Julian Assange is Our Generation's Mandela - #Unity4J

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Journalist, Activist, President of the Internet Party of New Zealand and Unity4J Organizer Suzie Dawson compares the campaign to free Assange with the historic Free Mandela Movement. @suzi3d finds parallels between both freedom campaigns and the strategies of the ruling powers to try to discredit dissidents as Communist sympathizers. Ultimately, the campaign to free Mandela overcame insurmountable odds to win Nelson's freedom and helped to reshape the fabric of South African society.

The present day campaign to Free Assange draws strength from the successes of past human rights movements.

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Times have changed bro, now we have the social media backing to assist in the Free Asange campaign.

His freedom is soon to be achieved 🙌🙌

Oh yes, the same distortion and denial based tactics are used by these mentally deficients over and over again. Attempting to create a strawman opponent to garnder support against is one of the main ones.. Once the energy is whipped up it can be channelled and directed to fit in with the agenda of the controllers. It's essential to always consider that a movement is being harnessed and misdirected from behind the scenes.

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Nelson Mandela was, in fact, a Communist. Winnie was a terrorist. He was repeatedly offered to be let out of prison if he would commit to eschewing terrorism. He remained unwilling to agree, so remained in prison.

I am confident Julian Assange is neither. I strongly recommend you better research Mandela prior to comparing him to Julian Assange, as Assange is a hero, who does not deserve to be smeared so.

Particularly considering the racist genocide now ongoing in South Africa, it is hard to conceive of a worse model to hold up as comparable to Assange.