My Entry For Kus-Knee's "Untamed Nature" Contest

2년 전

Here I am, walking in the ancient ruins of a long gone civilisation.. And there in front of me, lies a small plant..

A small plant that tries to retake what belongs to mother nature..

A small plant that in time will make room for more..

A small plant, testament that none of our vain creations lasts forever.

A small plant reminding us that in the end, nature prevails..

A small plant that makes a perfect entry for @kus-knee's latest contest :D


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Well played @trumpman!


Saw some of the other entries, I stand no chance 😂😂😂


you wrote a nice story, had a little fun and made a little bit of money. All is good!

the little plant is a sign of new life, and signals it is not over yet. that's a sign of natural rotation.



A new life, a hope, a simple little plant that grows in an unfavorable place and that will take its place, simply, so that nature revives ...


A new hope! I like that :D

The little plant is like the drop of water that manages to break the stone ...