Massive Thanks to the Loving Community for Sharon French



Words cannot express our gratitude for your love for the beloved late Mdm Sharon French who's resting place is still in Hospital Kuala Lumpur until the Canadian Embassy or anyone from the community could contact her son.

Your love truly has shown from your generous giving to help her one last time.

Within 24 hours we not only reached our target, we had a surplus of almost 2x the collected amount; and this will definitely be enough to help her settle ALL outstandings outside the medical bill.

We are currently praying that the hospital will wave it. Do pray along with us.


As of this time, 1954hr GMT +8 Malaysian time, this amount will be sent over to @iamjadeline's SteemitWallet.


As we are updating you in this post, we are now sending this over to her.


We are truly speechless with your love; truly.


Special thanks to:
@qurator , @ace108, @bboyady , @pennsif , @adollaraday , @littlenewthings , @goldendawne , @hashcash , @bitrocker2020, @elsiekjay, @dfacademy , @wwwiebe , @andywong31, @simplymike, @votebetting, @justatouchfey , @fundition, @derekrichardson, @hiddenblade, @mballesteros, @dswigle, @rentmoney, @fionasfavourites, @sayee, @ackhoo , @eturnerx, @zord189, @joanstewart for chipping in together to help us achieve this miracle.

Also special thanks to @davidke20 , @joebanana and @elizacheng for donating directly to @iamjadeline .

We just can't say enough of our gratitude to everyone who has chipped in through Steemitwallet and also helped re-blogging this post in order to find Caleb, Sharon's son.


Right now we pray that @derekrichardson will be able to get in touch with Caleb.


The funds now have been successfully transferred to @iamjadeline.


This is her reply.

Right now we are raising against time as the COVID-19 is still looming and taking lives in Malaysia. We do not know how long her body will be able to be kept in the hospital.

We truly hope that Mdm Sharon's next of kin will be able to get in touch with the Canadian Embassy ASAP.

Our prayers are with Caleb and her siblings, that they are all healthy and well and able establish contact.

Update: 2136h April 1st, 2020
We would also like to thank @josephinengpy who has generously taken her time to take turns with @iamjadeline to take care of Sharon's needs all the days she's been in Malaysia.

Angie Ng

Daily Bread Food Bank Director
disclosure: Daily Bread Food Bank one of the non-profit channel under the LCS (Life Community Service) ministry.
To know who we are, please do read through our introduction here in Steemit


Time flies indeed! We are already here for 2 years!

Where you can find us in mainstream media

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ps: 1% of this post goes to null in the support of keeping STEEM alive

pps: The liquidated STEEM here will be sold off to donors (Malaysia region) with Steemit accounts or within @dses charity investor stakeholders for us to purchase whatever that is lack for monthly food distribution

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Thank you for your kind thoughts @arcange. The love of the community truly pulled through for Sharon. Any excess will be for settling her previous debts and set aside for possible cremation service and helping out @iamjadeline's family who are now effected from the COVID-19 Movement Control Order Lock-down.