UN(dis)TALENTED: What the Heck! Model Sketch and Motivation

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This model is posing in a way most of us cannot hope to imitate!

What the heck model by @bxlphabet.jpg

All of the models in my son’s sketches are young dancers at a camp he attended. Part of their dance camp duties were to pose for the art classes in the part of the camp he was at. Often the poses they struck are do-able for the rest of us, but in this case, modification is required. Even so, this would be an advanced move.

The first step to this pose would be to hold your leg stretched out on the ground and see if you can even reach your foot with outstretched arms. If you are obese or overweight, your stomach would get in the way just for that move. But it would be worth it if you can get down on the ground. Your back and hips would thank you.

But what if this is not possible?

I had this issue at the beginning of my weight loss journey. My fitness trainer would have the idea for a move, and I would tell him my obese body could not move that way.

So we modified!

At first I could not get down on the ground at all and getting back up was impossible without help. So here you see some modification I was doing early on. This photo is titled “Sharon Doing Yoga” lol.

Sharon Starting Yoga.PNG

It was some months into our work together, that my fitness trainer told my I was not doing yoga at all. I was only stretching, but he was trying to make me feel pride in my work!

If you look at this photo closely, you can see:
  • A little red chair I used to start hauling myself up off the floor.
  • A taller white chair that helped me after I got past the level of the red chair.
  • I have a blue block used to brace and help hold me in certain positions.
  • My left foot is being held into a position by my left hand. This was very hard for me at the time.
  • My back is not straight, because I could not sit up straight with my stomach in the way while holding this pose.
  • You can just see my right hand bracing my body up. That hand is working hard, and if it was not there, I would tip over in this pose.
  • My right leg is extended out and there is no way I am going to be able to touch those toes! But I could reach my knee, and that is what I did later in this routine. Sadly, I do not have a photo.

How did I get down to the floor in the first place? I squatted until I was close to the little red chair, plopped down, and then slid off from there (Gently! Like a dancer, lol).

I look at this photo and remember how bad I felt about myself. How had I “let” this happen? I know now that there were hundreds of reasons. The only way I got thin and healthy at the age of 50 was to fight them tooth and nail. I decided I did not want to die like this and was committed to making the change no matter what it took.

Your turn!

Are you trying any exercise moves to get your fitness plan started? Please tell me how it is going for you. Small actions, taking consistently is all you need for better health.

Here are some earlier posts to get you started.

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And please come to my blog as well @fitinfun. I am re-vamping my weight loss coaching to be more effective and you can join right in.

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My text is inspired by the sketch done by my son @bxlphabet. I am finding so many fitness moves in these dancers who posed for his art class. We may not all be able to dance like pros, but we can all treat our bodies to some exercise! ~ @fitinfun

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Walking for at least 30 minutes a day is a good start but I can say that you're an inspiration, keep it up you're in the right track.Goodluck!

I can kind a get the pose she is doing. holding her leg up infront head?

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The fact that you have started to become fitter and more flexible puts you way ahead of most of us. Keep going and remember the "impossible" pose in the drawing was achieved after many many many months and years worth of practice.

well... i am thinking to start regular walk becouse i dont do and this post inspire me alot.

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This is very interesting. Nice one

You have to had so much determination to lose so much weight. Congratulations.

Felicitaciones por la fuerza de voluntad, ese es el primer obstaculo a vencer. Saludos id kryptonia @reyos69

I work out with weights and that is what I am comfortable with.

Wow nice post, that art work is not bad too.