque built with 60 pillars and 77 domes is alluring and gives you a sneak peek into the past.

The Mosque City, lying on the edge of the world famous Sundarbans, is situated at the confluence of Brahmaputra and Ganges, i.e., at a maximum of 60 km from the sea coast. Originally known as Khalifatabad, the city was founded in the 15th century by a Turkish General, Ulugh Khan Jahan

This historic city was left to be covered up in the jungle after the death of its founder. What is striking about this city is the density of Islamic monuments. Then, there is a lack of fortification, which is because of impenetrable mangrove swamps of the Sundarbans, thereby keeping the enemies at bay. Further, the quality of infrastructure in the city, such as roads, bridges, and reservoirs, all reveal technical planning and perfect mastery to build a spatial organisation.

What is notable about this city is the fact that its numerous mosques and their infrastructure bear witness to hard work and efficient technical skill, which was difficult to accomplish during the 15th century. And, there are other Islamic monuments in this ancient religious city, which are built of brick. However, the grandeur of these structures will get you to think about the skills that people possessed in the 15th century.

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While the Sixty Dome Mosque is one of the most interesting attractions here, there are other places that will demand your attention, such as the Sona Mosque, Durgapur Shiva Math, Ghora Dighi, Mongla Port, Rupsha Bridge, Kodla Math and many more.

Bagerhat, situated in the small corner of Bangladesh, will take you on an architectural tour. More of a long-forgotten leaf from some old book, this place will make you realise what would have gone missing if left undiscovered.

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