10 unMEAN sTWEETs On: "Fear; How Much Fixing Or Damage Can It Do To Life & Success?"

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Who are you? 

This is one of the big question that goes unanswered for many. How many times have you posed this question and how many times have you dumped it unanswered because it doesn't look like a valid question. 

Well, it is a very valid question and the answer to it, can take you places!

Why would the question of "who you are", even for one minute, look like one invalid question? The thing is, the answer to this question, in itself, is a way of life. The question of who you are, is not something you can quite answer in a day because i tell you, "humans constitute a whole lot". 

A brain powerful than supercomputers, emotions, the 5 senses, a spanless mind, complex genes and being made in the image of the invisible Creator Jehovah; these are thing things that can't be deciphered in a day. In some cases, finding out who you are can take a life-time and in many cases, "a conscious effort".

In some nations, curriculum(s) are set in place to direct you to who you are and that is why their stages of education, governance etc but again these setups, can also easily take you faraway from who you really are. Thus, again there is need for a conscious effort put, into finding out who you are!

Why should you find out why you are?

Well, "it makes you stand out", is one utmost reason!

There are myriads of people on Earth, so why should i chose your offer over another's, assuming i am looking for someone to run my organization? "Perhaps because i see something in you, that i have not seen in others!

Forgetting that though, finding out about yourself gives you more substance before your eyes; more quality, hence, more self-worth and self-confidence and this is something that is essential in human-living. Now we are not advocating that you get puffed-up with pride but self-confidence is a necessary virtue as it helps you carry yourself well and helps you make worthy choices. Yes, self-worth can easily give you one more barrier against reckless choices.

Getting to know yourself is only called for; "You were created beautifully, it is only logical that you want to get to know and understand this beauty". 

It is only logical that since you consider steemit/steem a wonderful creation, you would take time out to explore it and get to understand how it works, how much more a grander marvel of creation; YOU.

One thing though, that prevents many from exploring intently the beauty of creation and in this case "ourselves"; is fear. Yes, fear is invisible yet very powerful and can deter us from accomplishing alot, when it comes to knowing ourselves. 

What do we do? How do we tackle fear? Does fear exist? How much damage or fixing can it do?

Here are:

10 unMEAN sTWEETs On: "Fear; How Much Fixing Or Damage Can It Do To Life & Success?"

1. How Much SetBack Can Fear Impose? 

@bek keeps it concise:

No fear! Then you will truly see the world.

2. What Is Wrong With The Amygdala? 

@tarazkp knows about this aspect of the brain:

The Amygdala is an ancient part of the brain and processes fear, real or imagined. We have come to process hits to our wallet, reputation or self-esteem as life threatening. As well as threats to our culture and beliefs. We are attached to our life biologically so fear is a protector but we have attached to our psychological selves and the amygdala cannot tell the difference between real and imagined threat. Everyone should investigate deeply the mechanisms of fear. It would make a much better world for everyone.

3. Can You See Fear? 

@hcomusic puts it this way:

For something that is not real, fear sure do suck...lol

4. Can Fear Affect Your Steemit Growth? 

@mk40 leaves us with his steemit experience:

I have experienced these exact same fears...in fact they had held me back from doing exactly what I am doing here on Steemit, sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world. For years I have thought about starting a blog or website, but for fear of what others would think or fear of failure I did nothing instead. Thanks to Steemit I have actually taken the plunge and can already use my experience here as motivation to take action on future ideas I have!

5. Fear Vs Success

 @gduran sees it this way:

  1. There will always be problems you have to accept that and be ready to face them.
  2. This one is subjective, I tend to think that to be successful you have to be at the right place at the right time.
  3. Yes, small steps but be ready to take a big leap when you need to.
  4. The past is where you have received all the experience you now have, of course you have to look at your past and try to avoid mistakes you have made before.

Fear of the unknown is a very real threat to success, in fact I think it is the one greatest obstacle you will find.
Fear eats you up, I remember when I was a kid I watched a couple of vampire movies and I'm still scared of them even though I know the possibility of a vampire existing are very remote. 

6. How About Some Self-Confidence, To Counter Fear?

 @fitgirl leaves us a comment to answer this:

Taking risks yields great rewards :) Having confidence in yourself and believing that you will never succeed unless you try is another way of helping facing your fears! 

7. Can Conscious Effort Help?

@efrageek knows a thing or two about this:

The important point (for me) is that we have an innate tendency, for evolutionary reasons as you very well mention, to protect us in excess. However, human beings have an advantage over other animals and is that we have developed a spectacular degree of consciousness, especially awareness of our own existence (The self). This same awareness we can use it to "speak to ourselves" and make us understand that almost always the fear we feel is not proportional to the potential risks, is in reality an illusion or a half-truth.

8. Do Fears Reduce As We Grow Older?

 @elemenya relates her experience:

Self-reflection is the only way to realize our fears and mistakes, and correct them. Most people don't stop to reflect on their choices and actions, which in the long term causes anxiety. I used to care about what people thought as well. As I get older, I see this tendency fade away to the point that I no longer care. I think it might be a matter of age as well. Teenagers like to explore through group formations. As people grow older, they each find their own individual meaning in life and usually get more independent. The gradual achievement of personal goals such as family or career, helps in self-confidence. About successful people, I'm not sure. I'm assuming you mean successful in business or with their social circle. Some of these people are successful precisely because of their fears. A person who is dead scared of being alone, will create the biggest social circle possible. A person who is afraid of failure might spend the most productive and energetic years of his life trying to prove that he is worth something, becoming successful as a side effect.

9. What Are The Common Types Of Fears?

 @dreamlucid knows:

I believe fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and fear of being perceived as a failure are huge barriers to success, ones which I constantly struggle with myself.The funny thing is, the more a person is concerned with failure, the less they will be focused on succeeding, or making the efforts to succeed. Being paralyzed by fear SUCKS, but it can be overcome with a bit of effort and perseverance.

10. What Can You Learn From Successful People? 

@amy-goodrich states her personal experience:

"One of the things that I have found most effective is to observe and learn from more successful people" this one has been a great help to me too. While we were setting up our company and we quit our jobs I was in a lot of fear of not having enough money to pay the rent and food! Everything turned out just fine and on the way I learned to tackle my fears, by living from day to day and stop worrying about money so much!


 What are your thoughts and experiences on this subject, please comment away! 

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Disclaimer: This post is very resteemable!  

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One of the answers to the question: Who am I? "Is always:" Man. "But not every person can be ranked as a" Homo sapiens ".
Not everyone wants to go deep into self-knowledge. This is due not even to fear, but most likely to the fact that they do not know how to do it.
It is important to understand that you can only understand yourself on your own. Psychologists can only show the direction in which to move.
Steemit allows us to discover new facets of man, he gives direction. Well, a person needs to decide whether to move along the way or not.

You have amazing points here. I like the part involving just not knowing how to get to know ourselves to the depth and that psychologists can help. Thank you!

@unmean-stweets Loved all of them. Very informative :) You are an asset to steemit, week after week! Keep up the great work. :)) I will check out your discord channel soon.

You are amazing too! Thank you for always being here and on steemit. You have to be on steemit to be an asset!

who r u ??
so many times and ask your self in front of mirror...you would probably even not going to answer yourself...

Yes that is why we mirrors like our imidiate enviroment, books like the bible and other books and now also have steemit and its community to help, in our journey towards finding ourselves!

A wonderful post. Many correct statements taken from life experience. After all, many people really fear the new one to refuse to realize their ideas and beginnings. But I think it's better to regret if it did not happen, then regret all life that I did not try or tried.

Yes experience is more like the greatest teacher!

Great answers.. Life is all about discovering ourselves and there can be no one answer to define us. Fear has a potential to restrict our progress.

Sure thing. The mind has a way of playing with us and building up so much fear in us that never existed and our actions go haywire. Finding ourselves will get us to stage where we are more in control of our minds and actions

good post

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