10 unMEAN sTWEETs On The Issue; "Can A Sleep Schedule Make The World A Better Place?"

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Sleep is cause for so many unseen & underlying health problem but ofcourse this is never obvious! The thing is; "the accumulative effect"! 

When we lose hours of sleep, it feels like; "oh, it just 3 hours missed" etc but is that really the case or do these sleep-deficits accumulate over time and lead to health hazards?

Does sleep deficit, sleeping right, sleeping on time etc have anything to do with our mood and state of mind? Does the body really have a clock?

Can hormonal imbalance be caused by lack of sleep? Can we really get to a state where sleeping becomes very difficult; we our body just doesn't any longer know how to shut down?

It is said that Michael Jackson hadn't real or quality sleep for months before he died, is this really possible?

If the world all sticks to a sleep schedule, will the world become a much better place?

Will be more productive on steemit, if we allowed room for adequate sleep?

Here are the thoughts of steemians as seen in:

10 unMEAN sTWEETs On The Issue; "Should We Stick To A Sleep Schedule?

1. Is It Necessary To Maintain A Strict Sleep Schedule? 

@dreamrafa left us these words:

I think you can be strict for a while, but soon enough you will get used to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom at the same time everyday, your body get used automatically to periodicity, you just have to train yourself to do so... But is also true that you can easy get out of this schedule if you have not enough discipline... And yes, benefit of having a regular life are huge!

2. Does Caffeine Have Any Impact On Sleep?

@demotruk states his experience:

I cut myself off of caffeine around 2:00 P.m.

I did the exact same thing about a year ago. And started sticking to a regular sleep schedule. It has had a huge impact on my sleep and energy levels (I used to have terrible trouble sleeping). 

3. Does Sleep Deprivation Really Affect Well-Being? 

@hms818 puts it like this:

sleep deficiency can increase risk of heart disease, kidney disease,etc...Sleep is essential for a person's health and well-being.

4. Is Sleeping Less Than 8 Hours Sufficient? 

@neuerko keeps it all short:

Yeah... Maybe i start thinking on do it... I sleep just 5 or less hours and it's becoming a real issue... 

5. Does Sleep Deprivation Have Anything To Do With Hormonal Imbalance? 

@iansart has some experience with this:

I've read that going to bed earlier and sticking to a sleep schedule is better for your natural circadian rhythm. It helps keep your hormones and mood balanced. I've also found that like you said sticking to a set time to wake up everyday no matter what helps your body gets used to it and therefore makes you fall asleep faster. 

6. How Much Better Do You Get To Feel With A Sleep Schedule?

@kaylinart leaves us a one-liner containing her experience:

i feel like I was dealing with hormone issues for a while, But since I've kept a more regular sleep schedule I feel better overall.

7. Is There General Antidote To Health Ailments? 

@arsenal49 keeps it short:

Sleep, water and exercise. The antidote to everything.

8. What Really Happens When You Sleep Up To 8 Hours Daily? 

@noxsoma leaves us with his experience:

when I was able to get dedicated sleep (7 - 9 hrs at regular times), I was more energetic and I regularly dropped 1 - 2.5 lbs during sleep.

9. Can A Sleep Schedule Change The World For The Better? 

@leosenior believes so:

A sleep schedule is not only a recipe for a healthier happier more productive life; it is a lever to change the world to better)))

10. Will You Be More Productive On Steemit If You Give Room For Sleep? 

See @gamer00's conclusion:

Not following these schedules must be the reason I haven't been writing on Steem lately. I've been too tired to do anything productive for months. And again, it's 0:08 already.

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I can say that the sleeping man should as expected 8 hours. Otherwise you might face problems with health. I know, because I work the night shift. Day and night confused. Sometimes very irritable, nervous, with dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep. The body is just in shock from constantly but the infusion into it of coffee. Very informative post!!!

Hahaha, we have exactly the same experience with the night shift! Worse thing is your body soon gets to the habit of not sleeping and sometimes when you lose the ability to sleep, it becomes hard to regain it!

That's for sure). But work is work), @unmean-stweets


See also the benefits of sleeping in the month of fasting

If a person does not sleep enough, then how can he fully live. Life itself means spending energy, but we get this energy during a full sleep. That is, in the daytime a person spends energy, but restores during sleep.

So much sweet sense in this comment! Sleep is something we need to work on really. We tend to take it for granted by being superhuman!

Oh, it's nice for me. I guess I just have a good dream =)) Now I'll sleep even better, knowing what you did sweetly))

First of all, we must remember that you need to sleep at night. Daytime sleep can not occur at night. Even if we sleep 3 hours a night, it's better than 7-10 hours a day.
Do not forget that the body has its own particular rhythm. At a time when we are not sleeping, he is resting. And vice versa - when we rest, it works. It is at night that he helps us to recover. In the afternoon, especially in the afternoon, it slows down its activity, and is activated closer to the night.
Thank you for the post. I will write my thoughts about sleep. In a consequence I will throw a reference under your post. Well, or I will indicate the first tag, the same one that you have, so that you can find my post.

Great! You can leave a link when your post is up. You are so experienced with health in general! Who knew sleep at night is more nourishing than that during the day! Thank you!

As promised, I wrote a post about the dream. This is likely to be the first post of the series. Plan to write about these topics a lot of different pots. Here, the one I promised.



I have already started to prepare the post. As soon as a bit more free time, finish writing and post it here. To reveal a secret. I am a historian. While at the University studied psychology, philosophy and other related Sciences. Thank you for appreciated my level of knowledge and skills.

Glad you dropped by and thank you for indicating your appreciation in a thank you comment! Let's sleep more often!

Oh wow ,Thank you very much! #SteemitIsBeautiful ;)

Living with a sleep disorder, I'll tell you that sleeping can be very hard. But not sleeping enough will kill you, so you have to make what efforts you can.

And don't make the mistake of thinking you'll be more efficient if only you spend less time in bed. Long term sleep defficiency can force you to be more resilient in your thinking and to get great at scheduling your other habits, but it can only make you dumber and slower at the same time.

No doubt about that! The truth is i have the same sleep disorder and it is exactly like "walking dead" feeling. Working on sleep currently and it will involve leaving secular all-night job!

Walking dead for sure. It breaks you down from the inside and is not easy for doctors to detect unfortunately. When I first started to reach out for help, they put me on anti-depressants. Sure I was depressed, but exhausted more than anything.

Then they took out the ADD stimulants. Not such a great move when dealing with an insomniac. Sweden lol... "What, you have trouble sleeping? Who doesn't. Go to bed earlier. Oh and take these pills for something entirely different!"

Have to laugh at some things and then just get on with our lives the best we can =)

Yes, it definitely does well for the mood and your experience here helps matters. When it comes to health every experience counts!

Nice article :) I like how you write your post. Maybe I will go sleeping now xD

Normal sleep is simply necessary to maintain the body in good tone. If a person does not sleep enough, then both the physical and moral state leaves much to be desired. A person needs to sleep 7-8 hours, that would feel full of vitality.

Nicely said! So it is established; around 8 hours of sleep is the right duration. Thank you for dropping by again!

nice....your post deserve upvote and resteem....

Cool!, didn't know you mentioned me! hehe

thank you so much, this was what I was looking for and I eventually found it,
I am having a very hard time trying to get enough sleep, but now I can see that this is only a matter of time, all I need is strict sleep schedule and discipline to maintain it for a while, and I hopefully I will get used to it :)