I don't understand relationships

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I don't understand the politics of Nigeria or the policies of the politicians.

I'm not going to go into corruption either, maybe, not just yet.

Some of us have tried both distance and/or closed call relationships, how did it work out?

Some agreed to close call relationship but fortunately I belong to the other side that believe in distance relationship.

Call us weird, but we have got our reasons.
I am going to give an example of a conversation and what led to a break-up;

Me: hi, it's being a long time
Unknown: hi
Me: I missed you
Unknown: I have been busy
Me: okay dear. pls, let's talk about our relationship, I don't know where it's headed
Unknown: i'm sorry, I don't think I can continue with this relationship because of the distance between us right now.
Me: so, u breaking up with me?
Unknown: I apologise. Yes, I am
Me: No problem then.

You are probably wondering what is the gist behind this? I also wondered the same thing.

Just because he isn't going to get touchy for awhile, he called it quit.

"I don't think relationship is all about the romance."

Not all ladies are comfortable with getting touched and all that, it takes time. Relationship should be about the love we share. We confuse love with lust or we just blend both together, most times we are only given in to our hormones. It isn't about religion to some, it is self preservation.

Relationship is about mutual respect, it should be about what we want and what is good for the both of us.

Now, going back to the topic at hand, distance relationship has to do with respect, trust, honesty, commitment, perseverance etc. When what you are fighting for is really worth it, you should rather fight well, together.
So, the relationship am into, is it worth my sweat? What do I have to gain in the long run? I think it is a question worth asking oneself.

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