10 unMEAN sTWEETs On The Issue: "Is It Still Essential To Read In The 21st Century?" Are Books Still In Vogue?

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"Don't let a day emptily pass by without reading something"

This is becoming ever more possible with the advent of steemit! We have a necessary inclination due to steemit, to read even more as we incessantly "mine with our minds" but how about books? Are we really reading, if we never get to hold a book? Hahaha, some may feel so!

According to me the world is fast-paced and perhaps, leaving us behind and one way to keep up; is "reading"! I tell you, "words still rule the world"! All the concepts behind the revolutionary steem blockchain for instance, had to be relayed to us by means of whitepapers and roadmaps!

Even animals are upgrading when it comes to reading! "A mouse will leave all other parts of your Phd certificate and chop off your name"

Mosquitoes read your warm sizzling temperature to know it is time for a feast!

Roosters read the patterns on your face to know it is time for the pots!

So how much do you read? 

You smoke; do you know how to spell the word "cigarette"; do you take time out to read what's on the cigarette packs?

Do you read between the lines?

Do you read at all? 

Do you consider reading on the INTERNET or steemit, reading too? Or do you feel, actual reading involves holding a book?

This is a very beautiful topic and steemians have share their thoughts:

10 unMEAN sTWEETs On The Issue: Is It Still Essential To Read In The 21st Century?

1. Will Reading Make The World Better?

@herverisson keeps it short:

All true! we need more people reading... Books, scripts, plays, newspaper whatever... Something more than the whatsapp chats and emails.

2. Is The Number Of Readers Worldwide Reducing?

See the thoughts of @looftee:

The facts that now very few people are reading book is disheartening. People should read more in order to grow more.

You'll remember what you are learning so you can apply it to your life.

Yes I have applied a lot in my life what I have read in books. Some even changed my life. My perception of looking the world.

3. Does Reading Make Youths Better Adults? 

@scaredycatguide imagines himself at 18 once again:

If I was about 18 years old right now. I would be so excited by the advantages I could gain by doing simple things like reading. From experience I know that reading books has improved my writing skills, improved my mindset and help me grow into a rather awesome human.If younger generations are not reading, than you can have an upped hand just by doing it. Exciting, well atleast to me.Now I just need to find Doc and the DeLorian so I can go back to when I was 18 :-)

4. Books Smell Different From The Web! 

@theblindsquirl know the smell of books:

I like books.I find there's also something satisfying about holding a book.It's a sensory thing that involves more than just your eyes. Books have mass, they have heft. Old books have a certain smell that evokes ancient wisdom and the paper has a texture that you feel with different parts of your hand.Your fingertips pull up the corner of a page and you feel it brush across your palm as you turn it.You get a sense of movement through a book that you don't get by clicking a mouse or mashing a keyboard.

5. Does Reading Exercise The Brain? 

@hms818 talks of "reading and the brain" in this comment:

Reading gives the brain a different kind of workout than watching television or listening to the radio. Reading can melt away stress and boosts your vocabulary too... Nice post!

6. Can You Read With Your Ears? 

@david777111 says you can in this comment:

One way to keep up is to use audio books in your car stereo when you drive. Every time you turn the key on to start your car you also start the next pages of the book. Brian Tracy encourages his students to have massive amounts of audio books in their car focusing on their trade. This is continuous learning turning your car into a learning machine. He calls it, University on Wheels. For myself I always play the audio of the Bible in my car.

7. Can Reading Come Into Play On The Dining Table?

@tamaralovelace read it in a book:

It's so very gratifying to add some random bit of information to an obscure conversation at the lunch table. You get that sideways look and they say how on earth do you know that LOL. I always say 'I read it in a book :)'

8. Does Reading Help Writing Careers? 

@cerebralace relates:

I find that I'm a better writer thanks to all the books that I have read. Especially since graduating from university!

9. Can You Still Find Knowledge In Books?

@elderfinancial knows the answer:

I do enjoy reading and have found, like you, how much information and life knowledge you can find in a book. However, now with the INTERNET and ability to read a short few pages on a subject I desire, I find myself reading less full length books. One thing, do you really think 43% of college students never read a book again after college. That seems like a really high number!


10. Does Reading Have Any Impact On Your Vision?

@walkerlv relates his experience:

I've always been reading books since i learned reading in the first grade. I find it almost impossible to overestimate the effect it has had on me. Without writers like thoreau, rand, hemmingway,... my beliefs and my outlook on life would be entirely different.I also find it important to not just read stuff you agree with. Dare to read books which challenge your views!

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Great post! Enjoyed! Books are something I was never into when I was younger although kindle wasn't around then and wouldn't have mattered to me anyway. I'm older now and have loads of books. I'm currently involved in reading multiple books. I even will go as far as to say I prefer an actual book over online ones just for the mere fact of having the actual book not to mention reading on the cpu seems to effect my eyes. Yes books are still important to me. A physical in hand book.

Great comment here and thank you for your experience here! Alot learned! Yes, a book in hand feels good!

Hello again! Thanks for the reply! Yes a book in hand feels great. I also admire my library as it grows and fills out. Really neat for me to browse through and recall the books I've read. There's a relationship with an actual book. Time spent together so to speak. Maybe in a chair with a cup o' joe on a chilly morning or in a hammock outside on a breezy warm day.......

Awesome post on an important subject. I love reading and would much rather read than watch videos. As a fast reader most of the time video is just too slow to get to the point and I can gain the knowledge I'm seeking faster by searching and gathering information at my own speed. I used to get so frustrated by finance page funnels that had great click bait but the slow video to go with it. I'd want the answer to their question I was enticed into watching but no way would I sit through 51 minutes of video to get it answered. The transcript options are way more attractive to me. Speed read through it and see if it merits any future action. I do buy kindle books, read daily but I have to say since I joined Steemit I'm reading a lot more here! So many great diverse posts from a truly fascinating community that's obviously growing fast and making a difference in people's lives. Reading on Steemit is beautiful!

Yes, reading on steemit is a beauty and you just added to this beauty in this hot comment here!

I've always had books for sale in my brick and mortar store. These were mostly used reference books on art and antiques with a smattering of 19th and early 20th century literature. Over the last ten years the decline in book sales is at least 90%. Everyone wants a quick short answer with no depth of knowledge.


I can literally read all day long without getting bored :)

Yes, that is indeed the case! Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with books! Even your username sounds like a ton of books!
Thank you for indicating! Have been using it, so will just be adding your username or do you prefer the link itself? The very first time, wasn't able to trace your post from google! Sorry about this!

No worries. It has happened before. If you just say. "Steemit logo: @rubenalexander" at the end of the post that is fine.

There is just something satisfying about reading an actual book made of paper and not on some type of screen. Perhaps you get more engrossed in a real book more too. Sure you can carry a hundred or more in an electronic form which for marketing reasons became known as an ebook...
How many have you actually read? Why do they cost nearly the same as a real book now too. Yes we must read, read read and read more by any method you can... do it.

Actually through two steemit posts I bought me two different books,... so reading online can lead to reading offline. ..

Hahaha, so nice! Even koalas read, who knows!

yep, in a chilled furry way

I am awesome! awe thnx :) I like this post I'm trying to get my son to read more, It will only become more important in the future.

Bring your son on steemit if he is a bit of age and ofcourse parental guidance!

Great idea he will definitely be on here soon! thnx

Thank you for joining us and for leaving a great comment!

thank you

So much sweetness in this comment! Hahaha, it is sexy really! Just imagined it and it is!

Thank you @unmean-stweets, for such a nice initiative. You are a person of the day 😊

Wonderful post. I have been reading books since a very young age. Our family did not have much money in the '60s, yet I still had reading material. I would "borrow" my dad's books and read, read, read...I read Godfather, War & Peace, To Hell & Back (WWII Novel), etc by 12 years old. Once I hit high school I never took homework home, instead I would check books out at the library. When I was desperate I would even read encyclopedias (something my dad bought at an auction on the cheap.

I still read a lot, having several books going at a time. Now there is Steemit and I have even more avenues of written materials to read.

Pretty cool post! Thanks for the mention and sharing the other gems of wisdom :-) Following for future un-Mean sTweets

Thank you for making steemit more awesome with "a piece of you" in the comments!

Congratulations @unmean-stweets!
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nice...your post deserve upvote and resteem...

My favorite riddle - paper smart birds
A lot of wings - pages. @unmean-stweets I love the smell of print shops and the rustle of the pages!

Yes, the book, in its standard form - paper, loses its appeal and popularity. People find it easier to go online and find everything they need. But personally I can not read classic literature from the monitor. For example, A. Dumas, Kant, Seneca, Dickins and other famous authors, historians, philosophers. Their works I read only in paper form. It is desirable - in the original. I know Latin, Old Slavonic and understand a little about the Ancient Egypt. By the way, I liked the works of Robert Conquest and John Murphy.

I used to read books, now I prefer electronic books or audio. They do not get tired from the eyes and you can listen to them almost everywhere.

I'm addicted to reading...I read anything and everything and then some more!


Ya me too, that and my crypto addiction keeps getting stronger along with the price.

@unmean-stweets readers are leaders ;)

Reading is very useful, but unfortunately, young people are less and less reading books. They are not interested. They think that why read a book, if you can see the film. Because according to the plots of many, if not all books, films are created.

I prefer softcopy to hardcopy :)


I like them soft too

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I spend my time to read online than read a book, i feel read online is fast to get summary and goal to the point. i read a book only for science reference.

Good day I've followed you and I like your publications, follow me and we help each other

I still read a lot of books last one was from Stiven King , butmy kids sadly not ....

Thank you, @unmean-stweets, are of your posts on work on here are very inspirational. Reading this first thing in the morning gave me some great tips for my next post. Thanks again

Save those trees!


Many real book publishers now use environmentally friendly inks and the paper is recycled, unfortunately not all books are made in this sustainable way, probably not even 10%. The costs to the publisher's would probably be too much to sustain there expected (outrageous) profit margins.
Is an ebook so much better really, well it cost the publisher maybe $1 to publish, they then charge you almost the same price as a real book and you read this nonbook (ebook) on a device put together by children in China under terrible work conditions, that device was shipped to you using up carbon energy fuel or gas, and the device must be charged up again and again...more carbon energy fuel or gas,and when the guaranty runs out or the next model comes around....trade in. just so you can read a book or magazine which 50 years from now could still be read by someone, will your nonbook (ebook)?