10 unMEAN sTWEETs: "Ask And You Shall Receive"; Is This True? So Why Is It Hard To Ask?

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If you ask will your receive? 

According to me, this is a massive question and the answer to this question, can lead to a measure of freedom for many, the reason being that, many of us "never get to ask".

 “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.”-  Chinese proverb 

Hahaha, surprisingly, there are many barriers to asking and these barriers may not actually be real but objects created in our minds! Yes, instead of asking and receiving, we keeping playing the question below in our minds:

Will i receive?

"Ask and you shall receive" are renown words and can be found in the Bible in Matthew 7: 7 but is it really applicable in life matters. Well, i have no doubt that it is. 

Let's tackle what barriers exist against simply asking.

One reason you may not ask is upbringing! Many people are brought up to cater to their needs on their own and a life of independence is fully dented into their cores. This can be a virtue in itself but due to this upbringing, even if the Earth was to fall, they will not ask!

For some others, the reverse is the case; they have been dealt with so much hardship in life and have been deem unworthy of much favor, by themselves. This not their fault! However, it does deter their ability to ask as they would say in their minds, "i'm i worthy of a favor". This can also affect their ability to ask, even in more easy-to-do things like prayers.

They simply feel they are unworthy

But there is one deterrent to asking, that can stem solely from fears, that the answer we will get will be negative, so how about trying a little positivity in cases like this. Yes, positivity does have an effect. Hahaha, if the answer ends up a "no", we would have ask, simply because we were positive. 

The truth is, "we may never get to know the true results or answers, if we never get to ask. On the side, many will not ask, so as not to be perceived as weak or low-class, but then again, why do you spend so much time thinking that you be will perceived by others in such ways.

Even the Creator Jehovah can give give give but he still wants you to ask! Many cheerful givers simply want you to ask!

As long as we aren't beggars and we know it, then why not confidently and positively ask!

Yes, if we add a little "positive" and remove unnecessary fears, we will ask more freely and i tell you, if you ask, there is higher likelihood that you will receive.

To learn of the power of positivity, here are:

10 unMEAN sTWEETs About: "Ask And You Shall Receive"; Is True? So Why Is It Hard To Ask?


1. @merej99:

If you put positivity out then it will come back. I'm living proof of that...and so are you! 


2. @dreemit:

It is so true that when we put our mind to positive and peaceful musings that the universe seems to align itself to help us.


3. @stoner19:

This world needs more people with a mindset like yours. I'm certainly guilty of being negative and pessimistic 99% of the time. The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?


4. @rainchen:

Human many kind of feeling but they choose to be negative .
Why negative, hatred, jealously and envy all of these driven someone into negativity .
When you care less about life you will see something beautiful .
Spread the love be positive :)

5. @mrsteemitbwhale:

Being Positive in this society is somewhat hard, but waking up having a positive feeling makes you feel full of life during the whole day, no need to be negative trying to control everything; seems to always back fire for me; better to realize this and of course not just stroll but fight your fights; you know you can win, if and when you need to be negative, always be happy you weren't negative all day."I am always happy

 6. @allahhh:

Important to keep life priorities straight... positivity being top of the list..

7. @chashma:

Its all in your thoughts, the way you think shapes up your life

A thing of note is: if you ask, you may get a "NO" as well but there is normal, and here is what you need next according to:

8. @worldclassplayer:

Persistence is Key.


9. @yingyangchan:

Patience brings rewards!

10. @giova also added:

Falling down is all about coming back strong than before. 


 What are your thoughts and experiences on this subject, please comment away! 

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Thanks @unmean-stweets Those are all great words above:)
You are the best :)hahahaa

So much work here. Thank you. You are strong woman and you know. Wisdom is just near!

Thanks for the kind words @unmean-stweets :)

Thank you for sharing,
This is so easy follow steemians from your post :)
Yet other 10 steemians, Great!!

And I especially like that chinese proverb... He who never asks remains fool forever

Yes yes aashish, thank you for being here. Glad you have noticed that these posts also reveal steemians to follow and yes, the Chinese proverb is really practical.

I liked the proverb also. So true. Knowledge is power. Ask when in doubt but filter through the answers given and find out the truth. One must have the correct answers to have the knowledge needed to be successful. I agree though better to ask than not.

Yes, you grasped. The proverb is practical. Knowledge is power, else one will dig and dig and dig for ages on the wrong spot.

The true is GIVE and you will recive . And if you dont recive by any reason at last you will have a good feeling of making good !

Always love how you spell and write for it is so real and tells of your self-sacrifice.

I speak better hehe you can chek in Discord :)

  ·  3년 전

Remember google it before asking ;)

Most definitely. These days though Google's AI is altered. But yes google first, helps!

Thanks @unmean-stweets, that all best word from every post

great post ...its so true but if you dont get its means you need to change the way you ask... a make a strong believe tht u will have it...

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