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Thinking about going to universal? I have been to universal multiple times. I think it's a fun place to be with your family and friends. I have a couple tips that I am going to share with you steam it family.
Tip number one
make sure you bring enough money for the trip. I think it's important to bring at least 800. It does help a lot if you have family or friends that are willing to pitch in for gas and the hotel. Everything costs you want to make sure you have a good time and won’t worry about how much money spin. When I went to universal I had to stop by at the voodoo doughnut shop. Best donuts you will ever have in California. They are unique and tastes wonderful. You can check them out I voodoo doughnut.com. You can't go wrong with Starbucks, but the price is a lot. And you can't forget the gifts that you are wanting to bring back when you go home to family and friends.

tip number two get the fast pass. The difference between universal and all the other theme parks is the fast pass. One thing I hate is waiting in line for hours to get on one ride. I simply like to pay $80 for fast pass then to wait in line. I got so much rides in just a couple hours. It's worth it I suggest you buying it. And it feels good to pass everyone that's waiting for a very long time. o.jpg

Tip number three try to eat as much as you can before you go in to a theme park. This will deftly save you big money. I know he has had me some money and I would recommend this to you guys. The one thing about me is waking up early so I tried to eat before I go in. before any trip the night before I go to sleep late, and I try as wake-up as early as possible. It will be a good thing to wake up early playing on all the rides.

Tip number four is to get on the minyan ride I think it's an awesome ride and you will have tons of fun. Especially if you have little ones they will enjoy it. The line could be long but again if you have a fast pass it would be a lot faster.

Jurassic Park is another great ride. That's actually my favorite ride I just love how you feel like you're in the actual movie scene. The dinosaurs look realistic and you could check this out on YouTube. This is a water ride and you go by some water suits when you get on this ride which I never do lol. I don't want to be a spoiler, but the drop is intense.

The mummy ride is supposed to be the fastest indoor roller coaster in the world. It's so fast it will make your heart dropped for the first time. I didn’t like this ride at first because it was way too fast. But going throughout the year I fell in love with this ride. The best part is this right goes backwards and it is pitch black I would say was the thriller.

The water rides are fun, and I like to go to them whenever I want some downtime. And the special effects show is cool to see
well here's some tips and I hope you have fun on your next trip to universal. I would love to hear what ride you are excited about or what ride is your favorite ride at universal.
Thanks, much love guys

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