Development Update April 2019

3년 전

Its been a long two months and I have been hard at work (when I have time) to bring Allonian Seed to the masses.  I've been making huge strides when it comes to the overall look and feel.  Below are a few screenshots of the current progress. Some of this progress isn't visible. Since the last update I've added better STEEM integration, better support for story writing, event systems and various other improvements. Below are some of the updated visuals and new areas.

Out door environments add a new challenge to the game as far as programming is concerned.  However, Godot has a great feature to optimize and randomize the creation of hundreds of objects without increasing the foot print of the game. When finished the courtyard will be surrounded by apartment buildings.

Each bot will have their own skills and each area will have new challenges that require the player to decide what bot will be best for the tasks. The character select screen allows you to make the choice before each mission based on the bots that you have created in the builder.

The first battle arena is almost done. Though I haven't gotten all the battle animations done the finished design should be fun and interactive without feeling overwhelming for those not into fighting games. 

You may have noticed the "inking" affect around all the bots and most of the environment. This was also added to the game to give it a much more "drawn" look. I think it gives things a much more finished look, as well as making it look closer to what we show in the promotional stuff we have produced.  

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