Here Are 10 unMEAN sTWEETs On; "Is Adulthood A Trap?"

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What happens in adulthood? 

What changes? Where did curiosity we once had as kids travel to? Why all the new found pompousness and protocols? 

"Oh you must never buzz my phone at 12 midnight or you can't talk to me without calling me "sir"

Where is the disconnect really? Where is the once curious kid, that was always asking seemingly silly yet the most intriguing questions like; "why is the sky blue" or "how did i come to life" or "how did water enter the coconut" or "where is steem from" or "how did rain happen" ?

Where is the humble kid who wants to listen or that kid who knows nothing but who can still read the contours on your face to know if you are angry or sad?

Where is that kid who forgives like crazy, without knowing what forgiveness is?

Where is that kid who knows how to let go and fully trust someone, without fears or much caution?

Where is that kid who can give way to tears without shame and afford you a giggle, so as to also put a smile on your own face.

Where is that kid who knows how to hug so tight and who relishes holding your finger like it is one electric high tension wire!

Did they disappear into adulthood? Is the world's definition of adulthood; "a trap"? 

Here are 10 unMEAN sTWEETs On "Is Adulthood A Trap?"

1. @kyriacos developed these words below:

As humans grow older build more and more limitations due to the fact we owe to obey some rules. This results to limited creativity and a narrow mind.


2. @paradise-found leaves us with these paradisic words:

I try to be young, even if it kills me. Enjoy life with a young heart and the grin of a child.


3. @paleotreats treats us to these gentle words:

Got to constantly question the micro decisions we face every day regarding whether or not to "grow up". Aim for the curious, the unexplored, keep that joy of living alive, and remember, every minute counts! 


4. @woleybabz left this comment:

Great post Marly and a good advice to make conscious effort to unlock the 'child' inside us and not be so serious everytime letting the responsibilities of adulthood weigh us down

5. @silviabeneforti spoke as an artist in her comment here:

"Don't grow up, it's a trap!" I agree! My grandmother said me "goditela ora che sei piccino" (means " Enjoy everything now that you're a child"). Fortunately, I chose to be an artist and so I can feel me a child every time I want (If I don't think to the bills that I have to pay) :D

6. @andrewdaines leave us with a book of words in this comment:

As we move though this turbulent life we are systematically programmed into robotic entities. This is what I love about children that have not been indoctrinated yet. They simply just live every day to the fullest. Through the years I tried to give my children a different world view. If you have teenagers or pre-teens an amazing book to get them thinking outside the box is "The Teenage Liberation Handbook".


7: @shayne speaks with experience in this comment:

Children have a view of the world that is pure and exciting. Becoming a parent, in part, is an opportunity to experience that purity from a different angle.


8. @celsius100 has this, to say about children:

Children are great. No reason to disbelieve nor intent to deceive.

9. @arsenal49 had these thoughts some hours ago:

I was thinking about this earlier: That a child is like watching Buddha. They are born as enlightents beings, and then build walls as you wrote. Walls also build inside our heads, but that are merely illusions. I was feeling quite anxious the other day and I said to myself: What would a child do/think of this situation. I felt better immediately. Thanks for sharing!

10. @erikaflynn:

Little kid still live in each of us and sometimes it is great to let it out. Sometimes it is great to feel yourself a kid again... 

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Childhood is perhaps the most wonderful time of a person's life. Little children are pure and innocent of soul and thoughts and perceive everything differently. The world is looking in the pink light. And they grow up and start to see the world as it really is.

Yes, so well said! The world really changes us and sometimes we let go to its influence and turn out cruel and without empathy or sense of justice.

I signed up and like. Temma is very interesting. Here it is important to understand that it is in the early childhood that our individuality is formed. We learn the world through the game. At the same time, we continue to play not only in childhood, but also in adulthood. Therefore, you need to be attentive to all children's games. As adults, we will not be able to "quit the game" or change the rules.

You have so experience in your comment here about adulthood in comparison to childhood. Did a quick search but didn't quite find out what Temma is!

Well, that's what we're talking about. Yes, I have experience not only in psychology, but also in philosophy. I studied these sciences and can give a reasoned answer or advice on many issues)

Yes! This is great on your part that you take up studies not only to develop yourself but to impart to others your vast knowledge even in a comment. Keep up the greatness!

Kids are so innocent and kind, they question very silly yet most intriguing part of us. Gradually, when they start to grow, they start questioning very mysterious yet unanswered part of us for say life, living and the meaning of our existence.
When we grow into adulthood we forget very small small part of us which once brought us joy and happiness. We grow into more curious part of us making ourselves harder and complex from within.
I would rather say adulthood isn't a pre-designed but a self-developed trap which arouses due to our curiosity.
That's why I keep questioning sometimes :

  • Why can't we just keep ourselves away from questions whose answers are beyond our thoughts and imagination?
  • Why can't we just enjoy life from the very childish part of us ?

These questions are most undervalued but gives us true happiness of life if we could follow them. But, gosh! we are busy and into a self designed trap that we don't have time for these things.

Whatever the situation, one should never forget that

the joy of life is achieved from ordinary moments

This will constitute another great post so go for it! Almost half the post done so add a playful twist, make it fun and go for it!

This is so deep @aashishkandel,
I am gonna write about this in my next post :)


Yep! Deepa,
You can go for it, and I have been thinking you haven't posted in a while so it's time you post.
And since your post are always worthy, I am waiting to see how well it goes :)


Thank you Aashish,
Yeah, it's been a while since my last post, but you also know I have to manage time for everything including household chores to study to steemit.
I know you can understand :)


Yes! I know and I can understand how difficult it is to be female in the country like ours. But, you are one of the lucky, and you are swiftly growing in your vision,perception and your creativity :) I am always with you !

The topic is very interesting, @unmean-stweets. Indeed, in childhood, many questions arise, all want to know. When my daughter was growing up, the same questions were asked. Answered as best I could, told. Signed.

Some of their questions get you speechless. You wonder how their mind can go into such places. And yes some of their questions are hard for even adults to answer! We can learn from their inquisitiveness and curiosity!
Thank patelincho for coming here and for the selfless effort you put to write in English. It goes a long way in inspiring others, when they see these efforts from others!

Thank you so much , you are always so sweet :)

Children grow up, the needs and interests also grow up together with children. But at the heart of every adult remains a part of the previous child. Most childhood manifests itself in the male half. They are not looking at the beard, mustache and gray hair on the temples, always remain children. This is especially seen on the example of love for the female breast =))

Hahaha, "love for the female breast". Real talk and likely some truth in it! Thank you for joining us here! You can join our discord server too! There are a growing number of steemians on there and newbies too. The link is underneath our posts!

Thank you for reposting this. Gotta correct that grammar typo though :)

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Where is that kid is in each of us, but only as long as he does not understand how harsh reality that this thing is "life". Until you realize that a smile can hide a sham., that compassion need not take for love. Until he learns of the treachery and betrayal of relatives and dear to people's hearts. When it becomes more difficult to understand and forgive. How do we want to preserve the condition of the child as long as possible. Very nice post! I agree with every word. Thank You very much! Resteem and a link in my Twitter feed.

Где этот ребёнок...он в каждом из нас, но лишь до тех пор, пока он не поймёт - насколько сурова действительность, что это за штука "жизнь". Пока не поймёт, что за улыбкой может скрываться притворство., что сострадание не нужно принимать за любовь. Пока он не познает предательства и измены близких и дорогих для сердца людей. Когда всё труднее становится понять и простить. Как же нам хочется сохранить состояние ребёнка как можно дольше. Очень хороший пост. Я соглашусь с каждым словом. Спасибо Вам большое! Resteem и ссылка в моей ленте в твиттере.