10 unMEAN sTWEETs On: "Should You Stretch "Before Or After" Exercise?"

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Yoga tackles stretching! If you are in active sports, stretching forms an essential routine. It is seen as a means to warm-up the muscles and prepare them for a bit of strain but there are a variety of opinions when it comes to "stretching", so how do we know which is correct? 

Perhaps, humans are made differently when it comes to how their bodies react to movement, strain etc, so when it comes down to stretching; 

  • When is it wrong to stretch?
  • How much stretching is sufficient?
  • When is stretching wrong?
  • Is stretching before exercise prohibited?

Even the physical therapists have different counts, when it comes to how much time you should spend stretching! Some will say "15 seconds 3 times" if your aim is to stretch and "6 seconds 10 times", if you want to adjust posture or alter it. Go to another physical therapist though and the count is different. 

In basketball, our count is usually mostly to 10, for every muscle routine. In basketball, we tend to want to stretch to the limit and it gets really painful but a physical therapist will tell you that, "just a moderate feeling of stretch is enough"

Bottomline now, is which is correct:

  • Is it even recommended to stretch before exercise?
  •  Should the type of stretching be aligned to the type of exercise thereafter? 
  • Should stretching come before or after exercise

Steemians have spoke once again on this issue and they have share their thoughts in these:

10 unMEAN sTWEETs On: "Should You Stretch Before Exercise?"

1. @veerall spoke in the voice of an experienced body builder:

Personally iv been stretching post workout, and it has helped me alot. iv been into bodybuilding on and off, since past 15 years. I use to start my workout with a bit of stretching, but it use to cause more muscle pulls. After reading alot of articles of pro old school bodybuilders like Arnold and Bill Pearl, i started stretching post workout. I guess for runners, a bit of warm-up with stretching might be good. so i guess it completely depends on exercises.


2. @ola-haukland talks bio-energetics:

video credit to: elliot hulse's/youtube

 Elliot Hulse's stretching routine, "bio-energetics", is somewhat alternative but great before training. I must admit I don't do all of these at the gym, heh. Either way, some of these exercises simply feel really great. I think essentially the body will let you know what is healthy/good and what is not. If a stretch feels really good, it's probably because it's healthy for the muscles. In my pull-up bar at home, I usually just hang several times a day because it feels fantastic. I take that as a good sign :) 


3. @greenstar reminds us that dogs stretch:

I know what my dog does naturally every morning when he gets out of his basket, he does 'dog down, then dog up' which if anyone who knows any yoga, are two classic stretches.


4. @vladikras also relates his thoughts:

I will recommend if you want to stretch, dynamic stretching before your workout as an warm up or included in your warm up and Static stretches only on an extra day, not after your workout.

5. slackerdan talks stretching before sleeping:

I find a short stretching session just before going to bed very therapeutic as well. It puts the mind into a meditative state and eases any tension and soreness that may keep you from falling asleep.

6. @rebeccabe relates some more experience:

My husband stretches every morning ... yoga.. this has kept his back from hurting for years.


7. @mimilia states her stretching knowledge:

The only thing I know about stretching is that you should not do it for longer than maybe 10-20 seconds if you are going to continue your exercise after that (since it will cause the muscles to "loosen up" and you will not be as fast or strong as before). 

8. @allforthegood talks T-Tapp:

Have you ever heard of T-tapp? T-Tapp is supposed to support the lymph system through its quick series of stretches done all over the body. I've found that the short stretching and blood flow are wonderfully energizing. It helps that tension drain away. I remember having to hold stretches for 30+ seconds in gym class years ago and that it was pretty uncomfortable.


9. @rickskimartin reminds us that professional atheletes stretch:

A quick warm up, some sport specific stretches is key. If you watch any professional sports man or woman, they will always do a few specific stretches pre game/train.These clubs/teams/athletes have some of the best fitness professionals in the world coaching them and I'm sure they would not advise for them to do this unless it was good for them.


10. @sensei adds some more experience:

I tend to do some static stretching after I’ve warmed up on on the treadmill or jumprope for about 5–10 minutes. Also, I stretch whatever muscles I use after each set of weight training. Hatha yoga is great on rest days too!

What are your thoughts and experiences on this subject, please comment away!


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Hahaha comedy! 9 pushups is all you do. You get to 10 pushups once in a while!


Thanks a lot! Keep on encourage steemians to create!

You're welcome and thanks for the word of encouragement! I definitely will! :)

Encouragement in a comment helps steemians!

You are awesome. My advice to all new steemians is take your time, put the money last, community build and contribute and everything will be just great. :)

So what is your steemit.chat username and what are your interests; what can you talk about non-stop, with passion and love?

myself played football (over 15 years). Then he coached. Then worked as a fitness instructor. Before to appoint certain physical activity, you must obtain a medical conclusion about the health of the athlete. Only then can you determine the methodology of the training process. If we talk about ordinary people, not athletes, then you need in the morning to do exercises. 10 squats, 10 push-UPS, 20 press 3 minutes running in place. This is for those who are just starting to exercise. Next we need to build the process of training based on the individual characteristics of a person. This applies to physical training for losing weight.

Gosh so much experience. This answers many of the question. So basically the physical state or makeup of the individual is essential in knowing what stretching methods to use
Also very lazy here. In reality, stretching and exercise is not very easy!

I believe that stretching before physical exertion is simply necessary to warm up the muscles. What would prepare the body for work. Quite an interesting post.

Some people though feel that it should be done after exercise. People have varying opinion, so what feels good, perhaps, is the answer!

Of all the possible physical training and exercise, I most prefer to have sex. And nice and useful, than you do not sport. Yes, and the streamer is present =))

When you are not physically fit, there won't be a sex drive!

So having sex has a positive effect on maintaining a physical form. And extra calories burns and forms an excellent figure.

I love that you bring up Elliot Hulse. Bio-energetics is is much more than just stretching, there is a lot of breathing involved too.

I practice a lot of yoga and stretching has become part of my life.

When I used to go to the gym I never stretched, after a year or so of doing this I started to notice my body was getting very stiff.
So these days I have a 5 minute stretching sequence before my workout, related to the bodyparts that are involved and my performance and general well-being has seen great improvement.

Really great comment! Noticed that bio-energetics involves lots of breathing and this aspect alone of breathing is something we forget to do right sometimes.

Breathing techniques can really help us achieve a lot of different things, not just physiologically but also spiritually by helping to bring you in a meditative state.

How did that comment of mine just receive 100+ upvotes?

Yet another great post :) cheers on doing good and enrolling the people in the posts.
From my perspective sports are something that should be done for fun and as a hobby if you are interested in self development of the physical structure of your temple(body),
P. s tried the discord chat but it is extremely bombarded by article posts.. I recommend trying to manage that in the general section.
Much love and support ❤︎💕💖💘💘

You will be wonder if you learn my physical activities. The school I manage required many physical involvement. Bicycle riding and waliking to women empowerment project. so I feel I get much more hard working. Yoga, i never have tried ;)

The thing is, what are you stretching? What is the objective? What is the afferent and efferent information to and from the CNS respectively? What does passive stretching does to your associated muscles, proximal and distal, related or not related to that joint?
just to start a "discussion"...