Corporate Beggars and Begging

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"A closed mouth is a closed destiny, Learn to speak up when you need anything" - Na money be fine Bobo Gbam Gbam...

WARNING: This will be a long read but it is important that you seek knowledge and see things from my own perspective. If you are too serious and want to judge, please just stop here and don't read further. If you don't stop reading and you judge me or criticise or bad mouth or gossip or back bite, God will judge You.. This piece is gotten thru inspiration of how one of my corporate begging jitsu worked. This piece must be shared and not copied, contents are composed by the owner of the content. © April 2018

Corporate - relating to a large body or group. Pertaining to corporation

Beggars - Goan google or check your dico.

Corporate Beggars:

  1. any person hired by large organizations, foundations, corporations, think-tanks, non-profits, etc… to collect money for seemingly benign purposes.
  2. any person paid by any interest group, corporation, foundation, conglomerate, etc… to collect signatures for state initiatives for seemingly benign legislation that in actuality only benefit said interest group.
  3. any politician seeking re-election.
  4. anyone who begs for money, food and whatever he/she needs urgently.

A senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology in one of these university says there are types of corporate beggars that are easily identifiable in the society – those forced into begging either due to the economic downturn or those who have been sacked from paid employment; and those who do not want to work but looking for easy ways out. Corporate beggars operates on an individual basis and they seem to pick their targets by some traits they see in them. If we look at it closely it is a skill or jitsu that man must possess. Origin of corporate begging dated back from the creation of the world (come, let us make man in our own image - Emphasis on the word "Come")

When Jesus Christ walked on earth, he met with beggars and corporate beggars, if you are a bible student you will observe what I'm trying to tell you. The beggars were blessed because they knew they needed help from the Savior. When you pray (Muslim, xtian, trad) and you ask for forgiveness or whatever you ask for, you're absolutely a corporate beggar. You must be wondering where my proven facts comes from, "all inspiration are gotten from the Holy Spirit for correction, reproof and knowledge in righteousness" - Believe me at your own peril.

Social media has also enhanced the ability to beg in a way. It has helped to smoothen the corporate begging skill by devising technical strategies to seek for help in any way. For example now, some people will beg for likes to win in a competition, some will beg for people to patronise their business like i always do most times, some will beg for money, sex, nudes in the DM, some will beg for attention even if it is 1like and zero comment.

Corporate begging is good and bad, it is good in the sense that many of us can't be independent, we need a backup for whatever we do. And the result of corporate begging in the good sense can birth life long partnership, allegiance and loyalty - A friend in need is a friend forever. In the bad sense, some people will abuse that privilege and turn the skill into an evil act. The result of corporate begging in the bad sense can birth life long misery, damnation, kleptomaniacs, death...

You need to learn how to speak up when faced with anything. My piece isn't written to condemn begging or shame beggars. Whether you're rich, average or poor, you must have begged for something or will still beg for something in life before you die. Can you remember the pen you borrowed in the banking hall? Some of us are too careful in begging in other to avoid shaming, or gossips.. Suit yourself like Jidenna and let people talk, the mouth is made for talking but as long as what you need urgently is met, doxology. You can also speak to God, beg him corporately to pick up your call.
Corporate beggars operate in and around offices, Homes, social media apps, churches, shopping malls, road sides and familiar neighbourhoods.

When next I beg you or someone begs you for anything, remember this piece, and do whatever you do for you and for God. What goes around comes back around. The biggest dog in the hood was once a puppy. We are connected in this circle of life.

Thank you for reading thru.. What do you think about this piece and corporate beggars and/or corporate begging?

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I think what you said in the end is the most important part of your writing...we are all spiritually interconnected. Those who solicit through begging offer an opportunity for us to be selfless, which is an important aspect of life to be happy. By helping others, we are able to focus on something other than ourselves and our own problems. Depending on the business...offering support has the potentially to help many people, so long as the intent of the corporate beggar is to improve the lives of others.