10 unMEAN sTWEETs: If You Add Up The Money From All The Alcohol Bottles You Have Dusted In Last 5 Years, Can It Buy A Bentley?

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Okay, admittedly i live in nation where the theme is eat and drink and by drink, you can easily take it to mean "alcohol". Yes, beer, whiskey, gin, rum or whatever form of alcohol you want to call it, you can be sure that the daily alcohol taken here by locals, is not of premium quality and likely filled with chemicals. Well, you simply have to drink it, to know it.

First, there is a ton of brands and it is obvious that there is the business factor. Take a look at the numerous TV ads in a day, that highlights alcohol brands as the tastiest things on planet Earth and pretty girls used in these ads. 

To make matters a bit extreme, alchohol is tied to erotism and sex even, so it is expected that when you get drunk, the aftermath is sex. You wonder if all these are media stunts to sell more alchohol but it is evident that when you add the business factor to the brewing industry, then "quality" may falter.

The raw truth is, when you drink this alcohol, you end up asking yourself what you accomplished. Your palette all filled with the taste of chemical and you are left with the intense inclination to puke. Depending on what form of alcohol you take; aftermath can range from severe headaches to dehydration and in extreme case, suffocation and even death. 

Yes, there is pure gin here, that feels like chemical straight up but ofcourse, way cheaper than beers and can go round and have faster impact and people go after this brands: the go-to to forget invisible sorrow!

As regards forget their sorrows, many end up in pubs and there again, you will further told of the business factor when it comes to alcoholic beverages as you will find yourself drinking 10 bottles of a beer, that you expect to have 20 percent alcohol and you wonder how that is possible. Gosh, you aren't even staggering! Are the beverages diluted, so that more bottles are sold?

Well, nothing wrong with taking in Alcoholic beverages but making drunkenness a habit can't lead far. Infact, it is when you add up the bills it obliviously accrues, that you will find it to really be high and maybe a cut down on this bills over time, can buy you an extra ride.

Ofcourse, steemians have experience in every facet of life and we will look at some of their thoughts in:

10 unMEAN sTWEETs: If You Add Up The Money From All The Alcohol Bottles You Have Dusted In Last 5 Years, Can It Buy A Bentley?

1. Is Alcohol Chemical?

@sammy7777777 explains it simply in this comment using a chart:

 Alcohol or the proper chemical name which makes it sound like the poison it is- ethanol, is the most harmful drug there is based on harm to the user, and harm to others. Even more harmful than methamphetamine, or heroin.  


2. Let's Look The Impact Of Alcohol Using Statistics!

@wandersteem helps us by means of this comment:

Statistics show that there are more deaths attributed to Alcohol than Marijuana. Yet they classify weed as a Schedule 1 drug (same category as Heroin). Interesting short video I found on the subject:

3. Do Drinking Alcohol Make You Wiser? 

@fiveboringgames relates his experience:

I used to drink a lot but as the years have gone on I have cut right back, it just takes too much out of me. I pride myself on my intellect but the day after drinking I am to put it bluntly, dumber. It is even noticeable after just a few beers. The cost of losing a whole day is rarely worth a few hours of fun

4. How Many More Things Can You Buy If You Reduce Beer Cans?

@ebohio2008 knows a thing or two about this one:

Wisdom is costly. Not until now, I didn't know one can drink duplex, range Rover Jeep, estate etc in the name of alcohol. I have just calculated it in my local currency 15 years of taking just three bottles of bear daily. And it gave me 4 million plus.


5. Is Alcohol Also Harmful To Health?

@charles1 touches on biology a bit in this comment:

Even though I like some beer sometimes (especially when I grill ) your advise is always well received. Alcohol is a killer and destroys the liver and even kills more than most drugs and far worse than smoking joint. However due to tax money, it is legal and all cool with the law makers.

6. Does Alcohol Intake Solve Problems?

@hynet puts it simply:

People drink alcoholic as if is going to solve their problems but instead it will cause more problem to them and take away their life savings. 

7. What Daily Activities Can Alcohol Intake Hamper? 

@george-topalov relates his/her experience:

That is exactly why i haven't been drinking at all for the past 5 years. It is bad for my training, it was bad for my voice- since i used to sing professionally, and it was making my nights more expensive, mornings less pleasant. 

8. What Part Of Alcohol Intake Can Have Negative Effects?

 @rohitrajput relates:

Alcohol has very small adverse effect if it being consumed in very small amount, but most of the people got addicted to it and make them life, relationship and social life worst. It is better to stay away from a thing that can make your life and future into a dark.

9. Should Alcohol Be Banned Altogether?

 @calmanalyst has a neutral standpoint:

For many users, alcohol (like many substances) is used as a coping strategy for the harsh realities we live. I take a neutral stance on the consumption of alcohol and other drugs since I believe the consequences of abusing such substances may be on par with those of banning them altogether.

10. Can You Quit Alcohol Addiction?

 @gduran relates his/her own experience in this amazing comment:

I drank for 28 years, stopped 10 years ago mainly because the hang overs were horrible and my liver would get hard, also I couldn't eat anything. This just made me decide to quit I think you say cold turkey. Luckily I mostly drank beer if I had been into hard liquor maybe it would have taken me. I do miss a beer when it gets awfuly hot but I get over it.

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I did the calculation of $300/month on alcohol for 10 years about a month ago. I accounted for the interest earned on savings and the total equated to approximately $44,800 USD. Not quite enough for a Bentley but a nice car nonetheless. Yeah, alcohol is a waste of money.

Yes. Bentley just exaggerated a bit and gave them free Ad. Yes, that amount is huge! Gosh, and you did a post about your experience. Like you pointed on your post, you really don't how much you spend on things like alcohol except is a budgeter like yourself or one sits down to calculate!

I maybe could not have bought a Bentley, but the Dollar Vigilante was estimating on his personal Youtube Channel that he has probably spent a half a million dollars on alcohol(he has recently quit drinking too). Sounds crazy, but he was speaking of going to clubs that serve $30 drinks. Could you imagine! He could have bought 2 Bentleys!

The intake of Alcohol can not be justified for any reason.

I have seen cases where Respected Men lost all their dignity due to Alchohol Abuse.

Just like @charles1 said, the government is looking away from the dangers of Alcohol due to the revenue they get from it, but i think that it is a matter that should seriously be looked into.

I have never taken a bottle of Beer or Gin and nothing will ever make me take it till i die.


Hahaha, you are a strong man then. Really focused. Yes, alcohol is something we can do without!

All should be used in moderation. And then you will be healthy and happy.

Exactly, that is the key! Moderation in everything! "Balance".

It can not buy me a Bently, but might by a brand new laptop or a fairly used one from auctions😆😃

Okay, so let's see a new laptop at the end of the month. Cut down your intake by 10 crates or boxes this month!


Hmm i cannot buy even a pepsy with it :)

Hahaha, more like COCACOLA! I hope you have an amazing day!

I do have one :)

Next week I will participate my self here @unmean-stweets