ALERT CORONA VIRUS 🚨 REAL🚨 OUTBREAK 🚨 UPDATE FRANCE 🇫🇷 +1000 contaminated +16 dead

4개월 전

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🚨 Flash alert 🚨

🇫🇷 France confirms 336 new cases of coronavirus and 5 new deaths in the last 24 hours. There are a total of 949 confirmed cases in the country and 16 deaths 3 p.m. this Saturday. There were many other cases during the day COVID19
We are soon entering the "pandemic" phase 3

🇫🇷 France has 336 additional cases of Covid-19 since Friday, announced Saturday No. 2 of the Ministry of Health
🇫🇷 +5 Dead confirmed

Number of cases 🇫🇷 +1001
Dead 🇫🇷. +16


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it was clear since mid january...


J'ai peur.


you should... until most people wear masks and gloves, if you didn't already get it :).

which is most probably the case, if you have been out in the last 2 months...

a true bioweapon (ie armed, this one is apparently unarmed, is 14 days 90% of the human people dead, worldwide).

that's the things with air travel... how many flights per day connected paris to la to shanghai to beijing, london frankfurt moskow and co per day?

you see? then the guys lands in cdg, take the subway... spread.... tgv... to marseilles... spread... bordeaux... spread...

but that's not the core problem :

daniel cohn bendit, roman polanski and cannabis


La Canebière is the historic high street in the old quarter of Marseille, France.


Mon frère habite Marseille.

I'm ready for the virus, I'm only afraid for my grandfather :/
Protect yourself too, may God save us


you are right to be for your grand father... hope and prayer are never useless, however when death moves... simply saying that the Will of Death > than all the will of men combined.

but let's remain positive ! 15% chance if contaminated. However he wasn't exposed in his building years to all the toxins that the modern life produced.

the sense I wanting to say was no false hope, but still hope :). The balancing act of the truth of the tao...

edit : those who made plants illegals, and all those too blind to raise their voices against such injustice deserve the most hardest pain, ie lifelessness, and they are the same too coward to say a word against polanski or cohn bendit or mitterant or all those going to those salons in paris...