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Today Wednesday 3rd of January 2018. @5:00am. I took my pen and jotter hoping to write down all my accomplishment and positive adjustments i gained through steemit but unfortunately i found out words and writings can't list them all.
Am greatful to @surpassinggoogle for the opportunity to pour out my heart and tell my story on this platform #untalented-adjustment no matter how less attractive it would be

Before i joined steemit my life had been rough and lacked vision, i never knew i could make it this far, i felt life had nothing much to offer but All thanks to God who never gave up on me.

July 6, 2017 i joined steemit through one of the most important person in my life @phunke
Funke 20170917_200656.jpg
but i didn't really get the bigger picture, i was impatient and lacked consistency, i thought steemit was where i could bump in and make cool fast cash at instant snap of fingers but i was so wrong. I never knew steemit was more than i pictured, i never realise its a platform to share ideas, information, knowledge and benefit from eachother as a community and family with different people from different backgrounds, religion, language and country.. I actually gave up when i felt i couldn't make it and was frustrated, i thought everything in life was served on a platter of gold.

But still again thanks to @phunke who never gave up encouraging me
17th of September 2017. I rejoined steemit, determined to improve every aspect of my life.
Special Thanks to @airhawk-project which served as a stepping stone and to @Ewuoso, @genesis-project for the undiluted assistance to make sure am being carried along.

The accomplishment and adjustments i can share are just few out of many.

Through steemit i have gained more knowledge and indulge in many cryptocurrencies which has been making life easier for me.

Psychologically and mentally i have improved and have been at peace with myself, i have learnt never to give up no matter how much life pushes me and always to exercise patience in order to achieve my aim.

My life has been easy going and different, making friends and family to inquire and become interested to know the source, which i used the medium to introduce many of them to steemit.

Finally steemit improved my knowledge and understanding in starting up my own merchandising business after losing my job, i own my own business with no stress and i also work in partnership with

GREENLAND RECYCLERS to contribute to the society. Now i can work, earn, contribute and enjoy steemit without stress, distractions and discouragement.

I am grateful for the privilege to be part of this community which has changed me and everyone around me positively.
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Good one. Although, it may be hard at first but persistence and perseverance could be used to navigate the murky waters of a new place, adventure or thing. Steem on, bro


Thanks @lemmybe..hope to see urs too


I'd done mine too. You may check it out on my blog

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Is nice we are all sharing this adjustments, it definately going to inspire someone. Steemit has really done alot in our lives.


Yeah @hilltop,it has really made positive impacts in the life of every individual

Thanks for posting this, you have successfully motivated me, thank you!