The Power and authority of Spirit

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It's been challenging for me over the last while. Lots of people are reacting to the Epstein fiasco, having geopolitical debates and many hoping the next vote will fix it all.

In my last post I wrote about how this war is spiritual in nature, a group of elite satanists working to harvest the souls of mankind. With their plans, what they need more than anything else is for us to sit and do nothing.

I'm astounded at how many people are putting their faith and lives into the hands of a political party, the military, technology, White Hats, Qanon or even a saviour of some sort. As this narrative continues to unfold, the events get more and more outrageous and absurd. Who's narrative is this? Yours, mine or 'theirs'?

How many of us can directly influence the narrative that is playing out in international politics, economics, finance, etc? Not many. So what are we doing pinning our hopes and dreams on actions of others that we cannot change or even influence?

The global elite are absolutely dependent on us doing nothing and continuing our participation with their narrative. However, the moment that we look in the mirror and realize that we are 100% responsible and accountable for our life, we accept the fact that taking action to walk away from their game and live life based on our own narrative is what threatens the game the most.

Nobody is going to 'save' you! You must take immediate action in your life to save yourself. This is the one idea in the whole world that threatens every single hall of power and satanic temple on this planet. Removing ourselves from their feudal empires, corporate addictions, brainwashing propaganda, etc requires a leap of faith, healing and a lot of work.

People are doing this work all over the world and despite the mocking that many receive, it is working. But this is more than withdrawing from the fictional realm and embracing the physical. This requires deep Spiritual work.

When we recognize that we are spiritual beings, we must find ways to bring that into balance with our physical vessels. The body has instincts such as fear. How can spirit help us find peace when such atrocities unfold around the world and trigger our physical responses?

Engaging the power of spirit

Full disclosure: I am but a student of this art form, so please forgive me for the simplicity upon which I express my experiences so far.

Corrado Giaquinto [Public domain]

The whole point of life here on Mother Earth is so that we can learn how to find balance between our physical body and spiritual body. One is not superior to the other, but rather we are working on building a partnership. All life is sacred and while we are lost in the fictional realm while we rape and pillage the physical realm, we place ourselves out of balance as we desecrate that which is sacred.

However, when we do the work to heal ourselves, we open up to the language of spirit. By talking the spiritual language, we connect to the awesome power of spirit. Sacred is a word that we should be using to check our own actions and ensure that we are not over stepping our bounds by violating other life on this planet. That requires that we learn a language older than words and ask for consent from the other spiritual beings that we share this planet with before we consume or take action. Rather than just take, we respect the sacredness of others by asking for consent and making offerings in exchange to honour the sacrifice of those spiritual beings who are willing to help our own spiritual growth. It is called respect, honour and balance. It is our duty to learn these languages if we want to Graduate Life with Honours.

Our own spiritual consciousness, does, in fact, have observable effects on everything around us and within us as well. This is the magic and power of spirit.

Some real world examples

For years my wife and I would put up our "shields" while we travel. For me I visualize shields going up around us much like the shields of the USS Enterprise on Star Trek. Yes, my geek is showing, but the results are astounding. We travel where there is a lot of wildlife and many people hit deer and moose all the time. We have yet to hit any animal and in fact, we have witnessed multiple times where moose and deer come running out of the bush, cross the ditch and suddenly stop and turn around before they get to the highway. There is no such thing as coincidence.

We have friends in Windsor Ontario and when we visited them about 3 years ago, we performed a ceremony to four corner the land. It is a ceremony that spirit and I created to bless land and protect it from those who don't resonate with the spiritual integrity that we are creating. They had issues with the city and utility companies, but have always been protected by their attempts at violence and coercion. The spiritual protection was so strong that when they tried to sell the land in the hottest market in the country, nobody came to even see it. The house did not sell for months! I then recommended that they remove the spiritual protections and when they listed the house again, they had multiple dozens of showings and it sold in days.

A few years ago I wrote a post about the Canadian military helicopter that violated our air space while engaging in violence and intimidation. In that article I wrote about the response of the Canadian military when they apologized and addressed me using my spirit name rather than the fictional person's name. Spirit is protecting this land because we perform ceremonies here to four corner the land and establish spiritual protections.

Spiritual protection does not mean nothing uncomfortable or bad will happen. What it does mean is that our lessons will be gentle as we move through life. While most people would consider a military incursion a failure of our spiritual protections, I don't. We learned an important lesson through the experience and when we embrace those lessons, are flexible to go with the flow, our lives continue without the huge trauma and disturbances.

When we honour all that is sacred and learn the language of spirit, we can then ask for what we need and Spirit will provide. I've often asked for rain when it is dry and we get it a few days later. If we need sun shine, then I do the same. Again, a couple days later it shows up. Indigenous peoples have been doing this for thousands of years, but our addiction to the fictional constructs and even language itself has detached us from these skills.

Spirit has the highest power and authority here in the physical realm and it is up to us to welcome spirit into our lives and find balance between the two. As a result, spirit has a tremendous influence on the physical realm and completely trumps the fictional realm!

By walking away from modern social constructs and even our computers, we provide ourselves with the opportunity to sit, observe and feel our way into the spiritual relationships of all our brothers and sisters. What are the plants trying to tell us? What about all the animals? Anybody stop to listen? I think it is time we did as they have a lot to teach us that cannot be found on line or within our institutions.

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This is not STEM content, removing rewards.

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Not STEM content

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Good evening @zorg67. I am a reasonable man and having a meaningful and respectful conversation about tags would be far more honourable and dignified than starting a relationship with violence. I assume you are referring to the technology tag that I put on my post. May I point out that the word technology means:

the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

The term science means:

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

While many would assume that technology only applies to machines, computers, etc, it also applies to the knowledge we need so that we can interact with the natural world in a healthy way. This post explains practical activities that can help us all navigate through the physical and natural world. So please explain to me how your violent flag is justified and how you claim that my use of the word 'technology' does not apply?

The burden of proof is on you @zorg67 as you are the one making the claim that I cannot use the tag as intended. I conditionally accept your claim on the condition that you prove that the definitions I used are not valid or are incorrect and upon proof that my post fails to provide people with the tools or knowledge to help people navigate through the physical world. I also ask for proof that you can lash out in violence against me without my consent and prove to me that you can define words to fit your argument without consideration to others who are using those words. I would also like to see proof that you have the authority to sensor me and that I granted that authority to you.

My whole blog is about peace, freedom and prosperity for all. You blatantly defy that peace with your violent behaviour. I ask that you govern yourself accordingly in your response to me. Let it also be known that I forgive you and I pray for your own healing. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

I AM that I AM
my spirit name is White Walking Feather
my vessels name is rob and it was born in the page family

My master is Creator and nobody else.

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Your post does not talk about technology, science, engineering or maths. It is in fact a religious statement. There is no violence involved in my downvote and it only removes STEM not steem or any other token. Your definition of technology is not shared by this community.

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