Here Are 10 unMEAN sTWEETs Tackling: "How Much Do We Lose Due To "Lack Of Confidence"?

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One of the biggest deterrents to success could easily be lack of confidence! When we talk success we are not restricted to the popular money-niche. Ofcourse, success applies in every niche, from relationships to sealing contracts etc.

We are also not restricted by gender! The world makes it look like women die to have confidence more but no doubt, men need it just as equally and suffer from lack of confidence just as equally!

Not to go into much debates, "lack of confidence" is something that affects many in the world. Even celebrities have been known to have faced confidence issues; many of these issues stemming from simple insecurities as how their lips look, hair-fall, no facial hair etc. 

Yes, some celebrities where masks, some alter their bodies, some wear facial bangs etc to either hide insecurities or improve confidence!

So how about you and me! How much have we lost, due to "lack of confidence"? Well, we may never get to find out but the truth is, we may have lost many opportunities solely due to "lack of confidence".

 As a youngster, even passing some exams, needed just an ounce more, of confidence. Yes, we read all the books; sleepless nights etc but pressure sets in during the exam, when you look at your question paper and you find out that, the Math exam you have expected to be 2-hours long, was 1.30 minutes long, then pressure sets in; "loss of confidence" and it becomes a downward spiral from their on as your brain freezes and you suddenly forget all your formulas!

Some human resource specialists look solely for the quality of "confidence", when they recruit talent to take up jobs. Yes, they aren't very keen on if you know the answers to questions; they look instead at how confidently you grace though situations, while under pressure.

Hahaha, how many times have we applied for tourist visa and during the interview; missed out on these visas because "loss of confidence" sets in!

 We are all sincere etc but in the face of interviews at the embassies, some nerves come in and snatches away our confidence and makes stuttering our middle name!

Bottomline is, we need this "confidence"! It helps! 

But how do we develop confidence? 

In most, scenarios knowing the quality of who you are helps with your confidence level but was Rome built in a day! Even fully knowing who you can take ages. 

What have steemians said about this matter?

  • What can help you build your confidence if you don't have much of it?
  • How can you regain confidence if you lose it?
  • Does posture/dance/facial expressions etc have anything to do with confidence?
  • Is confidence sexy?

Here Are 10 unMEAN sTWEETs Tackling: "How Much Do We Lose Due To "Lack Of Confidence"?

1. Confidence is ...........

@ridi20 left this comment originally here!

2. Does Confidence Have Enemies? 

@gikitiki leaves us with this one-liner:

Confidence is the enemy of insecurity.

3. Working On Being Attractive Helps With Confidence? 

@acidyo teaches with a joke:

I've heard this funny re-occurring joke on Reddit that supposedly helps with confidence. Step 1 - be attractive.
Step 2 - don't be unattractive.

4. Can You Learn Confidence From Uncomfy Situations? 


I think another interesting way to be more confident is to purposely put yourself in situations you would find uncomfortable. Doing this really helped my mentality, which is, as you mentioned, a big factor in being more confident.

5. Do Smile Portray Or Help With Confidence Issues? 

@david777111 shares his thoughts:

Smiling. That reminds me when I was going through stuff. My mom told me that when you smile the body thinks everything is ok. When you do some other face that is associated with trouble then the body gets worried. That analogy kept me smiling through the tough stuff.

6. Does The Body Have A Language And Does This Affect Confidence?

@kontora knows the answer:

Another thing about body language is; posture. If you are slouching then it says a lot about how you feel and your current mood. If you have proper posture you will look poised and alert and ready for what's going on in the situation.

7. Can How You Walk Portray Your Level Of Confidence? 

@nuagnorab laughs it off:

I walk like this:

8. What Does Dance Have To Do With Confidence? 

@johndogett has some ideas:

I agree dancing helps a lot because: Emotion comes from Motion
So you create constructive emotions by dancing it also opens the diaphragme
( respiratory system ) this gives a better posture and good posture has a lot to do with confidence. We should always pay attention to our posture.

@emperiumfx also follows up by saying:

Dancing is another self-confidence that screams - I don’t give a ** just moving my body and loving it! To be able to express yourself without the fear of being judged. Yes, you will be judged one way or another, even if you do wrong or do right, there will still be someone dissatisfied with your actions, so as soon as you realize that you can't satisfy everybody, you gotta satisfy YOURSELF first and live your life.

9. Do Girls Only Need Their Curves To Be Considered Sexy? 

theprophet0 has additional knowledge:

In my eyes, confidence in women is one of the sexiest things a girl can have! 

10. Does Becoming An Expert Improve Your Confidence? 

@lqss64 states:

You raise your confidence in a field where you do something more often and become better and better. You can easily be very confident in one area and in another feel very uncomfortable.

 What are your thoughts and experiences on this subject, please comment away! 

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Hold up a second. I love reading and upvoting the unmean stweets, but I did not know there is user participation! How do I go about getting in the game?

Well, we need to a better job of ransacking the comments to sift yours out or you may want to share a link! Thank you for all the support! What are your interests? Cats?

You would think with the name. I'm quite diverse. This post would have been definitely a good one for me. I share motivational/life tips as well as speaking about financial topics.

Great Job once again unmean-stweets
You are truly an inspiration around here :))
Have a Great Weekend! Confidence baby ;)

Hahaha, thank you! Walk that walk!

Haha I do my best. Keep up the great work! 🌞

True, confidence is difficult to gain, yet easy to lose. It takes a lot of time and effort to have full confidence in your abilities and yourself, yet it's the most empowering feeling in the world.

Just like @unmean-stweets makes us feel confident of our comments :)

Hahaha, thank you, that is part of the aim; to make steemians proud of their comments. Confidence is indeed easy to lose. You see it play out even in sports where players lose confidence and try to no avail to get it back and it turned out downhill for their careers!

Great going @unmean-stweets . Agreed, regaining confidence requires a lot of effort but the payoff will be worth it, because you need to believe in yourself before anyone else can.

Yes, self-confidence plays a very important role in life. And people do not exist fully in all self-confident. Unfortunately, I do not have enough self-confidence ((

So how do we help you develop that. It is trait that can be developed. Some have it naturally though! Steemit can help. Just keep engaging and learning more yourself and your quality, that will help your confidence!

Dancing was a great example of displaying confidence.

Sometimes I dance, and sometimes I don't, but I realize that the funnest times I have dancing is when I literally don't care of what people think of my dancing. The few times I am able to ignore what people think of my dancing, I am able to be fully in the moment and have the funnest time. That is probably why some people do it so often.

I need to seek that release in every activity I do.

Thank you for the post.

good post! confidence is an essential part of the base for being successful and healthy! recently i wrote about low self esteem. I'm glad to find your post, because we need to understand that our mind plays an important part in our stability.

Yes, confidence is essential to success in general, however people miss out on this fact!