For Steem blockchain to succeed, artists must feel safe and supported

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In order for art to flourish, the artist must have an environment that will encourage such beautiful development. This blockchain is for artists as it caters to writers, photographers, poets, musicians, videographers, programmers, gamers and a whole host of emergent artistry. The value of this blockchain is derived by the value of the art being expressed! When we devalue the art of a single artist, we diminish all art and all artists on this blockchain.

Artists are fickle people. Criticism of one's art form is personal because the art is an expression of the self.

"An artists is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo. And an artists takes it personally." - Seth Godin

While some artists thrive on controversy, most of us are working hard to find the courage to express our deep desires, insights, images, thoughts and feelings. If we really want the value of this work to flourish and bring prosperity to all, we must build an environment that encourages and supports people to express themselves without fear of retaliation or violence.

I'm all for people having free speech and expressing to others their own feelings about the art form being expressed. However, lashing out in violence through name calling, flagging, dehumanizing language and abusive behaviour is not only inappropriate, it is an abhorrent way to treat other spiritual beings.

There are artists here that are challenging the status quo. I consider myself one of them as I've challenged mankind's addictions to the institutions that enslave us all. But that status quo also extends to this blockchain as our past addictions have a huge influence on how this blockchain is currently being developed and used.

What are we doing to help artists feel safe and supported in the development of their art form? Any attempt to squash, silence, intimidate, threaten, demean, dehumanize, attack or steal from the artist is violent censorship. We already have tyrannical governments around the world engaged in censorship, why would we encourage such behaviour here? Our communities can help the artists by banishing those who engage in violence from the community, not the blockchain. We then help them heal and invite them in after they have reconciled their relationships with the community. This is the appropriate response.

"Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. The medium doesn't matter. The intent does." - Seth Godin

My intent with my art form is to help people peer into their hearts and work through the healing journey we are all here to do. Life on this planet is ALL about relationships and this blockchain is a wonderful medium to allow that to unfold.

"Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another.” - Seth Godin

Some people would rather engage in violence against my art form and others, instead of being open to discussing ideas rationally, peacefully and openly. This only demonstrates exactly the point I'm challenging people to contemplate as most violent behaviour here is not about the art form but about controlling or intimidating other people. That is morally and ethically wrong and abhorrent behaviour.

Is the art of peaceful dialogue gone? Are we so addicted to violence that it is the only way for us to explore our differences? Are we so intolerant of differences or the different way people express themselves that we no longer accept and support those differences? Even as I write this post, another user decided to engage in violence against me. I forgive him/her and I pray for them to heal.

The artist is here to challenge us all, to make us all think, reflect and contemplate. If we want this blockchain to flourish, we must provide an environment that allows people to take risks, fully explore their art form and challenge ALL of our preconceived ideas, habits, thoughts and beliefs. We do that with respectful dialogue, exchanges of ideas and healthy debate.

There are those that seem unable or unwilling to rise to the highest standard of ethical and moral behaviour. It is far too easy to hide behind a computer screen, dispensing vigilante "justice", slander and violence. This behaviour is just as harmful as spam and plagiarism yet it is supported and encouraged by the majority. Why? Fear!

If communities started forming on this blockchain with the capacity to nurture and foster artistic growth, while protecting the artists from the violent offenders, I am confident that people would flock to this blockchain in droves. This level of freedom is what people are looking for.

We have an opportunity to have a second renaissance, where we can explore the philosophical, ethical and moral stance that emphasizes the value of our humanity, individually and collectively. We cannot do that as long as violence is allowed to flow unchallenged.

Michelangelo [Public domain]

If we fail to accomplish this level of standard on this blockchain, we will find ourselves locked up in the dungeon due to dogma pushed by self appointed curators of justice, standards, policy and procedures. How are these outcomes any different than what we currently experience with our political systems today?

This is about freedom and this blockchain is not free because the artists are not free! The moment we take action to silence another, we end up silencing ourselves and enslaving us all. This must never be allowed to happen here.

Bill Cooper said it best in this clip. I urge people to take ten minutes out of their day and hear what he said! If we don't let others be free, we will never be free. Period. End of story! When that happens, we might as well turn off the power to this blockchain and pack up the hardware, as it will be worthless to everyone!

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Thank you for very interesting post

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My heart is warmed knowing that others, like yourself, resonate with the views of my artwork. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.