The state does not govern forests, they manage them ... badly

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Once upon a time, there were people on this planet who were actually interested in governing for the betterment of all. These people were often called statesmen or stewards, but most of them don't exist any longer. Years ago the indigenous peoples had key members of their community called fire keepers. Their job was to start fires and manage the forests in a healthy way. However, modern governments forced them to stop as they feel their approach is better. Now we have forest fires that burn wildly out of control, resulting in huge losses.

Let's be honest with ourselves, please! The people in power now have NO interest in governing, they only want to manage and profit. They do so using business tools and this approach does not work.

Real governors are those who recognize that unfettered actions cause harm to others. They spend time to monitor the forests, do prescribed burns and ensure the health of all life within them. Modern governments are more interested in destroying life and this insanity and contempt must end now!

What am I talking about? Did you know that governments are issuing permits to forestry companies to spray the forests with herbicides? Why? The big money is in soft wood lumber, like pine, spruce and tamarack. These evergreen trees often compete with others like birch, poplar and willow. The companies solution to the problem? Kill the competition so that the evergreens have room to expand and grow. Glyphosate does not kill evergreens, so they can spray it indiscriminately to encourage evergreen growth at the expense of all the other trees.

While this makes sense from a spreadsheet perspective, this action is actually insane. When they kill all these other varieties of trees, they also kill all the other plants on the forest floor. Forests are made up of much more than just trees. The largest diversity rests on the floor of aspen forests. Moose, deer, elk, rabbits, mice, woodpeckers, bears, coyotes, foxes, grouse, cougars and every other animal native to this land absolutely depends on the diversity of the aspen forest. I also include us humans to the list as well!

When these companies wipe out all of these plants, it contaminates and then collapses the food chain. Most animals don't eat evergreen, with the exception of the squirrel. Most animals eat the shrubs, grasses, berries and other foods and medicines that gets killed with these spraying programs. Because most of these other plants and animals have little or no economic value, they are deemed dispensable. A repugnant though to contemplate.


This notice is for areas in Northern Alberta, but this also happens in other provinces as well. This notice came through Facebook about spraying programs in Ontario.


What makes matters even worse is that the government and corporations responsible for this repugnant behaviour are not even thinking clearly. They wipe out thousands of acres of aspen forest while other companies are planting aspen trees for the pulp and paper industry.


This is a picture I took around 2008 of a poplar tree farm. The company is looking at converting 62,000 acres of agricultural land into tree farms. All within a 200 mile radius of their plant site located east of Athabasca, Alberta.

Why doesn't the forestry company talk to one another is beyond me. Why the government allows this type of abhorrent behaviour is a mystery. Why the government does not allow indigenous leaders to manage the forests is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Actually, it is not as I know in my heart that these people don't care at all about the proper stewardship of Mother Earth.

In 2017 I visited an area in Saskatchewan that was being clear cut and the devastation was absolutely heart breaking. The forest floor was wiped out to the clay. I could find no life under the snow, not even a blade of grass.




I am very good friends with Sylvia McAdam, one of the co-founders of Idle No More. She works hard to protect her families ancient hunting grounds from being wiped out by the forestry. She has even been intimidated by people putting bullet holes through her signs. She knows that oil has been found there and that is why the forests are being wiped out. Oil and gas is next.

Mother Earth is not a resource to be exploited. We absolutely depend on the aspen forest for our very lives. These people are trying to capitalize on life while they can and as long as life is tied into dollars, we are all in danger. Life is priceless and as such, there is not enough money on this planet to pay for a single tree. But that is not the model that governments function on.

But stewards do function on this model. Real stewards recognize the value of all life and work hard to bring prosperity to all. Stewards are able to communicate to plants and animals to ask for their consent prior to any sacrifice. Modern governments will always refuse to do this as their main function is to manage their corporate empire.

We need proper spiritual stewards and we need them NOW!!!

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I'm guessing that harvesting a mixed forest isn't as easy as one which only had one type of tree. So growing each of The sources separately will be entirely about the bottom line.

Try to explain that everything is connected and that destroying ecosystems will eventually come back to harm us just gets you viewed as airy fairy or a darn hippy, even though the effects are now more apparent. Sadly, our toxic bodies, caused by this sort of thing, are brushed off as other illnesses and the truth is swept under the carpet.

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Based on my experience managing our wood lot, I would say that it is not easy, but necessary!! I agree with you. What happens to the forest will happen to us. Our connection to Mother Earth is intimate and direct. The effects are showing already and their management is making matters worse. I weep knowing that they may not ever "see" these connections.

How have u been dear friend, it's been a while since we've chatted. I hope your health is much better🧡.

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Wow! Great to hear from you again. My health has been challenging, but we are working hard. It ebbs and flows. I've had some dark days, but right now, I'm doing fairly well. Not out of the woods yet, but I'm hanging in there! How are you doing? Great to see you back on the blockchain.

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