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In war there is a saying that generals always fight the last war. New wars are never the same as prior wars as the losers figure out what they did wrong and find other strategies to compensate. The winners were successful with their strategies, so why change them?

However, World War III is unlike any war that has ever been fought. The combatants in this war will not be king against king or even alliance against alliance. While battles between kings will take place, they are a distraction as the theater for this war is very different and far more sinister.

So who are the combatants, what theater will be used for this war and what are the weapons? If people don't know the answer by now, then this war may end before it starts ramping up.

The combatants

Wars of the past saw loyal subjects of the king or president picking up arms and defending their ruler or way of life. At times some were unwilling to sacrifice their own life for their king, but for the most part, people did it out of loyalty, obedience, fear or even glory.

What some may not know is that the kings and presidents of the world needed money to fund these wars. Due to manipulation of information, the Rothschild's cornered the market in Britain and now control nearly every single country on the planet through their banking cartels. Don't focus on how much their net wealth is. Instead, focus on how much wealth they have control over. That is the true determination of who has the most power and influence on this planet. Forbes lists are a distraction! These people control the world through their money control empires.

"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!" - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

As a result, debt has become the weapon of choice for these people and they are drowning the world with it. Those that bubble up through the muck become billionaires and are welcomed into their club. However, there is a huge price to pay in order to enter their club. They must swear allegiance to Lucifer and keep all their secrets upon penalty of death.

If you doubt their resolve, just read the news this morning about Jeffrey Epstein's death. In my view he did not die of suicide, he was killed or smuggled out as he was an insider in their circle and had information about their satanic cult. These people deal in human trafficking, murder, sex with children and every other abhorrent, deviant, evil behaviour known to man. They feed on fear, pain and suffering, that is why they create so much of it. There is no way Jeffrey Epstein would be allowed to testify.

These people control nearly every nation on the planet and have nearly all the politicians and bureaucrats in their pocket, including royal families and the Pope himself. They control every industry on the planet as well, including the military industrial complex, medicine, food, water, etc. Money is power in their world and they depend on greed and weak souls to succumb to their allure and temptations, to become completely dependent upon them for life itself. They have financed both sides of wars for the past couple hundred years and have manipulated events since then to prepare for this war.

People swear allegiance to them to serve this empire in all forms from farmers, police, courts and even politicians. It is called citizenship!

Who are they fighting against?

Everyone, including life itself, the spiritual warriors of good, Mother Earth and even Creator. That is the line being drawn in this spiritual war and if we get distracted and look somewhere else, they end up winning this war. This is a war of distraction, lies and deceit.

The weapons of WW III

This is not a conventional war. Past wars were physical conflicts, won through attrition. Managing resources, strategies, fire power, manufacturing, transportation, strength and other techniques were common place. But this war is not just physical, it is also fictional and most importantly, it is spiritual. This is a battle between good and evil. Evil has learned a lot over the years and has become masters of deception and manipulation.

US nuclear bomb of Hiroshima Japan, August 6, 1945

Evil has created fictional constructs to capture the minds of man. They are the ones that came up with organized religion, which spawned the first corporation. They are in business and they have a saying:

"It's not personal, it's strictly business" - The Godfather movie

Despite their saying, this is VERY personal. These people supported the rise of global feudalism and ensured that everyone was debt slaves to their feudal empire. Their agenda is to make everyone completely dependent upon them by using their corporations to deliver benefits and privileges to the masses. By convincing people to consume and participate in their business empires, they have nearly everyone by their pubic hairs.

Debt was their first weapon. By controlling the issuance of money for each nation, they introduced debt based currency (fiat currency) and now the world is hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt. This essentially turned nearly everyone into debt slaves. As a result, they now control all the land, food, water, means of manufacturing, power, telecommunications, education, research, transportation, media, governance, enforcement and even the courts. Remember, they don't need to own it all, just controlling it is enough!

With that level of control, they have now engaged in war against the people. They burn out whole sections of the country side, bomb the shit out of other countries, cause weather disruptions, earthquakes, etc in order to displace the population of the world. Their agenda (Agenda 21/30) is to herd people into super cities where they can then implement social scoring programs (the mark) much like what China and other areas have already done.

They poison the air, water and food through their chemicals, mining operations, agricultural programs, manufacturing poisons, pesticides, herbicides, etc. People are sick already and the long term soft kill is just getting started. The geoengineering program, forestry management, etc is all designed to wipe out

The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up. - Rev 8:7

This is their agenda. They are using our own fear to help them implement a program to burn up a third of all the trees and ALL the grass. Remember, that these guys are satanic and as such, they are working hard towards making end time prophecy come to fruition. While most people don't believe in the bible, some people do and these people are trying to kill us all and reap the souls from this planet. They view us all as farm animals and it is now time for the harvest. Not studying scripture means you will be ignorant of what they believe and are working towards!

How else can we justify the use of cyanide bombs and other programs to kill off millions of animals in the wild? What about the fires that wipe out whole towns but leave all the trees standing untouched, hot enough to melt aluminum? Or spraying huge swaths of forest to kill off most of the plants, leaving vulnerable evergreens to burn uncontrollably? These programs are designed to ensure that people cannot survive without these terrorists by wiping out Mother Earth herself, only to be herded up and slaughtered anyway!

Then we have the vaccination and genetic modification programs designed to inject billions of people with the chemicals and foreign genetic material to weaken the population. With the other chemicals being sprayed in the air, injected into food and prescribed to them from the medical mafia, we see people dying, autism rates going through the roof and people suffering horribly. This is not about health, this is about weakening the population so that they cannot stand up and prevent the harvest.

For those who can stand up, they implement forced sterilization and eugenics programs to break down the will of the people and ensure that they don't breed more people who can resist. They then use CPS as a weapon to further intimidate and break down the will of these people by threatening or actually taking away their children. These institutions then feed the children into their satanic rituals to help the elite grow stronger and solidify their control over the spirit of these indigenous people.

They also use police to do similar work. ICE and other agencies in the US are infamous now for putting people and children into concentration camps or deporting hundreds of workers, leaving their children behind; lost, scared and completely alone.

The global elite are more than willing to use conventional weapons to terrorize other countries and propaganda to ensure the people at home support and encourage such programs. These programs then disrupt other areas of the world, causing even more disruption, chaos, pain and suffering. They control most of the military industrial complex within the world, so this planet is like their giant chess board and they are not afraid of using attrition to meet their objectives. They don't care who gets killed, injured or displaced.

Their objective is to induce as much pain, anger, fear, revenge, greed, lust and other works of the flesh. That is why porn does so well! It fits right in with their agenda.

The sad part

The most troubling and heart wrenching part about this whole thing is that the people participate and implement their plans for them. They have no real power other than what we gave them. For years people have been standing up trying to convince people to just walk away. The problem is that walking away is a lot of hard work. People like myself and others have demonstrated through our efforts how to live off grid or homestead. I've spoken at length about what strategies we need in order to counter act the efforts of these evil mad men.

The solution

The solution is simple. Remove all dependencies from their grid. That grid is their empire and completely under their control and influence. When we remove ourselves from that control system, we then start building a relationship with Mother Earth and Creator. Our needs are met there, not through the poisons they feed us through their systems. When we heal ourselves, we build strength, awareness and a deep connection to spirit. That connection then starts to protect us from the evil influences of their satanic magic and we start to become more powerful than they ever could imagine. Their power is weak in comparison to what we can wield when we wake up and accept full responsibility for our lives and walk the path of a spiritual warrior.

We are all spiritual warriors and the satanic cult's program is to ensure we don't realize that and they really don't want us stepping into that power. The irony is; when we step into our spiritual warrior power, we don't have to engage in violence to defeat them. We win this war with peace, love, freedom, respect, honour and prosperity for all.

They will do all they can to entice us into battle, but we must resist this urge with all our might. The moment we engage in battle, we surrender our spiritual warrior power and succumb to their evil.

But in order to accomplish this, it requires that we be consciously aware of all the different weapons being used within this war and consciously rebuke them all. While spiritual warriors may not find any earthly glory, our efforts are critical. We are judged because we live like peasants and that too is part of the weapons of the cult. A luxurious life style is the allure of the evil ones and that feeds into the gluttony of consumerism.

The meek shall inherit the earth and by humbling ourselves to Mother Earths bosom, we welcome Creator into our life and heal ourselves along the journey. I've written about this for years. My blog has most of the information, but my book "Graduating Life with Honours" is the best place to start.

At this moment, the only organized combatant is the satanic global elite. They have been planing and preparing for this war for a thousand years and the war now rages on. However, we will win this war through peace and non-participation. I refuse to play their game and that takes away a bit of their power as they were using my own power against me. When millions or even billions of people start doing the same, the war will be over.

But for us to accomplish such a stunning spiritual victory, we have a lot of work to do. Sadly, millions or even billions of people and other life forms will perish, but those that are determined to ensure the forces of good triumph on this planet, we will survive by thriving!

The cleanup afterwards will be monumental. A topic for another blog post.

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