Why is travel so important to people?

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Over the years I've been asked a lot of questions about the work that I do. After people finish watching UNGRIP, one of the most common questions I get is whether I can still travel to other countries.

That question triggers me.

My normal response is that I have no desire to travel to other countries, especially the US. My work to confront the Government of Canada would risk me not being able to return. I doubt very much that I would be able to cross a boarder anyway without doing a lot of work myself to make those arrangements. Yes, I believe that I could do the work, but I don't want to. I doubt that I would get the consent of all the jurisdictions in order to make the trip due to my activism. So I choose to stay home.

I've had many people say that they don't want to loose their capability of travel and as such, they would not be able to do what I do. People actually put their holiday plans ahead of their efforts for freedom. That is what triggers me the most.

As long as people are not willing to give up the benefits and privileges, we will continue supporting the state and the march well beyond tyranny. Yes, travel to other countries is a benefit as it uses the fictional diplomatic constructs of the countries involved to make arrangements for the travel.

What is true freedom worth if we are not willing to make sacrifices for it?

Is a little inconvenience not worth making the efforts needed to make a stand any more? I've gone to the extreme to make the point. I have no government issues documents, ID or anything that would connect me as a feudal serf to their feudal empires. I resigned my commission to their military as a 'citizen', 'subject' or serf. When people travel, a passport is issues by the Government of Canada to the citizen. That document stipulates right on it that it is the property of the Government of Canada. It does not belong to the citizen.

The document is a grant from the CROWN to the citizen that he / she can travel with the document. It requires that the individual be a subject (feudal serf) in order for one to even be issued. It is a privilege granted by the state that can be withdrawn or canceled at any time. This is especially true if one ends up with a criminal record, does not pay child support or other such violations.

But more disturbingly, it can be revoked at the will of the state and for me this is completely unacceptable. This is, oppression by the state and that is, by definition, tyranny.

I refuse to accept the benefits and privileges from the state as we ALL have the right to travel on Mother Earth. If I want to visit my friends in the southern parts of Turtle Island, my ancestors home land or other parts, I have the right to do so, granted to us all by Creator. Governments around the world restrict the movement of people through the use of fictional constructs.

Governments around the world are freaking out about refugees and migration as a result of the conflicts they started in other parts of the world. It is a manufactured problem and then they setup concentration camps to contain it. This is barbaric and an evil way of treating other people. I refuse to support any government that would participate in this type of repugnant behaviour. But people seem to ignore these issues, use the passports and travel to their favorite vacation spot while thousands or even millions are suffering.

That is called privilege and if I am the only one who recognizes how wrong it is to treat people in this way, then so be it. I gave up all those benefits and privileges to make a point:

I want peace in my life and I absolutely refuse to participate, support, encourage or validate other people or institutions that violate those principles that I choose to live by. I choose love, compassion, empathy, joy and prosperity for all. In order for me to accomplish that, I refuse to be a feudal serf to an empire that has demonstrated genocide, greed and a lust for power and control.

For me, it is absolutely insane to participate in an institution while it engages in these types of behaviours. To do so would make me an accomplish and complicit in their crimes. Do people see this or are they willing to ignore it because travel is more important to them? Don't people realize the very aircraft and other devices they use to travel is also used for geo-engineering and other harmful activities to cull the human herd?

How much are we willing to sacrifice for what truly matters in life? I would rather sacrifice everything here to make my point and so that is what I do. The benefits will be rewarded to me in the Spirit realm when I'm done here. As such, I choose to self restrict and lead by example. So for all of you who choose to continue receiving all those great things from the state ... I hope you can sleep at night knowing that it was all acquired through genocide, theft, murder, war, conquest and a whole host of the most repugnant behaviours known to man.

I forgive you, but I refuse to go there. I refuse to travel until everyone has the right to do so.

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I refuse to travel until everyone has the right to do so.

Powerful words and a powerful stand. It would be atrue blessing to see this change in our lifetime.

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Indeed it would be a true blessing. I'm saddened that others don't see our relationships with one another in the same way. Peace to you.