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Being a mum has brought me a greater understanding of who I am. When children are very young, they mimic us, at times they act almost like a magnifying glass, really honing in on particular traits that we have. Allowing us to see who we really are and giving us the opportunity to work on parts of ourselves that we may not be happy with.

Of course we could chose to just ignore those characteristics that they highlight, pass them off as cute or just a phase. But we really are missing out if we do so. In the first few years of their lives, our children absorb everything around them. They watch us like hawk,s as they seek to learn how to navigate the world that they were born into. So everything we do and say is taken in.

That is quite the responsibility when you think about it. We all have ideas about how we wish our children to grow up, and although it is important to let them explore for themselves, we do control much of the environment that they are exposed to. They look to us, to see how we respond to different situations and you may often find, that they too will react in the same way if it arises again.


One of the biggest things I have seen parents pass on to their children is their fears. And although we may prevent ourselves from voicing them, our children are masters at reading body language. Which makes it difficult to give them complete freedom, when it comes to discovering things for themselves. But being aware is the first step and they really help us in being more aware and ore present.

I like to give my girls a lot of freedom, freedom to roam, freedom to learn, to explore. But their are certain things that I do not. Through my actions I have shown them how important it is to be respectful towards all living things. I have also discussed with them how important it is that they help out at home, because it is their home as much as mine and we are all responsible for it.

I have come across a lot of parents who believe that giving their children freedom in all things is the best way to be, mostly the freedom to act how they please without any consequences. I have seen how this has resulted in those children believing that this is how they should behave and as a result have little respect for their environment.


I am known for being a mum who will speak up for the trees and plants, who will use her voice to say how it is not okay to destroy them. I am that mum who will approach kids when they are using fireworks around animals. I am also that mum who will talk about the many products that are tested on animals and how we all have a choice when it comes to how we wish to live.

I really believe that our children need to know all of the world that they live in, not all the horrible details, but they need to know how animals are mistreated and that we do not have to support it. This is something we do have control over.

I am also the very proud mama who has heard her girls speak up for the trees and the animals too. If you want your kids to be caring and conscious, then it has to start with you! How you live and how you interact with the world.

I read a great quote recently that said something a long the lines of

I want to change the world, so I raise conscious children!

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Passing on our fears to our children.... oh yeah... that is a BIG one that needs a lot of mindfulness and awareness. I love that your girls are learning to speak up for animals and the environment because of who you are.

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thank you and yes our fears, we really do need to be aware, cos they pick up on everything xx

I totally agree with you, children are sponges and they imitate us, it is the stage that we must take advantage of so that they can become aware of good things and how they should behave in society. I see we have a lot in common. ;)


thanks @blessed-girl, yes we need to be really aware of how we are and how we behave but really it is such a wonderful opportunity to become more conscious ourselves xx

We're so much alike, it strikes me every time. The one Irish woman I'd get along with and would be able to call a friend, and she doesn't live in Ireland haha!
I used to tell my kids not to catch ladybugs when they saw them. That they could admire them and if one flew on them, they could help it back onto a bush or let it fly off. When my eldest was 7 years old, I heard her having a serious discussion with her friend outside. When I checked what it was about, it turned out that her friend had caught around 25 lady bugs in a cup, and my daughter was just explaining to her how useful these little critters were and that she should let them go or they could die. Amazing when that kind of thing happens!
I love your way of parenting, and I hope I am somewhere near to what you do, because our children are the future of the earth.
Much love to you my beautiful friend :)


we will meet one day, I am sure of it. I love the ladybird story and how it makes our hearts sing to hear our kids so aware and on to it. We do have a huge responsibility and I for sure want my girls to feel empowered and connected xxx Much love to you too xxx

This post got me very emotional. Thank you so much! Met a 10 year old kid a couple of months ago and I like hanging out with him. He kinda looks like me when I was young. Everyone asks me if i'm his dad. Well, i'm counting. It's been 7 people so far. He really inspires me and is totally the kind of son I always wanted and maybe will never have. His mom decided to take him out of school and do homeschooling. That really makes sense, because I disagree with mass indoctrination. Your 'eyedeas' on freedom are so important. The kid I hang out with is ten and he was pretty much vegan his whole life by choice.