Good Morning Quote - 11/19/2019 (& Important Changes)

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A little progress each day adds up to the biggest of results.

The meaning behind this particular quote is especially well received today! I have only been back to the steem universe for approximately twenty days but have already hit some minor content creation hiccups. I have enjoyed putting out lots of short little works entirely through my phone with the occasional slightly longer craft post...but that is all about to change.

I am still catching up with all of the changes around here...and for some reason it took me awhile to comprehend the fact that Partiko is broken and has been abandoned. Not certain what happened there...but this will be the last post submitted through that application. All the problems and glitches finally caught up with me and I have been looking for an alternative way to post from my phone. Well...besides just logging into the website which isn't a perfect solution.

Not sure why both the main website and Steempeak keep logging me out while viewing them from this phone. It has been super frustrating just to perform basic tasks...seeing as I checked and rechecked and do not have any automatic browser settings to clear cache or history or anything like that. I thought about using keychain...but this would still require repeated logins. Now it might sound somewhat lazy...but I feel that logging back in several times a day just feels counter intuitive and is still a major time and productivity drain. Which leads me back to the only other mobile friendly option that I am currently aware of existing!

I have never had much luck with the Esteem mobile application before...but decided to give it another chance seeing as it has been over half a year since the last time that I tried to use it. This ended up being a big mistake because even while using a different phone with the newest update...exactly the same glitchy experience happened! Esteem refuses to load but will still bombard me with notifications...and no way to actually tap and see them. That was disappointing!

So...after all this happened the best and really the only real option seems to be getting back into the habit of posting from my desktop computer and using Buffer to post to Instagram. I was very much looking forward to starting over with a fresh new account and making no mistakes! Less than one month in...and already seeing the need to make changes. Continuing to use Partiko even in whatever capacity it still functions...seems kinda pointless because it would never last. I would still need to search for some other alternative means to get content out there later on.

Pausing the current dailies and other planned content in order to get used to desktop again...and make new templates is a proactive measure that will hopefully ensure no more hiccups going forward! With my phone...I was able to save the images to cloud and write and publish the written portion of things moments before submitting. With my health limitations and using desktop computer...I can no longer work this spontaneously. The quote graphics and artwork themselves are already being made a few days in this seems to be the natural progression. At first looks like the new workflow will require the need to prearrange everything including the text at least one day in advance. Sounds great! Apart from the fact that leaving short thoughts and personal 'in the moment' daily updates will not be possible with scheduled content. This shouldn't make too much of a difference as long as I still strive to put something interesting and unique on there to read besides the same disclaimers.

In light of this whole thing...I will probably be making some minor edits to previous posts just to make them more compatible and visually seamless alongside the new post templates. Not sure how new edit blocks effect auto votes and potential gina notifications...I just hope nothing funky happens. At least my following is still small enough not to cause too large of an inconvenience. Instead of seeing this little debacle as an unfortunate setback and classic 'me' behavior...I am choosing to see this pause as the predestined opportunity to continue building something bigger and better and more lasting! This feels like one of those times where the signs to go in another direction...will only keep multiplying until I stop and listen!

Nobody always gets things exactly right the first time...or even the second or third time. The most important thing that I have discovered in situations like this to never stop trying to make improvements even though they won't always be easy ones to make. A little progress each day really does add up to the biggest of long as we never stop going forward! I don't have an estimated timeline to be back in action...but please stay tuned and consider following me for when I return with more morning quotes, afternoon artwork, fair trade product features, random crafts and quite a lot of other unannounced creative content. I am excited for what the future holds!

This post is part of an ongoing series of graphics with various positive quotes, phrases and mantras for daily living. I did not originally come up with most of these...but enjoyed them so very much that I wanted to share them on fresh graphics of my own creation. On applicable posts feel free to message me about adding credit for the text...however in some cases no definitive source can be found or one is otherwise unnecessary. Each image is intended to serve as a loving affirmation or source of inspiration and the words have already helped me personally in some significant way. There is a sort of magic in finding the perfect dose of encouragement right when you need to see it most...and I hope these also help out anyone on their own journeys who come across them! Follow see further messages of universal wisdom and guidance each morning.

You can support my daily work with a direct donation. This will give me the freedom to spend more time making creative content!

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Partiko still "works" to some value of works. I have been commenting and upvoting with it but only catch glitches sometimes as that's all I do with it. -eta only recently lost notifications with it a couple of days ago.

Only glitch I'm really getting on eSteem is when sometimes the feed fails to load but that's easy fixed by the refresh (pulling down). Otherwise I don't really like using it because the slider goes to too many decimal places and I end up on a completely new screen when doing comments (I like being able to see the whole post when commenting on a post, answering comments is slightly easier sometimes but not others because I don't always get the comment I'm replying to shown at the top).

Haven't tried SteemPeak on mobile but I remember using busy on mobile for ages before Partiko and eSteem happened because it was a lot more responsive (last I checked SteemPeak was a lot better with the responsiveness but still off enough in places to cause problems, but that was a fair while ago now).

I don't know what kind of phone you're using but not being able to tap and see notifications sounds like either a phone problem or a notification settings problem rather than an eSteem problem.

If you want to stay logged in make sure your browser isn't set to clear cookies/local data on closing. I don't know if you have autofill passwords or whatever that setting is called is enabled but that would cut out one step if it's still doing it and anyway it's probably a lot safer if you use LastPass, put in that one password when you open your browser and then click the button after it autofills your login forms for you.

Hope you find a combination of solutions that works for you anyway, little problems like that are so insidiously annoying!

As for the actual quote which I should probably comment on as well seeing as I'm here, even though it's been true for so many other things, I'm grumpybum today and thinking I wish that was true as 17 years trying my absolute damnedest on my pet project and I fee like I haven't budged in the slightest XD


Hi...thanks for sharing your thoughts on Partiko/Esteem! Busy was another one that I could not remember. Don't hear about it anymore or even know anyone that uses it must be gone or not supported anymore too? That's kinda crazy. We don't really have the best track record with mobile front ends or mobile related applications here in Steem Land do we? I was all set to use Share2Steem a few months ago...which is different but it would have made posting the short and sweet stuff easier and that vanished. And don't even get me started with Appics! Lol...

I used to only comment and upvote with Partiko too...and never expected to run into issues with posting content and now with notifications. I also cannot click a profile link from outside of Partiko and expect it to load. And have been more frequently getting the red loading line and blank page while trying to open articles. After posting nearly or at least three times a day for over week...I have noticed other weird glitches and random broken things too. It has been enough to make me too nervous to continue using it...until something else breaks. I do not know the full story...but still do not want to continue supporting them through using their program when they seem to have left everyone high and dry! I am glad that I didn't get too far into using it this time.

As for esteem...still certain the problem is with the program and not with my phone which is only a few months old and has no issues once esteem is removed. The notification bar works exactly as it should with everything else on my phone but as soon as esteem is launched it goes completely crazy and flickers and goes unresponsive. The application itself sits there frozen and then crashes. I could be contacting esteem to troubleshoot this...but to be honest just got really tired of the fuss by this point in trying to get things to work on my phone. The very first thing that I did was check off cookies and local data which baffles me because the constant logouts they still keep on happening!

Chances are...there will eventually be some easy fix or awesome solution or workaround to continue using my phone...but at this moment I am no longer interested in seeking one out. Looking forward to boosting productivity via solely desktop and revisiting mobile later. I get very cranky when time that could be better spent on arts and crafts is taken I don't like to fight with technology...just use it to make pretty things. At least on my desktop...I have some semblance of control and anticipate none of the same issues. In a roundabout way...I was probably heading for this outcome anyway. Scheduling things to actually go out on time around an already odd schedule will become that much much easier!

As for the quote....what I love about them is they never really mean just one thing. I could probably write five paragraphs on some quotes because they have so many layers and hidden meanings that can apply to all kinds of situations. Although working constantly in exactly the same direction will often times pay off...other times you may need to change the direction of your path even just slightly in order to reach the same goal. It sounds like your pet project could use something similar...the end result would be the same you would just be rethinking the means to get there. Worth considering at least? You may find your progress adding up faster.

Okay...ooops. This comment is longer than some posts. Lol... :D


Reminds me of forum days ;D though I did decide to wait til I got up to answer on my big rig as thinking about doing it on my phone made my brain hurt XD

I know a few that still use busy (or at least post on it) and it seems to be still plodding along. I like having notifications on my phone which is why I have the mobile apps but for posting I think you'd be a lot better off posting through busy (mobile-first design has to be good for something I guess) on phone/tablet which is probably what I'm going to end up doing again (even if it's just comments XD).

The problems I've had with esteem are mostly ux and some niggly things with the actual interface as the notifications work great for me (though lately some seem to be doubling up for no apparent reason).

I've made several adjustments and given up way too much over the years to try to speed things up/make things more efficient/etc, my progress can't add up any faster because I'm permanently stuck in an unresolvable catch-22.

Well it is resolvable but not by a reliable means therefore that doesn't count

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