Untalented-singsong. Cover of "Let me love you" by Mario. Performed by youngfred.

3년 전

I did a cover for Mario's song called let me love you.
So many times we find ourselves in the wrong relationship with the wrong person, sacrificing our happiness in other to make it work. But in the end everything falls apart and we start to wonder why we ever tried.
In this song Mario tried to convince a lady to leave her man and come to him because it was obvious her man was cheating on her.
He went on to promise her that he would never make her sad or cry again.
It's a very beautiful song with nice lyrics and is a classic that has remained fresh over the years.
Let me love you was a hit when it came out.
I can remember falling in love with the colorful video at that time.
I love the song and I hope you love the cover I did, even though my voice was cracking from the cold I had last night.

Please do well to Up vote, Resteem, and drop your comments.

My regards to @surpassinggoogle who is hosting this contest.
Stay happy guys.

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I watched the whole video.
I feel you man:) You did great there.

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Thanks I appreciate.

welldone to conribute your effort in the contest #untalented-singsong, keep it up.



Well its really nice and Thanks for update about #untalented-singsong , its introducing and mentor by @surpassinggoogle.
All the best and keep it up


Thanks bro.