UNISWAP Airdrop Madness

5개월 전


For those who haven't heard, anyone who used Uniswap before Sept 1 are receiving an airdrop of 400 tokens. How much is a token you ask? Only $6.66 as of this moment. (@v4vapid) I thought I was going to get two airdrops because of my main MetaMask account and my Trezor account. Turns out the DEX I used on my Trezor was "HitBTC 2"... Trezor checks them all and tells you the best one.

I distinctly remember Uniswap being the second choice and I was going to click it, which would have netted me $2500. Tough luck I guess. I also never used my wHive because I didn't realize I can connect my Trezor directly to MetaMask. Another $2500 gone. Unbelievable. I did claim one airdrop though. Small miracles.

With Uniswap token being so clearly overvalued (x10 the market cap of Hive) am I foolish for not dumping it right this second? Maybe... maybe not, but I've noticed a pattern over the years that I've seen play out dozens of times. In fact this pattern played out with Hive just last April.

Hype pump/dumps

Exchange listing hype seems to last 3 days and then crash into the mountain. Binance listed UNI at 8 PM PDT on Sept 16. Coinbase listed the asset Sept 17 at noon. If the pattern completes similarly as all the other times I've seen it happen, we should be due for one more pump up before this thing crashes into the mountain. I'm going to employ some discipline and wait until at least tomorrow to sell these 400 coins burning a hole in my pocket.

Fun fact:

12000 wallets were airdropped that didn't even use Uniswap, they simply attempted to use Uniswap and the transaction failed.

It's also important to note that not only did this airdrop push back the launch of wLEO, it also prompted Coinbase Pro to start charging for withdrawal fees off the platform. It's kind of a big deal. I've personally been ignoring it until now, as I obviously can not ignore an airdrop worth over $2500.

Obviously anyone and everyone is looking for wallets that have used the protocol so they can collect this massive airdrop.


This wallet is some hacker that somehow had the keys for dozens of derelict accounts. Traded multiple airdrops for 67 ETH just recently. Not a bad run.


I'm pretty disappointed I was only able to claim one airdrop considering the circumstances. I was almost sure I'd get two or three. Sad. Oh well. We'll all be richer than we know what to do with soon enough. Temporarily embarrassed crypto millionaires, amirite?

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