Sovereignty in life demands sovereignty in death

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With peoples fear of death, there are those who decided that it is profitable, ethical and legal to take advantage of people. This segment involves police, courts, government, coroners and ends up with the Funeral Home Director.

The whole problem with this topic is jurisdiction and peoples emotional state when dealing with the death of a loved one. The state is going to assume jurisdiction over a dead body as the individual's body is no longer able to breath air, pump blood, speak up or have spirit defend his / her own jurisdiction over that body, whether they were a feudal serf, established their own sovereignty or was somewhere in between.

When spirit leaves the body, the state views the body as being derelict / abandoned.

Please read that heading again as it is critical that we fully comprehend what that means. Much like a ship on the high seas, when somebody dies, the spirit leaves the body and as such, there is no authority (spirit) left to captain/ command / steward the vessel. No claim of ownership / stewardship is left standing, resulting in the body being abandoned. Under admiralty law, which the state functions under, the first to claim the abandoned vessel is the one who has ownership and jurisdiction over it.

"... it is by no means necessary to constitute derelict, that no owner should afterwards appear. It is sufficient if there has been an abandonment at sea by the master and crew, without hope of recovery." ... "I say without hope of recovery, because a mere quitting of the ship for the purpose of procuring assistance from shore, or with an intention of returning to her again, is not an abandonment." - Mr. Justice W. Scott - Florida Supreme Court

Funeral of a Rus' nobleman - Henryk Siemiradzki [Public domain]

While the social reason for embalming is to preserve the body, legally, it would solidify the states claim over the vessel to ensure that Spirit does not return to reclaim the vessel (also known as coming back alive). It also preserves the value of the body so that it can be leveraged or capitalized on. Ever leave raw meat outside in the sun? Mother Earth claims it right away. But these pirates want to prevent that claim from taking place, so they preserve the body for as long as possible.

Nearly everyone allows this to happen as they are too busy dealing with their own grief. The sharks then circle, claim the body and milk the grieving family for every penny they can get. The sharks also need people in their prisons and courts, so they will cut up the body and performing an autopsy to see if there was any foul play involved. Because the state claimed the vessel, if the family want's the body back, they must pay fees to get it. This is where the Funeral Home Director comes in.

The Funeral Home Director is in business

Business people are there to make money and these people make a LOT of money. Did you know that citizens could buy back the body from the state for a few hundred dollars and bury the body themselves? Funeral Home Directors are NOT going to tell you this information as they want to sell you services that cost tens of thousands of dollars. In my view, the ethics of these people should be called into question as the fight over jurisdiction of the body during a time when the family is most vulnerable could make or break these businesses and traumatizes the families involved.

How do we solidify our spiritual jurisdiction of our vessel after death?

That is a great question and one that I've never seen people discuss before. So let's discuss it and see where this goes. My work over the last 20 years has been about establishing and maintaining spiritual sovereignty over my vessel. I wrote a book about it called Graduating Life with Honours. I think I have a firm grasp of what it takes to maintain sovereignty and jurisdiction over my vessel while spirit and flesh are together.

The challenge is ensuring that my wishes are carried out after spirit permanently leaves the vessel (death). My desire is to turn over my vessel to Mother Earth and not have anybody claim it as derelict within their admiralty law form. So how do I maintain a chain of stewardship to ensure my wishes are followed through?

One thought was to establish a trust. My Spirit is the current steward of this vessel and as such it is responsible for that vessel. This is a concept that I've embraced since my recovery in 2001. I've decided that I would create a trust and grant my vessel to Mother Earth as the beneficiary and ask my wife to be the trustee. This is a spiritually lawful tool that would ensure that my body is not derelict and open for claim by the pirates of the high seas (government). I will then put the government on notice of this trust! Within the trust, I would also establish the spiritual protocols that I want followed to ensure that my body is treated with respect and dignity. Some of those protocols would include:

  • No autopsy
  • No surrendering the body to the state or other parties
  • Follow ancient burial ceremony
  • No embalming or poisoning the body in any way. It must remain pure and clean for it's return to Mother Earth.
  • Maintain custody and jurisdiction of the vessel until Mother Earth completes her integration of the vessel into her bosom!
  • Burial sight will be here on the land that we have stewarded since 2006.

My vessel came from the land and will return to the land upon which it has been nourished all these years.

My thought is that most wills, while they speak of similar items, fail to establish the chain of custody or jurisdiction from the point of death. They mainly focus on the estate, dealing with the possessions that was accumulated during life and how to spread the wealth. Ironically, my efforts for freedom has made that process exceedingly simple as ownership is a feudal / colonial construct and I've unwound myself to the point where there is only one item left to deal with; title of the land. That will soon be remedied, so when my vessel no longer functions and I leave it permanently, the stress on my loved ones should not involve state sponsored piracy.

No state entanglements should make the transition and mourning process significantly easier for them all. The last issue to address is the state assuming that my loved ones have a duty to report the death.

Criminal Code of Canada Section 182 (1) neglects, without lawful excuse, to perform any duty that is imposed on him by law or that he undertakes with reference to the burial of a dead human body or human remains

The police have charged people under this section for failing to report a death. The key here is the words 'without lawful excuse', which I believe my work will provide and allow my loved ones to proceed without even notifying the state or making the efforts to establish their own sovereignty. This is a complex topic for another day. I will be working on these ideas in private to solidify them. I hope this discussion spawns ideas for everyone on how we can completely detach our dependency on the state and return to being the full spiritual stewards with full jurisdiction and authority that Creator granted to us in the beginning.

After writing this post, I feel comfortable and calm. This tells me that I'm on the right track as spirit seems to be confirming the idea within my own body. I love you all.

Ancient burial mound similar to what I want when my vessel passes.

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