Facebook launching own Crypto after banning everyone else's Ads

2년 전


Don't let Facebook get away with this appallingly anti-competitive behaviour!

In Jan 2018 Facebook banned all Crypto Ads and dropped the market 53%! - It has never recovered.

At the time Facebook basically called the whole Crypto industry scammers by bracketing us with binary options!

Now its launching its own cryptocurrency - because we should all trust Facebook with our money after the way they have treated our private information, and free speech! NOT!

Support this [Fundition campaign](https://fundition.io/@jpbliberty/iqx614ch7) to fund the Class Action against them and, if you were a Crypto holder last year, [sign up as a class member](https://www.jpbliberty.com/class-member-signup).

![Steem Ad Ban Impact Chart.png]()
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I never gave facistbook all my exact info and I don't post any pics on it. I am sorry I ever went near Facebook period.