**ColorChallenge** - Tuesday Orange - Flower & My cute Doll

3년 전

My Steemit Friends & Fellows

Hello & Good Morning !

I display a wonderful accumulation of the photographs and need to take part in the present #colorchallenge contest hosted by @kalemandra.

Its very interesting and wonderful activity. My today #colorchallenge -Orange is post at steemit.

It is about the photographs which I venerate a great deal and which helps me to remember extraordinary recollections, She is my Daughter wear dress #orange and visit to #Zoo Kamalia #Pakistan



#colorchallenge, I trust you like photo and unwind your psyche. I cherish this stage and it urges me to contribute time and cash, in this intriguing stage I began to have companions and it's amazing....


I went for broke of taking these photos however I didn't lament. These are my crisp photographs taken with #Samsung S8 In addition to It's a selfie smartphone working wonderful and profoundly prescribed to utilize it.

So I am grateful to your Feedback and Supports


download (3).jpg
Thanks for visiting to my Post

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Masha Allah nice post with cute picture.

She is co cute and innocent sweet angel:) May she be blessed with health and happiness.

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you give me 1.49% low rating instead of 2.68%. How it become changes. It is disappointed me.