10 unMEAN sTWEETs About; "Is Prescription Medication Always The Cure For Illness?"

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Must You Pop That Pill?

"Pills are the solution!"; that is a quick resolution that may come to mind once will fall ill! In some cases, even the slightest headache and we already looking to pop a pill in our mouths for a quick snap out of it but looking at it, don't you think our bodies have the in-built mechanism to tackle a headache?

Well, there are many unseen ailments that the body has handled on its own, unknown to us! Pills may not always be the only solution to an ailment. In the world of today, many more things are involved! Advertisements manage to play a huge role in businesses and in this case Pharmaceutical companies and manages to influence our decision-making, even in tiny details like whether to by a particular brand of Aspirin or not. 

Is medication the only solution to ailment? Are we addicted to that Aspirin?

How about more extreme ailment that involves hormonal imbalance, like depression etc? Are there ways to tackle this without resorting to drugs? Can a support system from loving humans, do the magic? Can a depressed person who is already so drug dependent quit the use of medication? Can mental ailments be catered to, without the use of RX?

Well, steemians have left their experience on this matter:


1. Is The Human Body Hard-Wire To Repair Itself?

@team101 spoke these words:

 The human body is miraculous in its ability to heal itself.
We have to do the HARD work ourselves and that takes time and patience.
There is no quick fix as our culture seems to demand. And there's no shame in asking for help. Just as with anything let it be qualified help.


2. Are There Other Ways To Treat Health Ailment Apart From RX?

@cabbagepatch shared his thoughts in this comment:

It's so sad that most doctors tend to prescribe medications and overlook holistic methods and other ways where the patient can take charge of his/her life.

3. Do Prescription Medication Tackle The Root Cause? 

@trevor.george has alot of experience with this as seen in his comment here:

Well said @thecryptofiend. This is a similar pattern to dieting.
No-one ever really loses weight and keeps it off by following the latest diet.
And yet, when one fails they try the next one thinking it will work.And they forget all about the previous 15 time dieting didn't work and all the weight they gained by following them.It's the same with drugs - as you stated. when this pill fails, I'll try another one.
So much in medicine these days seems to be focused on minimizing the symptoms, so you can still go to work, rather that addressing the root cause and fixing the problem.Somewhere along the line, I think we have lost the reason for being healthy and well.
It's so you can enjoy life, be comfortable and pain free, and go out and do things, not so you can continue to grind away at your job day after day making other people rich.

4. Does Love Aid Recovery From Illness? 

@jeffjagoe answered simply:

Sometimes the best medication is positive encouragement from the lovely people around you. Altering your brain with chemicals is usually just a quick fix and will lead to greater despair. Thanks for sharing 

5. How About Meditation As A Remedy For Illness?

@kodiakbear is experienced with this. See this comment:

There's a great book called the happiness hypothesis. It explores the use of medication, religion, and meditation and how they can all get us to the same place. For some people, medication works. But I too think it just masks the symptoms and we need to heal from within. I would like to say that perhaps medication could aid in perspective change temporarily rather than permanent mood stabilization. 
Psilocybin appears to have an affect on depression and hospice patients: https://www.pri.org/stories/2014-11-27/could-magic-mushrooms-become-new-drug-hospice-care

6. Are Pills The Ultimate Solution?

shaheer001 left us with this short comment:

No doubt drug is not ultimate solution of any stress,tension or other disease related to human behavior

7. Do Drugs Lead To Drug Dependency? 

@ineehere definitely knows this one! See this comment:

If there is anything I have learned about drugs, it is that there is always a reactionary, rebalancing effect. Beyond the monetary aspects, when you use a drug to remedy an issue, or for recreational purposes, as soon as you stop, your body will seek to bring itself back to neutral by swinging the pendulum way the other way. A friend of mine would describe it as "borrowed happiness, to be repaid...with interest."

8. Are The Some Remedies For Illnesses Online? 

@pinkielady left us answers in this comment:

Great post! Sad that pills always look cheaper then proper psychological therapy. I want people to know that you can find online help, I can recommend to search for behavioral therapy online. You can chat or email with a psychologist, some do it even for free. Some ask package prices. I can not imagine it's not in the USA, otherwise try dutch sites. Most of them do speak English as well. If you want to know more, please reply. I am happy to help anyone further :)

9. Is Depression The Same Thing As Sadness?

@sireland lands the answer:

Outstanding! My wife got her friend off 3 anti depressants. That was 4 years ago and she is very happy.Just because you are sad or have down periods in your life does not mean you are depressed.Just because you freak out occasionally or get super nervous about a situation does not mean it's a panic attack.I took pills for ADHD into adulthood and was able to focus on tasks without medication. I don't blame my parents but I think it is a crime that children are being medicated against their will and their, sometimes crazy, little personalities are being squashed into little zombies.

10. Is Everyone In The World In Good Health? 

@bdl1165 reveals something in this comment here:

i agree , i think one of the things that really needs to be looked at is simply turning off your television set, and i mean not for an hour a day i mean forever, kids and adults (in my humble and uninformed opinion) are inundated daily/hourly with images of people living some story-book life, the sun hitting them just perfectly, some beautiful man or woman looking lovingly at them , everything is clean and shiny, and perfect , all to sell some laundry detergent or a soda, i think as much time as people spend in front of their television they start to form an idea that is what life is and not the messy, confusing,complicated thing that they are stuck in, so they begin to examine themselves and their lives as a failure. think about how many commercials like this your children are exposed to on an hourly basis, and then throw in some pharma adds that tell them yes you are rignt and you do have problems but if you just take this everything will be ok, drilled into their minds for years and years.


Get fully tested by a qualified physician to get to the root cause of an ailment and don't be too in a hurry to take pills.


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Great post. I wish more people would ask themselves this question. In my humble opinion, good old proper nutrition and exercise are the answer to the large majority of our health issues. The body has the built in ability to heal itself, given the proper nutrition and conditioning.

Sweet comment here! Exactly as you have said. It just that eating right and exercise takes discipline and sometimes is a bit strenuous thus people especially in these modern fast-paced world don't go that route!

"Get fully tested by a qualified physician to get to the root cause of an ailment and don't be too in a hurry to take pills." This conclusion covers all aspects relates to human either body disease or mentally disturbed or any other psychological impact. great conclusion.

Sweetness in comment! Thank you alot for dropping by and for loving the conclusion. Like you said, it applies in a very general sense. Thank you again. Stay awesome!

Welcome dear @unmean-stweets my pleasure

Great, sometime pill is a quick solution to relieve pain, but chemical not good for long comsumption, e.g migrain, when i feel dizziness i drink a cup of lemon tea,,,

Sweet so lemon tea works for migraines! Really nice to know! Thank you for a very great comment. Many times a more permanent solution is the way to go, else we'll keep buying drugs non-stop
Great! Nature is great. People of ancient times even seem to have lived healthier lives and ofcourse they relied on herbs.

My greandmather is 86 and more healthy than me !

When we think about taking medications, we often think of pills. But medications can be delivered in many ways.