UP-GAGE CHALLENGE ROUND 3 | Join and Get Rewarded w/ upvote+steem(CLOSED, SEE YOU NEXT ROUND)

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Hello my fellow Steemians from all over the world! How are you all doing? Hope you are all having a great time.


Do not forget to add #up-gage on the your comment on the recommended post

55 reputation only applies to the entrants , but you can recommend any steemian's post regardless of the repu

I am so happy about the result of #up-gage round 2!!! It was already closed in 3 hours time. I wanna thank everyone who supported it , all those who resteemed and upvoted it , especially those who participated. So today i am going to announce some updates about the challenge and of course i also wanna include the list of the participants in Round 2 and their recommended steemians.

List of Participants in Round 2

1.) @promzyelisha - recommended @dmytrokorol 's post

2.) @catietan - recommended @fernwehninja's post

3.) @oluwashinaayomi - recommended @jurich60's post

4.) @ralk98 -recommended @dadapizza's post

5.) @dizzyapple - recommended @emjoe's post

Thank you all guys sooo much for joining



Important Updates

✓I will be posting #up-gage challenge every Wednesdays and Saturdays

✓There will be 0.100 steem giveaway for the first 5 entries / commenters courtesy of my very kind and supportive sister @avhyaceulip

✓Again ,please read "HOW TO JOIN" part to make sure guidelines are properly done

✓I wanna remind you guys again that i will only be accomodating first 5 entries who did all instructions correctly

So what is this about

This is going to be my very first contest post , well not much of a contest but more of a giveback challenge. After receiving a blessing on steemit , I thought of having this kind of thing to be able to help others too. I will call it UPGAGE challenge - my upvote to help and commenting to promote engagement.

Who can join?

I prefer those steemian with 55 and below reputation to join this contest so they'll be given a chance to have rewards and for them to be encourage to keep going , and for them to know that they matter and they have a value in this community. But for your recommended links you can get any steemian's post regardless of their reputation

How to join and important thing about the challenge

✓I will only be accomodating the first 5 commenters , since i would need to be mindful of my voting power too. And it's gonna be like 10 links i will be helping for this challenge (aside from those friends i need to upvote too 😊)

✓Look for a fresh or newly posted blog , like 5 minutes old or below.

✓post a related or meaningful comment on that post you got and don't forget to add #up-gage to your comment on the recommended steemian

✓Then get the post link and paste it on the comment section of my challenge post

What can you get on joining this?

Since i dont have much Steem or SBD to giveaway , i will be giving my upvote as my help to both of you. I will give my 30% upvote for your recommended link and i will give my 50% vote and resteem the latest post of the very first commenter

Special Notes

I will run this challenge once or maybe twice a week for now, I will have to observe and see how the response from the community will be

I know my vote value is less than 0.50 , but my main goal on coming up with this amazing challenge is to giveback the blessing and a little help from me , also to promote connection between steemians.

As voting power decreases, so as the vote value , but don't worry , it will still add value to your post and beauty on your personality

A resteem would be a great help but not required

If there will be someone willing to be sponsor , you will be very much welcome 😁

Let's go! and start the fun

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You may visit them all and join the fun!

much love,

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hello hamg96 , thanks for submitting , but kindly read the rules aswell , first 5 commenters done , and you haveto recommend someone else 's post please. you may join again next time. thanks you 😊


Alright then.
You are welcome, beauty.


thanks for joining again sis 😊

#up-gage entry#5 ; prize sent

Another episode....i would'nt miss this for the world.

Thanks for this initiative....happy weekend dearie💕


thanks for joining again dear 😘

#up-gage entry#1 ; prize sent 😊

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yey! thanks for joining again sis

#up-gage entry#3 ; prize sent

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Thank you so much for the promotion @zephalexia, very much appreciated! 🤗🤗
Good luck to everyone of us!


no worries , yeah good luck to all of us , thanks for droppin' by 😊

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thanks for joining ate , 😘

#up-gage entry#4 ; prize sent

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thanks for the correction @checky ,corrected and updated 😊

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