Here are 10 unMEAN sTWEETs on the issue: Is It Still Possible To Wake Up With Bad Mood, With Steem At $1000?

3년 전

Yes, even though steem price becomes 1,000 $, it is still possible to awaken in the morning with an instantaneous bad mood and even depression! Many tend to hastily tie depression to a state of sadness but the reality is depression can be way intenser than sadness!

I have experienced it many times and even when the period leading up to sleep the prior night was one of joy, peace and calm; i have woken up to sheer sadness and sometimes, eyes welled up with uncontrollable tears! According to me, these are just feelings and we are more than our feelings but it is definitely pleasing to wake up in the morning, refreshed and a invigorated for the day ahead. Thus, what remedies are there to restore our mood to normality any time we are up in the morning to some instantaneous feelings of unexplainable sadness? Do we look to pills? Do we read the book of Psalms in the Bible? Do we prime ourselves with some Bob Marley tune? Or do we simply go spend time in the shower, humming or singing songs aloud?

Yes, singing is seen to relieve stress and soothe the mood!

How about exercise, some yoga and meditation? Or do we hurriedly get on @steemit-health to leave a comment on the simplest things we a grateful for?

Speaking of gratitude; "one thing that is a daily miracle is "waking up"! So perhaps "gratitude heals!"

On every issue pertaining to life, steemians always have unMEAN things to say!

Here are 10 unMEAN sTWEETs on the issue: Is It Still Possible To Wake Up With Bad Mood, With Steem At $1000?

1. Is There Any Magic In Cold Showers?

@g-no tells us his shower thoughts:

A cold shower primes the immune system, maybe that's the effect you got?
You should be proud of your mental resilience to find a positive answer to your dilemma, that shows you have 'core strength'. 

2. How Is It To Convert "A Minus" Into "A Plus"? 

@kaiyo spoke about moods using symbols:

All same going from ( + ) to ( - ) and from ( - ) to ( + )
mood is like waves up and down, the key is living in the present moment if its ( - ) its Ok there is something need to be changed to be in ( + )
we have to go from ( - ) to be in the ( + ) mood.

3.  What When The Brain Is Heated UP?

@jlopez knows remedies:

Cold shower refreshes your body and brain which can make you forget you're having a bad day or if not, at least cools down your anger state of mind.

4. How About Exercise And Moods? 

@gigafart speaks exercise:

Hard exercise always works for me! But actually, even light exercise, like a jog or a bike ride, is almost guaranteed to improve my mood.Often, when I'm working out, I'll get a new idea and be flooded with optimism and motivation for hours afterwards.It was during one of these moments that I decided to finally learn about Steemit and stake some $$ in it.

 5. Remember Your Loved Ones

@brianalex relate his own experience:

I remember one time i woke up and was very tired, despite sleeping for over ten hours. I felt numb, utterly broken and asked myself "Why do i have to go through this" and "Why can't it just end?"I was alone at home and it happened. I broke down in tears, i couldn't hold it any longer.
However i felt something warm inside me. In my mind i had this clear image of my dear mother hugging me when i was crying to remove my pain and give me love like no one else can. To this day I am grateful that my dear mother loved me the way she did. And every time i feel like i can't anymore i take some deep breath, visualize my mum hugging me and let all the pain flow down like a river.

6. Music Works?

@clixmoney said this:

The best way it's to listen to good music and go out to breath fresh air :)

7. Allow Yourself To Be Human 

@log1c speaks logic in this comment:

What really works to change it in my opinion is how an individual has conditioned themselves to respond to such situations. If one ruminates over a depressive though their day will continue to be of that nature; however one who accepts occasional low mood as part of the balance of a healthy life and normal function the feeling can be more easily shifted. Therapy works in a similar way. Things like exercise can then be used to augment the process.

8. How About A Steem Dance?

@hw-enthusiast knows this type of dance:

Just do a little dance after leaving the bed or in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I do a daily dance for bitcoin and since a few days for Steem, too.

9. Motion Creates Emotion? 


"Motion creates emotion", that means that if you want to change your state, you need to change your body language, face expression and in few minutes you will be in new state. Gratitude plays huge role in changing state!

10. Does Gratitude Have Anything To Do With Anything? 

@tizswa knows a thing or two about gratitude:

High and low, this is just human, but without this two status, we couldn't feel alive.
An Attitude of Gratitude is what we should never forget. Just five minutes per day, call it meditation, call it relax, but just remember to be grateful for the chance of living your life.

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I love your blog as a way to find people to follow. I am so happy with the influx of fascinating, positive new people!

Hahaha, you know one of the main feature of unMean sTWEETs when it all started was "The human behind the steemian". Very creative of you to notice extra benefit from a post!

My thinking on this is that we all can decide in what state do we want to be. Sometimes we want to be in a sad state to let our emotions all out (like when somebody dies), but other days if nothing bad has happened why would I want to choose that state rather than gratefulness, joy, happy states. Motion creates emotion is quote from Tony Robbins and it can be viewed metaphorically. For example: trying to be sad while putting your head up in the air. It is just not possible because certain body expression and stance triggers certain emotion and that is what we can use to change our state if we want!

Beautiful comment and love your analogy of "being sad while keeping one's head in the air". How fitting! Thank you! Stay Awesome!

Nice article brother:) Last night I posted a similar article about anxiety, but from a mystical point of view, you might like that one.
Cheers and keep the good content coming.

Will visit in a bit! Thank you for visiting! Stay awesome!

I think that depends whats in every person mind, but it could be the best of all times, and if you just woke up with the wrong foot, maybe will take a little to get off that bad humor, that happens to me sometimes.

Yes. It is okay to expect bad mood as part of life sometimes! It helps matters and ofcourse help us to act irrationally! Stay Awesome!

Youre totally right! in fact it is necesary a bit of bad moof sometimes in everyones life, can you imagine a world with anyone never pisted off and oalways happy? WTF? hahahaah

Grateful! You are definitely awesome!

Wow im really grateful you are the best. I will pay it forward very soon. Let me build up some steem. Maybe you can trail my latest post on DNA ;) kidding love. You love #payingitforward

@unmean-stweets for real though, Thank you:)))

I believe we become what we think so to me having quality music always playing in my home lifts my mood and helps me to stay in a more zen state.
Very nice post.

Most definitely! Music does this much good! Even in Bible times this was the case! David would play the harp and it would put King Saul in a better state of mind!

I am so glad I found your blog! Talk about timing, here I was this morning struggling to get out of bed with the same mind state I fell asleep in with a bundle of worry in mind and I just kept asking myself what can I do to lighten my mood even if momentarily and here your post popped up! Thank you @unmean-stweets!

So sweet to read your beautiful testimony. Hopeful you feel much better and ofcourse you are awesome!
Hahaha, sure a steemians will invent it soon! Steem is so rising!

Money is certainly not the most important thing in life, but when they are, life is more fun and fuller. I think $ 1000 would greatly raise my spirits and not for one day. I would probably have been happy for a whole month =))

Hahaha, yes money aint the most important thing in life. it just adds to the joy and has alot to do with the person behind the money!

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post. It is very much helpful for the new users like me. Upvoted followed.

You are most welcome! One to learn from this is how essential community and engagement is or can be!

Thanks a lot D.

It's nice to know that quality submissions that could get lost in the vastness of the internet can be archived and recognized in this fashion. Thank you.

So sweet of you to highlight this! Some comments that can stand alone as posts and reflects the minds of our steemians do get lost underneath posts!
Will visit it now! We have discord channel underneath our post you can join! It helps when you are on discord! Lots of steemians to ask questions from!
So nice that you identify this beauty! It reason to smile really!

It depends a lot on the person, how he will adjust himself from the beginning of the day, so his day will pass. The main thing is to strain your brain to the point that it does not melt))

Yes many of things depends on the individual. Some people can handle emotions better than others!

@unmean-stweets Oh the topic is of course very common. Depression is a problem. This condition can be everyone. And this is normal if the mood is changeable. The main thing is not to go to extremes.

Exactly! A sad or bad mood once in a while is part of life! It stirs innovation even and maintains balance! There is a time to laugh and a time for everything!

Yes @unmean-stweets. Can't be constantly in a good mood. Well, just can't be! Sometimes life makes its own adjustments.

I've heard quite a few people talk about cold showers being good. I tried it once but man it made me tense up afterwards for quite a while and my head felt so bad. I don't really want to try that again.

Very possible! It does work for some or perhaps, it is just a mind thing! People differ.

One thing to remember about depression is that it's ok to ask for help. For people with medical depression, an imbalance in the brain's hormones can cause things to seem bleaker and more hopeless than they are. A good therapist will work with you to change the behaviour and state of mind without medication with all of the techniques mentioned in those comments.

Sleep, good diet, exercise, positive thinking, reframing negative thoughts as positive thoughts, support of loved ones.

Sometimes all you need is to remind yourself to smile or laugh, to be grateful in life, and to get off your butt. Sometimes we need a helping hand and modern medicine is another tool to help us take control of our brains.

Yes, isolation worsens depression. Just knowing that there are many in our shoes go a long way to help! In the world of today though, people confuse even severe depression with sadness!

Depression is a condition in which people have no desire to move, evolve, there is no desire to communicate. There is a complete lack of energy. Depression is the subconscious mind only gets bad information and negative, wrong team. Responding to these demands consciousness, the subconscious starts sounding wrong, unnecessary pulses whose implementation leads to deterioration of health and General well-being. In order to be able to fight against depression we need to give positive orders for the subconscious. For example, tomorrow morning I will Wake up on the street will Shine the sun, and the mood is just perfect. I'm going to the lake, jump in the water and enjoy swimming. That is, it is necessary to set the subconscious mind into positive thinking.

Nice post! Thanks. Please follow me: @martinst

I like number 9.....nice post....give you upvote and resteem

Thanks for a great article, well done. I'm sure it will help many people way to steemit .

  ·  3년 전

it's great article.

Nice article bro.
Thanks for sharing

great article.

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